Maurcio “Shogun” Rua vs. Forrest Griffin II Booked for UFC Rio in Brazil

April 15, 2011
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It was considered one of the biggest upsets in the sport when they fought the first time.

Now Forrest Griffin will try to make it two for two when he faces fellow former light heavyweight champion Mauricio “Shogun” Rua at UFC Rio in Brazil on Aug. 27

The bout has been confirmed to by several sources after first being reported by

After blasting through the competition in Pride, Shogun (19-5) was one of the first high profile fighters to move to the UFC after Zuffa purchased the former Japanese powerhouse promotion a few years back.

Just about everyone assumed Rua would continue his reign of destruction in the UFC, but former “Ultimate Fighter” winner Forrest Griffin had other ideas.

Griffin (18-6) stepped up to the challenge to welcome Rua to the Octagon, and a back-and -forth war ensued during their fight at UFC 76 in 2007. Sticking around paid off for Griffin as he wore down Shogun, and with seconds ticking away in the final round, he sunk in a rear naked choke forcing Rua to tap.

It was a shocker at the time, but Griffin went on to win the UFC light heavyweight title in his next fight, and has become one of the toughest fighters in the sport.

Now the pair will square off again, but this time it will be in Rua’s home country of Brazil.

  • wonggfan

    Oh god. This is the last thing Shogun needs. Forrest Griffin is a bad matchup for Shogun. Plus, he has a psychological advantage as well since he has already beaten Shogun before and Shogun is coming off of a loss.

    Forrest is a big dude who fights like a dog, constantly attacking. Of course Shogun will have a different game plan this time. But it is not a good matchup for Shogun.

  • mma24069

    Yeah I think forrest is gonna have the upper hand here all around. his chins great besides what silva did to him. so maybe shogun can hurt him with the hands but i doubt it. ide bet on forrest

  • x1234x

    look you guys might not be all that in formed about fighting and probably are just ufc fanboys, but F oresst griffin is not a good fighter, hes a pretty good athlete he has goo cardio and decent grappling but…. come on he’s a scaredy cat he doesnt have a good chin, hes not mobile and hes only dangerous when hes winning, unlike the silva’s or Penns or Fedors and shogun too, hes not as good as those three that I mentioned but shogun is dangerous and he is a winner he finds ways to win even when hes loosing or should loose the match look at the randleman fight, and th Ovreem fights he looks scared at the face offs but he still finds ways to win where as Griffin……… come on ….. he doesnt fight like a dog…. Fighting dogs fight even when their injured Griffin gets punched in the face once and he goes down and quits…. Shogun wins the rematch 2nd round tko

    • b-shogun

      I agree w/ you bro. Shogun’s going to be back. Forrest beat a washed up Rich Franklin. I like Franklin, but he’s getting up there in age. Griffin can’t finish anyone. He just grinds out decisions. To quote Mike Goldberg, “Forrest Griffin is good at everything but not great at anything.”

  • mmaxpert

    x1234x, you aren’t as smart as you may think. Forrest has some very strong points as a fighter, he is not the best but he is a very good fighter. I guess you haven’t really watched him in many fight, because in every one of his fights he has been tough as nails. He lacks in wrestling and a little in speed, but he has good stand up and great cardio. He comes forward and fights at a very fast pace which usually gives his opponents the most trouble. I know most of these guys would agree with me and you are just posting your un-informed crap as usual.

  • Mendel

    x1234x – I really don’t see your breakdown being that educated but is your opinion. The reality is Forest is a big guy who pushes the pace hard with very good cardio to back it up. Anyone that can beat Rich Franklin is a top fighter in my opinion.
    Shogan is very hit and miss, one fight he seems slick with great hands next he looks like he is gassing from round 1. Forest is one of those irritating fighters that throws people off their gameplan by being constantly in their face. It will be a close fight and could easily see a decision loss for Shogan. Could I see Forest beat Jones, not likely but MMA is MMA 😉

  • bdono554

    Forest is one of my all time favs but the last fight Shogun was lacking something. What was that again…? Oh that’s right an ACL!!! A pissed off shogun is a bad match for any one. He’ll be looking to make an example of Forest and prove to himself the Jones fight was due to ring rust. If Forest has his confidence back it’ll be a good fight and someone will be counting lights when the bell rings. Either way I’m looking forward to this one.

  • phillymma

    x1234x…shut the fuck up!!!…i eat, sleep ,and shit ufc and all mma,im one of those so called ufc fan u know what..we know all about forrest..where he’s strong,where he’s weak..and how good he is.i aint saying he’s gonna beat shogun because every fight is differant.but for you to say he’s not a good fighter shows how much you think you know about mma.forrest didnt become lightheavy wieght champ being no pop in the ultimate fighter season 1 dvd which forrest won..u probably didnt know that..and study up befor you talk shit bitch!!!!!!!!

    • armendo420

      man im a big forrest fan BIG but im sayin he is gunna get head kicked lol BANG!!!!!!! lol oh nd u think u r the only person who studys the shit guy millions of ppl do so dont try nd talk tough over the internet lolololololol BIG MAN!! lol mr kool guy watchin tuf season 1 nd u no it all lolololol dip shit poo talker!!!

  • b-shogun

    Mike Goldberg said it best, “Forrest Griffin is good at everything, but not great at anything.”