Matt Serra Would ‘Fight Matt Hughes Again in a Heartbeat’ (Video)

July 28, 2012
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Matt Hughes vs. Matt Serra UFC 98At 38 years of age, Matt Serra has been holding out hope that New York will open up to mixed martial arts before he’s ready to hang up his gloves for the final time. That’s one thing about MMA that would really motivate him to continue his fight career.

Of course, there is another highly motivating factor for Serra, and that factor’s name is Matt Hughes. There has never been any love lost between the two Matts and there still isn’t. Hughes is a fight that Serra would take “in a heartbeat,” although Serra questions whether or not Hughes will ever fight again.

  • RubeKegal

    Serra you don’t deserve Hughes


    i like would be great to see him ko Hughes.

  • jdwilli09

    KO Hughes? The ONLY thing he did that was effective the first fight was the headbutt. And even that wasn’t intentional. He couldn’t finish him after that, he’ll never be able to beat him.

    • RubeKegal

      Agreed…Serra did hit a sweet hip toss in 3rd round but Matt reversed quickly after that.


      im not saying it would be likely to happen, but i hate Hughes, so it would bring a smile to my face to see Sera KO him.

  • I don’t think Serra could fight Hughes right now. Has anyone seen Serra lately, dude is fat. If he did, it would have to be at middleweight or light heavyweight. Truthfully, no one wants to see that fight. I hope Hughes retires, he has nothing left to prove.

    • shakejunt

      serra’s thick no doubt, but fat? nah. he still transitions on the ground quickly. i admit he was a little outclassed when they first fought, but i think he would give hughes a run for his money these days.

      that being said, it’s not a fight i see hughes accepting. i agree he has nothing left to prove, but maybe an eventual showdown at msg will make him reconsider.

      • RubeKegal

        I have to agree with FightBlogger…The big yoyo diets like Serra, who gets over 2 bills then cuts to 155, or Anthony Johnson who cuts from 220 to 170, then 240 to 185, it’s not healthy and slows you down in the long run. Like Roy Jones after his heavyweight stint, tried coming back down and people he should have never lost to were whooping him.

        • RubeKegal

          meant 170 for Serra not 155 my bad

  • masterdiddy

    Hughes gains nothing from fighting Serra and Dana and Joe Silva would are not going to put this fight together and Dana will probably push for both of them to retire considering that they are both near 40 yrs. old , they both talk about enjoying being with their family and raising their young children and they both have various endeavors going on that are successful and bringing them in good money.

  • mma fanatic1982

    Dont want to.see this fight. While id like to see serra beat hughes for the way he acted towards him on ultinate fighter serra just not as good. Hughes needs to retire too he is washed up, he ruled his days but he is too old and doesnt posess the skills to hang with the new blood. Ww divesion is too stacked for hughes to ever get the belt back, he should just retire he is already a hall of famer and will go down as one of the best to have ever been.

  • timothylee

    Hughes has mellowed out a bit lately. When I met him. He was really cool to me, my friend, and his wife.

    Hughes is a hard ass coach, not a laid back coach. In High School, I had a coach that had this “If one person’s late, everyone’s late” type of mentality. I can see why Hughes coaches’s the why he does.

    It is funny how people misquote Hughes from TUF season 2. Hughes did not say “Stand there and lose.” Hughes said “Stand there and lose IF THAT IS WHAT YOU WANT TO DO.”

    • RubeKegal


  • markrenton

    Stay retired guys…