Matt Serra Says Only a Small Percentage of Fighters Don’t Use PEDs

August 19, 2011
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Matt Serra at UFC 53

Matt Serra at UFC 53

Former UFC welterweight champion Matt Serra is still a very busy man. With a brand new daughter and another location of Serra BJJ opening up soon, he barely has time to make the sauce for his wife’s pasta.

One thing he’s not too busy for, is to weigh in on the recent issues of performance enhancing drugs that have plagued all sports, but particularly MMA, of late. When asked his thoughts on the subject, Serra had several things to say.

“It’s wrong man, it’s really wrong. Let me tell you something. I got to the title without doing anything. I didn’t use anything,” Serra commented. “Me and BJ Penn are in that small percentage that don’t do (expletive). There’s a lot of guys that are considered legends, and they’re doing the GH and doing this and that, and it’s obvious, it’s freaking obvious.”

Serra points out that the danger of performance enhancing drugs can lead to serious injury, as well as simply giving fighters an unfair advantage in a fight.

“It’s one thing if you’re fighting for an hour, but you got 15 minutes in there. There’s certain teams out there that look like they got a freaking chemist assigned to them,” said Serra. “It’s not that I want to judge anybody, but hey man, I’m fighting these people. Next thing you know you’re in there fighting a guy with unlimited energy that looks like a He-Man figure. I don’t give a (expletive) if it’s happening in baseball, but when a guy can kick your head off, someone can get hurt. There’s a chance for serious bodily harm.”

Serra’s Career and Weight

While he doesn’t currently have a bout set up for the immediate future, Serra claims he’s not done fighting yet, despite the chemistry going on in the sport.

“I’m like herpes. I’m not going anywhere,” Serra said. “Like Rocky 6, I’ve still got some (expletive) in the basement.”

On the subject of his weight, he says he’s currently on the wrong side of 200 pounds, but that he loses weight easily. UFC president Dana White even took a jab at Serra’s heavier set self at the UFC 133 post fight press conference when speaking about his student, Costas Philippou, training with a heavyweight.

He says he needs three months, solid, to prepare for a fight, and if the right offer comes along, he’d be ready, possibly by December. Questioning about opponents he’d be interested in fighting led to some discussion of Brian Ebersole.

Serra commented that he heard Ebersole was interested in fighting him, and it’s a fight he’d happily accept.

“I think that would be an interesting fight because the guy does freaking cartwheels in there. It’ll be a freak show,” Serra stated. “The guy is six-foot-one so I might be below his arrow.”

Matt closed by giving his thoughts on the upcoming bout between Georges St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz. He feels that St-Pierre won’t be able to match Diaz’s striking or jiu-jitsu, and said that the only way he saw GSP winning is with takedowns and wrestling.

To hear the full interview check out content partner TapouT Radio’s interview with Matt Serra (@MattSerraUFC)

  • phrankthetank

    Yes, this coming from the guy who said hardy had gotten so good on the ground that he wanted GSP to take him down. About the PEDs however, he makes a valid point.

  • j-k-martin

    As long as you offer people millions of dollars to do a sport PED’s will be in that sport. Offer people a million dollars to do anything and they will find a way.

  • grimsgrind

    There is absoFUCKINGlutely NO reason why we aren’t BLOOD TESTING these guys….MMA is starting to become a recognized sport and will be in the 2014 olympics. It’s said to see the pathetic 7 panel drug test that’s from CVS. = These guys aren’t using PCP. They’re using PEDs that have stem cell therapy and all kinds of crazy shit that isn’t detected in your standardized test. Trust me, alot of shit is going down in these locker rooms, and testesterone and steroids are the brint of the broom. There are wayyyyyy more PEDs then just those 2. And wayyyyy more effective and wayyyyyy more exploited to cheat.

    • afk

      2014? That is the Winter Games, actually, and as far as 2016 it’s entirely rumour and speculation that Brazil is going to vito up MMA as the host country.

      “Brint of the broom” ?????

      Fucking sad, dude. Why argue something and come off sounding like an uneducated, helpless keyboard warrior? All you’re doing is hurting anybody fighting the same cause lol.

  • grimsgrind

    Fael Sonnen is known to be a supplier to many people when it comes to “testosterone therapy”. Pretty much, considering he’s a rich blue collar poltician, he obviously has doctor friends and connections that allows him to get olympic style elite performance enhancing stem cell drugs. This shit is getting serious. Fael Sonnen is at the core of this corruption in MMA. Ask any pro with a brain, they’ll tell you the same. Any MMA fighter in the UFC/Strikeforce that stands up for him is being supplied by him…

  • grimsgrind

    the Nogs might be “trying to feed a bus a carrot” in Brazil. However back in the states, Fael Sonnen is shoving a needle in his butt cheek and getting caught in St. Pauls in Delaware Golds Gym tanning booth. Ouch Fael….Fael Sonnen has failed yet again. Epic Fail.

    • afk

      And you just sound like some whinebag nancy boy who doesn’t like Chael Sonnen. You really think they’re all getting their PEDs from a low level Oregon politician? You’re acting like he’s the head of the CIA and has connections to terrible and unholy medical powers. GET REAL KID.

      People are greedy and they want money. The know drugs will get them that money. They find a doctor to give them the drugs. WOW SO HARD TO FIGURE OUT OMG NO IT MUST BE CHAEL SONNEN!!!!1111one.

  • XIRandomHeroIX

    Serra is a dumb irrevelant dick who got a lucky punch, I am by no means a GSP nut hugger but if he thinks Diaz has a chance he is on fucking crack

  • Bandit

    Sonnen; A cheater,a criminal,a proven liar and all round scumbag. But a Christian??? People over there are funny.. Juiced up one drugs he was not and never was good enough to win any belt in the UFC. It astonishes me that this low life is still allowed to compete. How does he have any credibility left? All he’s good at is talking & taking drugs. Is that not for the fools in WWE? The UFC encourage this behaviour to sell PPV and it’s corrupting MMA.

    Your dead Dad will be so proud. Although “the apple don’t fall far from the tree”???


  • clizzark

    LOL, I like how some of these fighters are coming out and acting like the vast majority of fighters are cheating, but of course, they’re in the tiny minority that’s not cheating. “Everyone is cheating except me!” They’re trying to make themselves look good by putting everyone else down.

  • weightlifter

    If you think Serra is natural, you are mistaken… 5’6 and cuts to fight at 170 lbs? Most people have no idea how huge 5’6, 170 lbs is.