Matt Serra: “I’d Put Down the Pasta to Fight Matt Hughes Again,” Breaks Down Weidman vs. Belfort

February 27, 2014
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Matt Serra stopped by UFC Tonight on Wednesday to definitively address his rivalry with and desire to fight Matt Hughes one more time, but also broke down the upcoming title fight between UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman and Vitor Belfort.

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  • Scooby

    Matt Hughes sucks dongs.

  • Darin

    Chael and Ken are so annoying at this. Why are they always yelling? The just seem like such a phoney, info-mercialish duo.

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    Serra’s a freakin comedian!

  • Manuel Lopez

    How about you cut the pasta and challenge someone relevant. Hughes?… Hughes was a roider!!

    • Sir_Roy

      Most of them are Manny, most of them are …

    • shakejunt

      you want someone who has been unofficially retired for years to come out of retirement and fight someone current? hughes or bj would be the only fights that make sense.

  • Pat Garret

    Matt Serra, looks like a hobbit from the Shire!

    • Sir_Roy

      More like a beardless dwarf. That guy is built like a tank.

    • shakejunt

      he’s a scary guy in person. his size makes you forget how short he is and he still moves extremely quickly on the ground.

      • Pat Garret

        I can imagine

  • TheCerealKiller

    I’d be OK with it as long as it’s not the focal point of the card. Opening fight on PPV?

  • Lawdog1521

    I wouldn’t mind seeing them fight again. The problem for Serra is the last time they fought Serra knocked out Hughes… and Hughes didn’t seem to mind.

    That’s got to be disheartening in a fight.

    • get your facts straight

      Serra knocked out Hughes?

      • Lawdog1521

        Round one of their last fight Serra clipped Hughes with one of those bomb he throws. Hughes was visibly wobbled and for a second it looked like Serra had him however Hughes somehow managed to survive the round.

        Here’s the kicker. In between rounds, an this can be clearly heard on the DVD, Hughes ask his corner, “how long was I out?”

        This isn’t the first time Hughes fought with a lack of consciousness either. When he fought Carlos Newton, Newton got Hughes in a triangle. Hughes slammed Newton out for the win, but look at his face after the fight. He clearly doesn’t know what’s going on. Newton had actually choked him out, Hughes had done the slam after he was already out.

        In his prime Hughes was a scary dude. 🙂