Matt Riddle Released by UFC for Second Failed Drug Test for Marijuana

February 27, 2013
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Matt-Riddle-460x270Welterweight Matt Riddle has been released by the UFC for testing positive to marijuana for the second time in his career following his UFC on Fuel TV 7 split decision win over Che Mills. first reported the news.

Following his UFC 149 win over Chris Clements in July, Riddle returned a positive test for marijuana.  His Submission of the Night victory over Clements was overturned and later ruled a no contest.

It’s expected that his UFC on Fuel TV 7 victory will also be overturned and ruled a no contest.

UFC on Fuel TV 7 took place on Feb. 16 at the Wembley Arena in London.  The UFC acts as governing body during its events in England because there is no established athletic commission there.

The 27-year-old Riddle made his professional debut in the UFC following his participation during The Ultimate Fighter’s seventh season.  This is the second time in three fights that he’s returned a positive test.

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  • Lawdog1521

    Wait, shouldn’t he get a title shot now? Oh, that’s right. You have to lose your last fight, then test positive a second time for a title shot.

    • RonnieV

      Technically Diaz was only busted once in the UFC. Plus, Riddle is not a title contender, and doesn’t have an extremely large fan base like Diaz does. These comments were so predictable the second you read the headline.

      • Rex

        So Diaz gets a pass to break the rules because he’s a popular contender? That’s pretty ridiculous if this is supposed to be a legitimate sport.

        • Michael Bautista

          The NSAC suspended him from fighting for a year. Just because the UFC didn’t cut him immediately doesn’t necessarily mean he got a pass. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets cut after losing to GSP, end of the day the decisions the UFC makes as a promotion (understandable or not) shouldn’t be an indictment on the sport of MMA as a whole.

          • justin_e

            No. They should be an indictment on the UFC.

          • Michael Bautista

            How? btw, do you all realized this is the SECOND time Matt Riddle failed a post fight test? In other words, the UFC gave him a 2nd chance (when they didn’t have to) and probably warned him not to let it happen again.

        • DamianCross

          YES. Goddammit, Guillard sniffed COKE and they let him fight cause they freakin’ loved him so much

      • dathump

        However, if Diaz keeps pissing Dana off and has a poor outing against GSP, it may happen to him as well. I highly doubt it because Diaz is still a good money draw, but the UFC may use it to get rid of him now that they are cleaning house.

    • Michael Bautista

      Call it unreasonable but the Nick Diaz situation is slightly different, Diaz reasoned out to Nevada Athletic Commission he had a medical marijuana exempt card, unfortunately for him, it not recognized as a pass for failing a test. To the best of my knowledge Riddle didn’t even try to say he had a medical card, so i’m assuming he got busted for having it in his system after recreational use. Diaz was also suspended by the NSAC not the UFC.

      • marcus miles

        The last time he got rolled he had a card. there was a thing on mmatko with it. either way, if you burn and know you have to piss in a cup, then clean out your system. these guys have hardly any body fat for the thc to store in. Put the pipe away for three weeks or so. this dude is dumber than the rule itself.

        • Michael Bautista

          exactly! thank you for getting my point.

      • Your awesome and you obviously know your stuff. Great move bringing up the Diaz exemption since he has a medical marjiuana card. Plus his was for metabolites, I’m sure the UFC gave him a break knowing he tried to clean himself. That and they put a lot of money into marketing him being back in the UFC and his grudge match with GSP. I’m sure they weren’t just gonna let him go.

  • insane 187288

    So is Diaz next

  • insane187288

    ronald isnt that a problem though if these comments were predicted. Hands down Diaz has a fan base and is a much better fighter but rules are rules.

    • RonnieV

      Rules are Rules, but you need to know your place when breaking them. If you are Matt Riddle, and you are a middle to lower tier UFC fighter, you have no room for error. Now if you are a big draw for the UFC, and you are a title contender, you are most likely going to get more breaks. We see stuff like this in the NFL all the time. Heck, you scenarios like this in business as well. The highest producers get more slack from their companies than the lower producers.


    Such BS. Guys get a free pass to use TRT but you can get fired for pot. The UFC needs to reevaluate what is important to the sport. That goes for firing top tier guys too just because Dana thinks they are boring. I thought the UFC was moving toward becoming the next NFL but instead they are becoming the WWE .

    • Michael Bautista

      It’s not about getting a pass, it’s abiding by the guidelines set forth. Fighters who use TRT aren’t allowed to abuse it, hence why if they test for elevated levels of it, they get suspended. I’m not sure what the guideline is: whether a fighter can’t have a cannibus in his system at all or can have some to a certain extent, but either way, Riddle failed both.

    • Sir_Roy

      It’s not a UFC rule. It’s an NSAC rule. No drugs. Period. Pot’s still illegal, like it or not, agree with it or not.

      I agree with above posters. If you have to use recreational drugs, do your homework and discipline yourself before a match … it’s not rocket science. You have the discipline to train, go through a camp, but you can’t put the pipe down while you do so?

      Weak. And UFC cutting him sends a positive message to other fighters IMHO. It says “play by the damn rules” and this in no uncertain terms.

      I get caught with drugs in my system, even if it’s ‘just’ pot, and I lose my job. Why shouldn’t he?

    • remote

      Fitch got cut because he gets played TOO much money. He has won 1 fight in 2 yrs. Also, he can’t headline a card. How can he get headline money if he CANT headline?

      • justin_e

        He also wasn’t getting paid when he wasn’t fighting. He wasn’t making too much money by a long shot. It is all personal with dana.

    • The UFC has made a stand on TRT stating they will test guys in camp as their own policy. They don’t like any guys using any drugs. It obviously shows they care since they tested Riddle themselves and took action.

  • BobLemons

    I hate Riddle and won’t be sad to see him gone. But as a rule, this s*** is ridiculous…

  • Michael Bautista

    People need to stop making this a moral issue about marijuana. bottom line; Matt Riddle wasn’t supposed to have it in his system when they tested him. End of story. Same thing, If they said you’re not supposed to have alcohol in your system when they administer the post fight test.

    Spare telling me the difference between the 2, i’m just using it as an example.

    • Advance*

      Riddle is one of my favorite fighters but I agree 100%. He saw the consequences the first time it happened and didn’t learn from his mistake. Not sure how anyone can defend testing positive twice in three fights

    • Milosc

      Grow some balls, Hall monitor

      Keep ‘following stuff you don’t quite believe in’ and Shit’s Creek (for you and yours) is just around the corner

      It’s important that people use “reason” to determine their thoughts and behavior, not simply “obedience”

      (If you are an American, it actually happens to be exactly what makes you one. Don’t ever let the bullshlt on TV make you forget that)

      • Michael Bautista

        I mean no disrespect but what are you talking about? I wasn’t judging Riddle’s use of marijuana, just his timing of it. He can smoke all he wants to as far i’m concerned but he needs to make sure he doesnt’ get caught with it in his system after a fight. that’s all.

        • Milosc

          Riddle actually went into detail about how it helps him with stress and anxiety

          Perhaps you’d approve of him slinging some nasty chemical concoction made in some factory with a little sticker on it, instead of growing out of the earth, because some corporation can make money off it/pay for it to be “legal”?

          I have a problem with anyone who follows orders without questioning them

          When people lack their own ethos and conviction there has always been hell to pay, and throughout history. I speak ‘my’ mind, not others, which is why I sincerely encouraged you (as a human being) to-grow-some-balls: before they eventually shrivel away on you. It isn’t so much ‘what’ you say, but ‘how’ you got to it

          (Make ‘your’ own mind. Agree or disagree by merit, weigh your experiences and convictions, but leave other people’s opinions out of it. Simply ‘following whatever ________ says’, just because they said it, is just sad)

          Stop watching television

          • Michael Bautista

            Ok, I get that, still doesn’t change the fact he can’t have it in his system after a fight. Do i like that rule? NO I DON’T but that doesn’t give Riddle a pass for breaking it. And abiding by a rule doesn’t mean i’m sheep, and having an understanding of things doesn’t mean i’m less enlightened than you.

            stay classy.

      • Matte

        Just because someones opinion differs from yours doesn’t mean they lack “balls” or ability to think for themselves.

        “What makes you american”, can’t you simplify that more please? There could be like 1 million angles of what makes you american or any other nationality for that matter. Stop dropping empty phrases.

        To others: Alcohol being allowed does not mean other substances should be allowed, rather that alcohol should be banned. Two faults does not make one right.

        In this case: The rules are not in any way unclear. You don’t have to agree with the rules, you just have to follow them in case you want to keep your UFC dream alive. Damned stupid thing to endanger imo.

        • Milosc

          If “American” meant “blindly obedient to status quo”, we’d all be English

          I STAND for what I believe in. I hear someone’s opinion and follow it to my liking. If you want to just do the ‘follow’ part, that’s your prerogative. Just don’t expect me to listen or respect you

        • Michael Bautista

          Thank you sir, I appreciate it.

  • Advance*

    At least it shows that the UFC won’t overlook things like this when they hold events in places without athletic commissions. It would be easy to sweep something like this under the rug

  • Milosc

    So the hell what?

    This is an issue we will laugh at one day. It represents decades-stale racial/cultural/political hysteria and social engineering to keep the US southern border “white”. Pal-ese

    At least now he can finally fight Randleman

  • bajafox

    Someone should create some strains called Riddle OG and Diaz Brothers OG, lol. And if someone has, where can I get some?

  • Skully448

    Stupid rule…alcohol is ok, but herb is not..neither is a PED. BS rule

    • alcohol isn’t illegal Marijuana is. it is on the banned list for the athletic commission. you can’t have any stimulants in your system

      • Chris M

        its illegal bc the goverrment cant patten a plant! does not increase performance!

    • dathump

      It may not be a PED in the standard way, sure it won’t make you jump higher, or run faster, but it is great for pain managment, and relaxing nerves, so in the fight game, on the large stage that is the UFC it can be help performance by calming nerves and curbing anxiety. how many fights have you seen lost because a fighter looses his composure.

  • Former Fighter

    The NBA doesnt test for Marijuana and the drug test only finds metabolites not marijuana.
    Shame on the UFC, I thought they made a stand against the unjust war against Cannabis…but theyre on the wrong side of this one…….yeah its not evan “performance enhancing” or a drug. its natural stupid…..who could disagree?

  • Mike mckinney

    Your not allowed to have alcohol in your system during a fight either. Why do people just say silly stuff.

  • dathump

    Who’s to say Riddle wasn’t on the chopping block already and this was just an excuse to cut someone that won their fight.