Matt Riddle Calls for Dan Hardy Fight, Rails on British Fan that Spit at Him

July 22, 2012
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Matt RiddleDan Hardy already has his next fight lined up. He’s scheduled to fight in his hometown of Nottingham, England, against Amir Sadollah on Sept. 29 at UFC on Fuel TV 5.

But he may already have his next opponent after that… or if Sadollah happens to fall off the card, Matt Riddle is in the wings, ready and waiting.

After he defeated Chris Clements with the UFC 149 Submission of the Night on Saturday night in Calgary, Riddle mentioned at the post-fight press conference that he would really like to fight Hardy next.

“I’m down to fight anybody at any given time, anywhere,” Riddle remarked at the post-fight press conference. “I just picked Dan Hardy because he’s got a lot of hype behind him and I know that it will put me on the map for sure. I have nothing personal against him, but a win over him, I guarantee everybody knows my name afterwards.”

But that was when the fun began. Perhaps when we found out the truth behind Riddle’s “Dan Hardy callout.”

“I heard Riddle hates English people,” UFC president Dana White offhandedly remarked.

“I will be completely honest, when I fought in Manchester, England, they were very cruel to me,” Riddle retorted. “One fan actually spit directly in my face and he was lucky enough where it hit my mouth.”

“Wow. I was kidding,” laughed White.

“I don’t have anything against English people,” Riddle continued. “But to be disrespected like that, that was the part that really upset me.

“Everybody up here on this table is a world class athlete and we should be treated as a world class athlete. And for some butter-toothed Brit to spit in my mouth, that was some bull.”

Little did White realize what a can of worms his facetious remark would open up, but he rolled with it.

“We are definitely making the Dan Hardy fight!”

In reality, the timing probably won’t work out well, unless of course Sadollah does have to drop out of the fight sometime soon, but it could be cooking at a little warmer temperature on the back burner after Riddle’s timely rant.

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  • Definetely lit up an otherwise dull press conference.

  • Maine2Alaska

    oh so the press confrence was more exciting than the fights. Well thats good. hehe

  • b-soc

    What is it with the Brits and spitting! Its actually assault with bodily fluids – a criminal offince, FYI.

    • elguapo

      You have two examples of spitting in relations to british people, probably a little unfair to label an entire nation.

      On a different note, “hardy has a lot of hype about him”?!? What hype is that? Maybe 3 years ago or whenever he fought GSP, but even then he was very lucky to get anywhere near a title shot. I enjoyed watching Riddle though, although he didn’t quite stand and bang like he promised.

  • bluemma

    I really enjoyed watching Riddle fight last night and it was the best of the main card by a mile. I am British and we have nothing against foreign fighters. You can get mindless idiots anywhere in the world, I have been to 10 UFC events (soon to be 11) and I haven’t seen any trouble at any of them! Don’t hold it against a nation for one dickhead being stupid! I will continue to support Riddle and any other fighter who puts it all on the line, that’s why we love this sport!

    • I hope they don’t push the “Riddle VS England” angle. Much better to just have him shoot a deer and piss off Hardy that way >.>

  • b-soc

    bluemma, you are a credit to you country. My comment was only meant as a joke – my apologies if I offended anyone.

    • elguapo

      None taken by me. Bluemma is right though, you get di*ks everywhere unfortunately, some of the commenters on this site are a prime example. I’m Manchester born and bred and if I saw anyone spit on someone I’d chin them myself, the guy who did it was probably from Liverpool anyway 🙂

  • TKD

    Beating Dan Hardy puts you on the map??? This guy has low standards.

  • Ste

    Manchester isn’t the uk, its just one awful run down pathetic city with very uneducated people. Sadly I’m a Mancunian so I back up this theory! I hate Americans so I guess the “Hate” is neutral 🙂