Matt Riddle and Francisco Rivera Suspended for Failed UFC 149 Drug Tests

October 19, 2012
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Matt Riddle at UFC 143UFC 149 competitors Matt Riddle and Francisco Rivera were each suspended for 90 days following a positive test result for banned substances. The suspensions were retroactive to the date of the July 21 event.

“We’ve been informed by the Calgary Combative Sports Commission that Matt Riddle and Francisco Rivera tested positive for banned substance following their bouts at UFC 149,” the UFC revealed in a prepared statement on Friday.

“UFC has a strict, consistent policy against the use of banned drugs and performance-enhancing stimulants, including the requirement that all incoming athletes be tested and cleared.  Therefore, we fully support the drug testing efforts of the Calgary Combative Sports Commission and will fully cooperate with the Commission regarding this matter.”

As mentioned, the efforts of the Calgary Combative Sports Commission includes a 90-day suspension for each fighter. The suspensions were first revealed by, which cited undisclosed sources close to the event.

The report said that Riddle tested positive for marijuana.

Rivera, via his Twitter account, revealed that he tested positive for a banned substance due to an over-the-counter supplement called 1MR. The label for 1MR says that it is an “ultra-condensed pre-workout powder” promising “intense non-stop vascularity and energy.”

The specific substance that Rivera tested positive for has not been revealed.

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  • bajafox

    I had a feeling Riddle got tagged for marijuana. I would love to smoke with this guy and the Diaz brothers one day, lol

  • Noah

    Rivera must be a total numb nuts then. Even the guys at GNC will tell you that contains banned stuff in it. It’s illegal for HS use even. I think the new 1MR formual got rid of it though. Same stimulant that was in JACK3D and a lot of other pre-workout mixers.

  • Mario

    No surprise that Riddle smokes pot.

    That guy is a total goofball. LOL.

  • Noah

    I still don’t get why pot is a banned substance.

    • Prince James

      It not being legal might have something to do about that.

      • Cameron Merryman

        Even if the fighter has an mmj card its still banned, and in that case it IS legal

  • d

    pot is banned to protect you against yourself

  • Cameron Merryman

    Rivera tested pos for DMAA, a very common banned substance in Pre workout supps