Matt Mitrione Adds Mike Dolce to Camp for UFC 137 Preparation To Face Kongo

August 25, 2011
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Mike Dolce

Mixed martial arts has become a lot like football over the last few years in the spirit of being a game of inches.

The skill level has hit new heights and once a fighter reaches the point of being in the UFC, the difference between being a winner or a loser can be as simple as eating the right kind of foods before a weigh in or during training camp.

It’s for that very reason that former ‘Ultimate Fighter’ competitor Matt Mitrione is the latest competitor to bring nutritionist guru Mike Dolce on board as he prepares for his next fight against Cheick Kongo at UFC 137 in October.

The creator of ‘The Dolce Diet’ has worked with some of the best fighters in the game, but generally speaking most don’t think about dieting or nutrition when it comes to the heavyweights.

That very perception is what Dolce hopes to change by working with someone like Mitrione, who has shown tremendous athleticism and improvement while building a 5-0 record in the Octagon.

“He and I became friends during TUF 10 and danced around the issue of working together since then, but the timing wasn’t right. Until now,” said Dolce when speaking with on Thursday.

Mitrione was on the 10th season of the ‘Ultimate Fighter’ where Dolce served as an assistant coach to Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson.

Now as Mitrione gets ready for his bout with Kongo in October, he adds another piece to the puzzle that he hopes will get him ready for one of the biggest fights of his young career.

“Nutrition is the only missing piece of me truly achieving my potential,” Mitrione stated.

Coach and athlete will work together leading up to the UFC 137 event in Las Vegas. Mitrione has worked there as well for his camp in the past, training at Xtreme Couture, but has also continued with teams in Indianapolis and Cincinnati to get ready for the bout.

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  • Unador

    This guy was a nut on the TV show. I mean a clear illustration of one card short of a full deck.
    But he’s definately game, he seems to have no fear, and he does’t get worked up either, you can’t get under his skin.
    But l always thought he was a very sloppy fighter with poor conditioning. But that has been some time ago, long enough to get a great deal better if one was trying to.
    Kongo on the other hand, has excellent striking skills and may out class Mitrione easily.
    But, I have no interest in seeing Kongo fight ever again. I used to be a fan of his, and really hated to see him get choked out by MIR. At least he didn’t tap.
    But after the bout in England? where he held this guys shorts for nearly two whole rounds after being repeatedly warned by the ref to stop was more than I could accept.
    Kongo was losing. Kongo was holding this guys shorts to prevent and improvement in position. Konga lost anyway and really made himself look bad and unproffesional there. He lost a lot of respect from me that fight. To the point where I don’t care to see him compete anymore.
    Surprised the UFC gave him another shot, tho it must have been nearly a year ago.
    Glad to see Mitrione fight tho, he’s an entertaining character.

    • crow-killer

      The fight where Kongo was holding on to the guy’s shorts was against Travis Browne. And I believe that fight was ruled a tie by the judges. I was rooting for Kongo in that fight, but after seeing him do that to Browne, I was not a fan of him anymore. It was the most disgraceful fight I ever saw. If you don’t know who Browne is, he is the guy who last fought Struve and won by knockout. I think it was note worthy to point out that Browne was wearing very tight “body hugging” shorts in that fight with Struve (Browne’s fight with Struve was right after his fight with Kongo), and it was most likely due to that fight with Kongo.

      • Unador

        ah, thanks for the info on Browne…

        Either I didn’t watch the rest of that fight, or my memory is getting awful. Because a draw for that fight is an outrage. And I don’t remember being outraged. I must have ‘assumed’ Kongo to lose and walked away from the tv toward the end of the fight, disgusted.

  • elguapo

    I think Mitrione has come on leaps and bounds since TUF. I thought he came across as a dick on the show but i’ve really warmed to him since, he looks like he’s taken it seriously and genuinely improved. He was a former NFL player right? Forgive me but i’m from the UK, was he actually a well-known NFL player, a recognised face? Anyways, Kongo is a serious step up for him but, looking at Kongo in his last fight, i think he could pull it off.

    • No he was not at all well-known. Only played in 9 games in his whole NFL career.

      • Cptmats

        LOL nine games ? thats lots for an NFL’er Those pussy’s play less in a season than a MLB player does in a week !

  • aaronlol

    I didn’t care for Matt on the show but wow I like him recently. He has looked good in every fight in the UFC and look phenomenal in his last fight with Morecraft. I really hope he breaks into the top 10 some day.
    There might be some skill gap between him and Kongo but Kongo has not really looked too amazing recently besides his epic comeback (which he shouldn’t have gotten into that messy situation in the 1st place).
    This will be a cool fight I think, hopefully Mitrione has what it takes.

  • wonggfan

    I look forward to seeing this fight as well.

    Mitrione has looked impressive so far. This will be a huge test for him. If he gets passed Kongo, he will have many things depending on how he beats Kongo. If he eeks out a decision, I want to see him against Schaub, Nelson, Rothwell, or Russow. If he beats Kongo convincingly, he should fight Frank Mir or Carwin.