Matt Hughes Talks New UFC Executive Role and Comparisons to Johny Hendricks

July 22, 2013
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Matt Hughes 01 UFC 98 pressUpon retiring from fighting, Matt Hughes took on an entirely new role as the UFC Vice President of Athletic Development and Government Relations.

Much like his pioneering role as a fighter in the cage, Hughes is now learning on the job outside of the cage, trying to figure out how he can best help the newer fighters coming into the sport prepare for the various aspects of their career outside of actually fighting.

Hughes recently talked about his new role in an interview with’s Ryan McKinnell. But, of course, talking with a legend of the sport who is so recently into retirement, they also touched on Hughes’ fight career and the “what ifs.”

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  • GSP

    All I see is a picture of Hughes with a triangle on his face. Lame article

    • Hendricks

      Press play idiot

      • David Luu


      • Colin

        This is the best! People are such stupid idiots.

    • Mark McDowall

      This is the embodiment of the stupidity of some of the people that post on here…

  • Joseph Quest Wilson

    @GSP @Hendricks, Freakin amazing

  • allansm

    Fact: Matt Hughes makes love to the dead carcasses of the animals he shoots down.

    Research it; he’s admitted to it.

  • james j

    Figure head job. Like assistant to the VP. Lol