Matt Hughes at a Crossroads for Retirement vs. One More Fight in the UFC

March 20, 2012
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The future of UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes remains up in the air as the former welterweight champion contemplates one more fight or calling it a career.

Hughes is a guest on Tuesday night’s edition of UFC Tonight on Fuel TV, and according to the former multi-time champion, he still remains undecided on his future.

“I’m at a crossroads between fighting another fight or retirement,” said Hughes.

The last time Hughes stepped in to the Octagon was in September 2011 when he was TKO’d by former welterweight contender Josh Koscheck at UFC 135. The loss marked two in a row for Hughes after dropping his previous fight to B.J. Penn at UFC 123 in November 2010.

The time for Hughes to make a decision will be coming soon, however, as the former welterweight king says it’s about time he makes the call to Dana White to see if there is one more fight left in the gas tank for him.

“Soon,” answered Hughes when asked the question about the timing of his decision. “I’m 38, and I keep getting older and the fighters keep staying the same age. I wanted the fall and spring off, and now it’s time to talk with DW (Dana White).”

If Hughes does decide to come back for at least one more fight, it appears his preference is leaning towards a rematch with somebody that has a win over him.

Ultimately, Hughes leaves the decision making up to Dana White and Joe Silva, and if the fight makes sense, that’s the one he’ll take.

“I don’t get to decide my own fights. Dana White and the UFC does. I don’t know who it would be. I’d love to fight someone who already beat me,” Hughes stated.

One match-up that doesn’t sound particularly interesting to Hughes is a fight with British born fighter Dan Hardy.

Hardy has had issues with Hughes for some time now, and recently called the former champion, who is also an avid sport hunter, a “blood thirsty kill freak” and admitted he’d jump at the chance to face the former champion.

“He has a fight coming up and he’s worried about me? He hasn’t looked that good in his last few fights. He should worry about that,” Hughes said about Hardy.

When Hughes finally does call it a career, he won’t be lacking in activities. With his kids, wife, and farm life calling, Hughes will always be a fighter at heart, but won’t look back with regret once it’s over.

“My family, four kids, and lots of family time,” Hughes said about his post-UFC life. “I’ll be working on the farm and raising the family.”

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  • Dan

    How bout Sanchez?

  • JeremyFortune1

    I say one more and give it up, but fight a big name with something to lose. Ellenberger? Diaz if time allows? Shields perhaps? Even a rematch with kos?

    • MrAdidas

      Jeremy: If he fights any of those names you suggested, he’d get MURDERED/EMBARESSED. Hughes needs to fight someone NOT in the top 10, or he might as well retire. Did you see his fights Vs BJ & Koscheck?!? His brain took quite the beating from those 2 fights alone. I’m no Hughes fan, but he needs to fight a “decent” fighter, so he can retire on a high note & ride that W in to the sun set!

  • JeremyFortune1

    I bet hes secretly lobbying for a fight with hallman.

    • BizzleZX10R

      i was just going to say that,i would think he would be the perfect person but there wouldn’t be much hype.

  • lol Hardy and will never be on the level to fight Hughes

  • BizzleZX10R

    Too bad we can never see him in a rubber watch with GSP

    i wouldn’t mind seeing him fight sanchez or shields either..or even Diaz

    i think his last fight should atleast be some sort of nice big superfight or atleast main-event worthy

    BTW Typo..Hughes fought Penn in 2010 not 2011

    • RonnieV

      Hughes is not at the level as Diaz, Sanchez or Shields any more. All three of those guys would have been destroyed by Hughes 6 years ago, but now Hughes wouldn’t last three rounds with any of them. Hence his last two fights were pretty quick stoppages (Penn & Koscheck). I’m a big Hughes fan, and would love to see him retire with a win or a good fight. I hate to see guys like him and Liddell get humiliated on their last few fights. Give him Hallman or even Dan Hardy!

    • maddawgmar

      We did see him in a rubber match with GSP in December of ’07. The only logical one right now would be Alves. Penn won their three fight rivalry 2-1, Kos is in title contention, and other than GSP and Hallman no one else has beat him in the UFC. So take a new fight or retire.

    • MrAdidas

      Ughh didn’t GSP & Hughes have their 3rd fight already?!? I beleive GSP taped Hughes out with an arm bar!

      Hughes can no longer fight any top 10 WW’s & make it a good fight, let alone win.

      • pooby

        Technically, he said he’d like to see Hughes/GSP in a rubber “watch”. So, maybe he wants to see a new Swatch design commemorating Hughes and GSP’s fights.

  • bbtakayama

    He should stick his head up his a$$ and fight for air.

    Or he should fight Tito Ortiz.

    Or Demetrius Johnson.

    Or Roy Nelson.

  • bbtakayama

    Seriously though, put him in there with twinkle toes one more time 🙂

  • shakejunt

    idk who’s suggesting ellenberger or diaz, but that’s way off base. Hallman makes sense if they’ll agree on a catchweight.

  • JeremyFortune1

    I guess I shouldve mentioned that Im not a Hughes fan. Thats my main reason for naming the higher profile fighters with the more likely chance of beating him. Not that I hate him or anything, just not a fan really. I also mentioned the hallman fight due to him having two previous victories over Hughes.

  • fsunoles09

    i never been much of a hughes fan but i dont want to see the guy get ko again so whoever it is please no knockout power hah.

  • Thanks for catching that type for 2011.

    I thought of the Hallman fight immediately when I was writing this one, but he’s down at 155 now. Maybe if the UFC ups the paycheck he’d go back to 170 for another fight.

  • philmckracken

    Shields dont have knockout power and I think would be a good fight. Without worry of being KO’d I think Matt has a huge chance with him.

  • MillerTime

    He should fight Rory MacDonald or Jake Shields as his last fight

  • MikeMc1983

    Maybe they’ll try to pull BJ out of retirement with a rematch. They don’t rematch a lot of quick finishes, but I’d they we’re going to it would be guys like this. I’m sure Dana calls BJ everytime he thinks of something that may put him back in the cage.

  • liver000

    I think Hughes vs Hardy would be sick.

  • I can’t stand Hardy, but I would root for him over “kill for pleasure” Hughes

  • macgrubber

    I say just let him go. I dont care how good he used to be he got killed his last two fights and by the time he fights he will probably close to a year off. Dont see him getting any better since it looks like he has been killing animals in his spare time rather than training. So many better fighters and fights they can put in his spot.

  • ronaldmclaurin


  • I am surprised no one mentioned the best fight for his farewell. It is a HUGE name and this guy is dying to fight Hughes, again.


    That’s the best fight he could get. Royce also said that he would be willing to have one last fight, before calling it quits, if it was Hughes. It would be a very big draw and would be the last fight of 2 of the greatest champions the UFC ever had at that weight class (even though when Royce fought there were no weight classes).

    A big fight, big names, easy to market, and a worthy last opponent for 2 Hall of Famers.

    Big guys from today would beat Hughes easily. Hallman wouldn’t draw. Hughes is old, but is still a big name and should retire getting beat up like a can.

    Make it happen, Dana!!
    Make it happen Dana!!

  • Typo in my last post. It should have said:
    “Hughes SHOULDN’T retire getting beat up like a can”