Matt Hughes Airlifted to Hospital from Car Accident

UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes was reportedly airlifted to a hospital on Friday after a truck he was in collided with a train.

UFC president Dana White told ESPN on Friday that Hughes was in a truck that collided with a moving train. Hughes was apparently airlifted from the scene to a medical facility with head trauma, according to White, who told ESPN he has been in touch with Hughes’ family.

“Apparently he has head trauma,” White said. “His family is traveling to him now.”

White did not know where the accident occurred, but TMZ Sports reported that unnamed law enforcement officials said the accident occurred in Illinois, and verified that the truck Hughes was in collided with a moving train.

Hughes (45-9) is one of the UFC’s most decorated fighters, having long held the welterweight championship. He has twice been inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. In 2010, he was inducted as an individual, and in 2015, he was again honored for his second fight with Frank Trigg.

TRENDING > Conor McGregor Sparring Partner Gives Him No Chance Against Mayweather will update details of the incident as we receive them.

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  • Shocked_n_Awed

    Oh no. 🙁

    This more than likely has a tragic ending, not too many folk get to tell the story of the day their truck hit a moving train. 🙁

    One of the great ones, a pioneer for the UFC into the mainstream, and definitely one of my favourites for a long time. Good luck Matt, I hope ya pull through.

  • Sir_Roy

    How the “F” do you run your truck into a moving train … ???

    • John Youwer

      Sure the driver was drinking, how else do you drive into a freakin train.

      • Sir_Roy

        As it turns out, it was Hughes who was driving, and he tried to rush across the tracks and got nailed. Bad move. Didn’t run into the train so much as have his passenger side get plowed (good thing it was the passenger side with no one in it).

        • John Youwer

          Hopefully he is ok. Very lucky, he wasn’t killed.

  • Jon Holden

    French Canadian Accent: “I’m not impressed by the train’s performance”

  • Brian Nelson

    Solid guy. Our prayers are with you matt.

  • Lola

    Guess UFC doesn’t want to cross PC LINES and say, ‘thoughts AND prayers’

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