Matt Brown’s Former Coach Accuses Him of Assault, Brown Denies It

February 13, 2015
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UFC welterweight contender Matt Brown’s now former jiu-jitsu coach, Rodrigo Botti, has accused “The Immortal” of assaulting him on Feb. 3 at the Ohio Combat Club, a gym they co-own together in Columbus.

A police report was filed and an investigation is underway. Both parties confirm an incident occurred, but their versions of the story drastically vary.

Botti posted his side of the story to his Facebook page on Feb. 11.

MattBrown600-478x270“Here is what happened clear and simple,” he wrote. “This UFC fighter who I coached til the day of the incident assaulted me with multiple punches in the head while I was seating in the chair behind the desk.

“The truth is we were having an argument and he started to yell ‘If you keep talking I can’t (expletive) talk’ and repeated that a few times before he went crazy and flipped the glass table of the desk to the floor and came after me with multiple punches on my head while I was seating in the chair,” added Botti.

Brown posted his version of what transpired on his Facebook page, confirming that things got physical.

“Yes, I punched the him in the face. No, I am not a violent person. I was provoked. I was pushed first. He put his hands on me first and then cried to the police about it after. That is a bitch move. Not how 2 grown ass men sort things out,” wrote Brown.

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“I’m not going to give the long version and I’m not going to comment a lot about it. I don’t need the stress and I don’t feel like I need to expend the energy on someone so pathetic. I just absolutely have to let everyone know that I was pushed first and also walked away first and have stayed away and tried to let things simmer down (to no avail),” he added. “So no more OCC for me for now. Hopefully people see through the lies and see the truth of the matter. I’m not perfect but I’m not in the wrong here. That’s it.”

Botti allegedly suffered injuries during the altercation that resulted in him undergoing surgery on his left eye.

“Makes even worse when he knew about my eye condition and the eye surgery that I had only 3 weeks before the day he assaulted me. He also knew I had 16 internal stitches in my eye,” said Botti. “Those stitches popped from 2pm to 7pm according the doctor and I had another surgery.”

Brown is expected to face former welterweight champion Johny Hendricks on the UFC 185 main card in Dallas on March 14.

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  • DamianCross

    So actually, Brown admits it.

    • Matt Stinson

      I think he’s admitting to “self defense”. Who knows..

      • yeahbuddy

        I think he thinks he is admitting to self defense, but really if someone pushes you were generally close enough for them to push you away in the first place. Don’t step to someone unless you are willing to fight, otherwise it’s just stupid.

  • StopFitchn

    UFC needs to kick Brown to the curb if the assault allegations are true and go ahead and book Rory vs Hendricks

    • uncle

      Rory vs Lawler make more sense to me.So no need to kick Brown to the
      curb.just let the police sort out the problem cause nobody knows how it
      got to this.

      • StopFitchn

        Maybe make it fair and have Rory make up both those fights with Condit and Matt Brown that he backed out of with BOTH of them. Rory likes to back out of bad match ups against fighters with comparable reach.

        Maybe give Rory a few more fights against LIGHTWEIGHTS like Bj penn, Nate Diaz or against B level fighters like Che Mills

        • uncle

          I’m ok with that too, I don’t like Rory if Lawler get a 2nd
          crack at him he will knock out this weirdo and then we can
          stop hearing him crying about a title shot.

          • drkdisciple

            loll I think you are forgetting the part where Dana white actually promised him a title shot!

  • hyperbole

    2 grown ass men? I never know if people are trying to tell me if they’re adults or what part of the anatomy they’re into. “Yeah, we’re really into asses, so how could this all happen? We have so much in common.”