Matt Brown Missed Weight, but He Can Still Earn Bonuses and a Shot at a UFC Championship

July 26, 2014
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Matt BrownYes, Matt Brown missed weight for his UFC on FOX 12 No. 1 contender’s fight with Robbie Lawler. He weighed in a full 1.5 pounds over the limit.

Yet, he won’t miss his opportunity to win a title shot.

Brown will not be fined, he will still be eligible to win a shot at UFC welterweight champion Johny Hendricks, and he can even win post-fight bonuses.

Preliminary card fighter Juliana Lima also missed weight, at one pound over the 116-pound limit for her 115-pound strawweight fight. Like Brown, she will not be assessed any penalties.

The reason Brown and Lima won’t suffer any penalties, according to UFC officials, is because there was a massive amount of confusion at Friday’s weigh-in.

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Usually, a fighter that misses weight on the initial attempt is given two hours to try and come into compliance with the contracted weight. That didn’t happen for either fighter on Friday.

Brown was told by a California State Athletic Commission official that he was not going to be allowed a second attempt, according to the UFC. Lima, who was already cutting weight, was also halted from her efforts, and weighed 116.5 pounds on a second attempt, although she had not been given the full two hours typically allotted.

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After discussing the matter, UFC president Dana White and commission officials agreed that there was a miscommunication between the commission and the fighters, so there would be no penalties assessed.

When a fighter misses weight on his second attempt, the commission typically assesses a 20-percent penalty from the fighter’s show money. Half of that penalty is awarded to the fighter’s opponent, the other half to the commission. That penalty was not assessed to Brown or Lima.

A UFC fighter missing weight also typically negates his eligibility for the customary $50,000 Performance of the Night and Fight of the Night bonuses. That will not be the case for either fighter. They are both still eligible for the bonuses.

The biggest question mark was Brown’s contender status. If he had missed weight outright on his second attempt, he likely would not be eligible to win a shot at the belt. White, however, said that because of the miscommunication, if Brown defeats Lawler in the UFC on FOX 12 main event, he will get a shot at Hendricks.

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  • Usmc8408

    I’m confused. What was the miscommunication that allowed everyone to miss weight ?

  • Sockrocker

    The miscommunication was that they were told they would not get the two hours to attempt to make weight again. So they most likely stopped trying after they thought they wouldn’t get the time and chance anyway.

  • dandogood

    What ‘s a fricking pound? Fighters put on 15 lbs anyway after weighing in for a fight. One enema does it or a mexican hot meal or any glass of mexican water.

    • TheCerealKiller

      He was 2.5 lbs over. You’re supposed to make 170, but like you say, what’s one pound? They already gave him one pound of forgiveness.

      • Chris Morgan

        Actually he was only 1.5 lbs over. 171 was what Lawler and Brown had to weigh in at since they’re not fighting for a title.

        • TheCerealKiller

          You are allowed to be OVER 1 pound in a non title fight. He was OVER 2.5 pounds. That’s why it’s not called the 171 pound division.

          • Chris Morgan

            EXACTLY. 1 pound over for welterweights IS 171 pounds. That means that Brown was only over by 1.5 pounds.

  • TheCerealKiller

    NAC representative: “Awe, I have somewhere to be. I’m not gonna be here for your second attempt so you don’t have to make weight. Don’t worry about the fine.”

    This is just unprofessional.

  • Daniel Vera

    Thank you California Athletic Commission for messing up yet again first you bring some of the worst Judges i have ever seen in combat sports such as the fight with Ross Pearson vs Diego Sanchez and now this,had they allowed Brown his two hours to make weight and failed he would of been denied a title shot and fight bonuses which is what should of happened. Fighters need to make weight its not fair that Kevin Gastulum got taken 1/3 of his pay cut for not making weight and Brown thanks to the amazing California State Athletic Commission not only does he get paid fully but is eligible for a title shot unbelievable

    • Gary Fredericks

      Hey Daniel, I think the judges were from New Mexico for Pearson-Sanchez….unless NMSAC imported them from California???

    • Chris Morgan

      The Pearson/Sanchez fight was in New Mexico meaning New Mexico’s commission supplied the judges. Also, Gastelum was fined 20% (not 1/3) of his purse for not making weight. The Texas commission did everything by the book with Gastelum. He was given 2 opportunities to make 171 lbs and he failed to do so on both attempts. Why should Brown be penalized for someone else’s mistake (miscommunication or otherwise)?

  • mmaredrob

    Such bull shit .. run the company the same way all the time.. he missed weight.. it’s his job to make it.. dock his damn pay and don’t give him shit if he wins but a pat on the back

    • b-soc

      Absolutely agree. He should be automatically disqualified from the title shot unless he picks up another big win or two. If he missed weight for the title shot, he wouldn’t be fighting for the title.

  • Ahmaid Ahdoodi

    Just more evidence of how these athletic commissions are shady and/or inept. If they won’t even maintain the proper protocol for something as basic as a fight weigh-in, how can we trust them with regards to big things like drug testing?