Matt Brown Likely to Avoid Surgery, Carlos Condit Expected to Fight at UFC 170

December 11, 2013
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Matt Brown 470x260UFC welterweight contender Matt Brown was scheduled to face former interim champion Carlos Condit on this weekend’s UFC on Fox 9 fight card in Sacramento, Calif., but was forced to withdraw from the bout due to an injured back.

“Thanks for the support guys. I regret to inform all that I am out of the fight with Condit. I herniated 2 discs in my lower back this week,” he wrote on Twitter on Dec. 7.

The fighter’s wife informed UFC Tonight that Brown (18-11) likely will not require surgery for the injury.

Condit (29-7) released a statement on Dec. 8 expressing his disappointment that the bout was off.

“I was greatly disappointed to hear of Matt Brown’s injury,” Condit said in a statement. “This was a fight that I was looking forward to immensely, and I know it was a fight the fans have been excited to see. When the fight does happen, I promise that the wait will be worth it.

“Right now I’m going to spend time with my family over the holidays, and hope that Matt heals up quickly so that we can reschedule this fight soon.”

Condit is expected to compete on the UFC 170 fight card. If Brown is healthy and able to fight, the match-up could be rescheduled for the Feb. 22 event. If Brown is unable to return at that time, Condit will face a different opponent.

It remains unclear how long Brown will be out of action.

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  • Kenny Powers

    If Brown isn’t healthy, Condit vs Lawler, all day.

    • Ian Price

      I guess it’s gonna be Johny and Lawler for the title.

  • The top 10 guys in that division are all neck and neck. But what does everybody think of this… Ellenberger vs Woodley? Maia vs Kampmann? Lawler vs Condit? And Thiago Alves needs to get back in there to shake things up again cause that guy is always in great fights.

    • Jay Mcgarrity

      Maia is scheduled to fight Rory I think but Ellenberger vs Woodley and Lawler vs Condit would be good. Maybe KOS could be Kampmann’s next opponent. Dana wants KOS to stay in the game and from what he showed in his fight against Woodley, he’s still a competitor. Things just haven’t been going well for KOS or Kampmann so it could be like the Mir vs Overeem fight in the WW division but if Kampamnn lost I think he probably deserves one more fight considering who he lost to in his last two.

      • Maia is still up there. He really needs this win against Rory. He was undefeated at WW until that loss to Shields. I hope Koscheck stays in the game. He is a tough fight for anyone still. Two more fights maybe three. As for Kampmann that loss to Condit sucked but didn’t really set him back. He is still right up there. I just don’t want to see any rematches with guys unless it involves the title.

        • Ian Price

          I’m pretty sure Maia will school Rory. Size matters more with wrestling and BJJ, which is Maia’s bread and butter. That’s why Maia had limited success at MW…. He’s too small for an 85’er

    • solo

      Like Jay said, Rory is fighting Maia. Im suprised you didnt know that. But hell yea, who doesnt want to see those two fights that you put out there. Ellenberger vs Woodley is a great match up with two great wrestlers with punching power. And Lawler vs Condit is like OMG fight. That is probably the fight i wanna see the most in WW division at this point.

      • All the WW fights are pretty much top guys fighting with one or two fights away from a title shot. Such a talented division.

        • Ian Price

          Who’s gonna fight Condit in Dallas this march?