Matt Brown Injured, UFC on Fox 9 Bout with Carlos Condit Scrapped

December 7, 2013

MattBrown600Matt Brown has been forced to withdraw from next week’s UFC on Fox 9 bout with Carlos Condit due to injury. As a result, the bout has been removed from the Sacramento, Calif. fight card.

Sources close to the fight confirmed Brown’s withdrawal and the bouts removal to on Saturday.

Brown later tweeted the nature of his injury.

“Thanks for the support guys. I regret to inform all that I am out of the fight with Condit. I herniated 2 discs in my lower back this week,” he wrote on Twitter.

The bout was one of the featured fights on the four-fight main card that will air on “Big Fox” on Saturday, Dec. 14.

The UFC on Fox 9 main card features a headlining bout pitting UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson against Joseph Benavidez. That bout was a replacement for original headliner Anthony Pettis vs. Josh Thomson after Pettis had to schedule knee surgery.

The other two remaining main card bouts are Urijah Faber vs. Michael McDonald and Chad Mendes vs. Nik Lentz.

UFC officials are expected to make an announcement regarding the fight’s removal and replacement on Saturday.

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  1. F@@@@@CK!!!

  2. I have a ton of respect for Matt Brown but he wasn;t gonna win this fight. Blessing in disguise, maybe.

    • I agree, Matt Brown is a good fighter but Condit is a legit top 5 WW, 3 in my book. Matt Brown had a punchers chance and that’s about it IMO.

  3. That was the only good fight on the main card

    • You know, the first fight between Benavidez and Johnson was a great fight. I actually believed Benavidez won the fight. I’m looking forward to watching it. Let the small guys shine.

  4. This is bullschit. I wanted to see this fight more than any on this card. Condit and Brown are hungry so the questions of will it be a good figh were not a concern fromthe jump……da faq man.

  5. **** That was the best fight on the card, sad face. There are a lot of exciting fights on this card but that was definitely the one. Oh well :/

  6. I hope we can still see this fight someday. Too few fights are guaranteed to be exciting as this.

  7. I’m getting closer and closer to losing interest in this sport because of all the big fights that get nixed by injury. If every fourth or fifth baseball game got cancelled due to injury, I’d probably stop watching baseball too.

    • LOLOLOLOL OLOLOLOLOLOL OLOLOLOLOLOLOLO LOLOLOL You watch baseball, enough said. In all seriousness, I used to be a fan of baseball until the big strike which pretty much killed the sport. I almost feel like you’re trolling though because baseball is one of the most boring sports and you’re trying to make a comparison with the most exciting sport in the world. If baseball players trained even half as hard as mma fighters there would be more injuries in baseball. Hard to get injuries when playing the “ball with the stick game” (Joe Rogan reference for the newbs). I’ll always have love for the Big Hurt but baseball is all but dead. LOLOLOLOLOLOL LOLOLOLOL Baseball LOLOLOL LOLOL? LOLOLOLOL LOLOLOLOL

      • Okay fine, hockey then. And I’m the troll?

        • One of the great things about MMA and the UFC is that there are so many exciting fighters and so many exciting fights that can be made. We were all looking forward to this fight but if injuries and a handful of big fights being canceled each year is making you lose interest then you probably aren’t a real fan and may want to invest your time elsewhere. I hear the WNBA has been starting to really heat up these past couple of years. Don’t know what else to tell you since your comment was so ridiculous. You probably fall into a category of less than .01% of people who actually take the time to post on MMA sites/forums but feels like they are losing interest in the sport due to canceled fights.




        • yeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss…..I know this sucks big time. I was looking forward to this fight. I asked if I could fill in but was turned down.

  9. I hope they reschedule this fight. I know Condit probably still wants to fight but this match up was interesting and a fight Matt Brown needed to prove he can come in aggressive on a top 5 fighter like Carlos Condit.

  10. Condit vs. Lawler
    Make it happen.