Matt Brown: “If I Can’t Beat Erick Silva, Maybe I Shouldn’t Be Champ Anyway”

May 9, 2014
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Matt Brown

Becoming a champion is something Matt Brown keeps in the back of his mind. The 170-pound fighter is working towards that fate, but said he first has to prove he’s one that should be considered a title contender, if he hasn’t proven it already.

Currently on a six-fight winning streak, Brown is preparing the face Erick Silva in the main event at this weekend’s UFC Fight Night card in Cincinnati. The pairing with Silva was a surprise at first, Brown said, because he thought he would draw someone higher on the UFC rankings. But it’s no problem, he said, saying it doesn’t matter because if he can’t beat someone like Silva, he shouldn’t be champ anyway.

“I’ve never turned down a fight. I just love fighting and it’s going to be great to [fight] in my hometown,” he told The Great MMA Debate Podcast. “I’m just going to enjoy that moment and get in there and fight the best that I can. If I can’t beat Erick Silva, maybe I shouldn’t be champ anyway. I gotta get in there and do what I gotta do to Erick Silva and we’ll just go from there and keep building on this momentum.”

While Brown said he might deserve someone further up the UFC ladder, he described Silva as a legitimate threat that can ruin everything the Ohio fighter has worked towards. For now, Brown will keep his crosshairs on Silva on his way to getting more respect and an eventual title shot.

“I think I’m definitely being overlooked by a lot of people,” he said. “All I can do is keep doing what I’m doing and just keep this train rolling, and I believe the respect will come. For now, it’s just not even on my mind. I got Erick Silva [next] and he’s a huge threat, a legitimate opponent … he’s dangerous. [Being overlooked] is kind of at the back of my mind.

“I’ve worked my way into being in [title contender] talks and I feel like I can beat anybody in the top 10.”

Part of working towards the title shot is fighting like there’s no tomorrow, Brown said. This weekend’s fight will be a contest where he’s fighting like the loser has to retire, and ending his career isn’t something he has planned.

Brown admitted that he can see Silva as a champion one day. The only problem Silva has is Brown is standing in front of him with a tomorrow-won’t-happen attitude, and that’s not good for anyone.

“I totally think he can be a UFC champion… if he didn’t have to fight me,” Brown said. “I’m going to put a stop to that. If I wasn’t in this division, I think he’d have all the tools to be there.

“I believe if I’m the best that I can be, I really don’t think anybody can beat me, ever.”

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  • Dragon Kid

    Silva is gonna smash Brown then submit him!

    • uncle

      Matt has been the underdog in all of his fights cause of the other opponent’s skill set, but when
      they get caught with that power they crumble, I think it will be a wash and rinse repeat tonight

      • Dragon Kid

        All the guys Brown fought were nobodies.

        • uncle

          And who has Silva fought ?
          Pyle and Mein are tougher fights and way more notable

          • Dragon Kid

            Silva didn’t constantly get submitted by preliminary fighters before racking up a long winning streàk to get recognition. He produced exciting fights and got noticed coz he’s a well rounded fighter, something Matt Brown isn’t. Tapping out to guys like Brian Foster, Seth Baczynski and twice to Chris Lytle along with other unknown bums gives you an idea of the kind of fighter Brown is.

    • TheCerealKiller


  • David

    I don’t get why Brown thinks he’s above Silva? He hasn’t beat anyone in the top 10, yet is ranked in the top 10 because of hype! I think he’s an exciting fighter but he’s not a great fighter. I will continue to watch his fights. I believe he knows something which a lot of fighters do not. Which is that if your going to fight in an MMA fight the bottom line is it is a fight and people pay to watch an exciting fight!

    • David

      He is giving Silva respect though.

  • Jason

    Brown has beaten Pyle (ranked #17) and Mein (ranked #23). The rest of the guys he’s beaten on his win streak aren’t even in the top 50. The top 50! Come on, Brown is a grinder, but he is not a world class fighter in any area — not in athleticism, strength, flexibility, striking, grappling, submission defense, nothing. He is a journeyman. Silva, on the other hand, has world class talent (not necessarily champion-level, but still world class) across multiple spectrums.

    Brown will be lucky just to avoid a KO/Submission and make it to the judges score cards.

    With that said, I hope Brown wins!

  • drkdisciple

    Matt Brown is a spectacular fighter, he is very fun to watch and definitely top ten material. But even with all that said Matt Brown is not championship material and his ego seems to be getting the best of him. I still have not recovered from the time he time Mike Pyle was better then GSP.

  • uncle

    Brown has the right attitude I enjoy his insane pace, Silva
    is in a war ,I rather see Matt win and see how he does
    with top contenders, we already know Silva laid a egg
    with Fitch and Kim

    • Dragon Kid

      Fitch and Kim couldn’t finish fights in all the years they were with UFC. Fitch only won their fight due to the weight cut Silva made the day before which suffered his cardio and overall performance.

      • uncle

        Yeah you talk bad about those guys and
        Silva still couldn’t beat them

        • Dragon Kid

          Brown couldn’t beat Kim either! Silva even said in interviews that his weight cut before the Fitch fight affected his cardio and fight performance. Look at Kim’s record, before Silva his last finish of a fight was 5 years prior. Truth is out there buddy!

  • julian moran

    Silva should win this. Brown will never be champion.

    • TheCerealKiller


      • julian moran

        As in… you think Brown will be champion?


    Matt Brown doesn’t have the champ’s personality… he always seem sad n depressed, and a bit psychotic