Matt Brown Hopes His UFC Fight Night 26 Finish of Mike Pyle Earns Him a Marquee Match-up Next

August 19, 2013
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Matt BrownMatt Brown (18-11) is making a strong case for himself being one of the most dangerous welterweights on the planet.

The 32-year-old Cincinnati native has strung together a six-fight winning streak in the talent-rich 170-pound division, finishing his last four opponents.  Riding high off his UFC Fight Night 26 first-round knockout of Mike Pyle, Brown hopes his recent performances earn him a marquee match-up in his next outing.

“Hopefully it put me somewhere, in a good position to get some big fights,” said Brown during the UFC Fight Night 26 post-fight press conference.  “In this sport you get what you earn, not what you deserve, so hopefully I earned something good here.”

UFC president Dana White was impressed by Brown’s quick finish of Pyle, and believes Brown will face a top ten opponent next.

“He made quick work out of a guy whom a lot of people respect, a tough, durable guy,” said White.  “I think the fight put him in a real good position to possibly get a spot in that top ten and fight one of the guys in the top ten.”

Brown’s win over Pyle accompanied by his winning streak will likely move him into the top ten rankings.  And while a top ten-ranked opponent likely awaits him in his next outing, Brown has his eye on the man sitting at the top of the division, Georges St-Pierre.

“I’ll fight whoever they want me to,” he said, “but obviously I’m only in this sport for one thing and that’s to beat GSP’s ass.”

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  • christopher Breuer

    Nick Diaz?

    • Truth

      that’d be an awesome fight.

      Diaz would finally get a guy willing to stand w/ him.

      Brown would get the same but more importantly, someone w/ name value (biggest fight in his career).

      Of course, the biggest problem would be Diaz. I doubt this fight would interest him much.

      • Advance*

        The majority of the BJ fight was on the feet. Condit stood up with him for 24 mins. I don’t get why people say they should give Diaz someone that will stand and trade with him. He clearly thinks he can beat anyone in the world, so it’s his job to go out there and do that. They’re supposed to hand pick an opponent that’ll fight exactly the way Nick prefers? His brother got knocked out and still complained about his opponent’s fighting style. They’re whiners and don’t like to play the game. They don’t “deserve” any special treatment

        • Ping

          Condit ran the entire time. He made Machida look like a reckless brawler. Condit used to be great figher, but just like GSP he went from a fighter to a competitor. There is a difference and they aren’t entertaining to watch.

          As for Brown vs Diaz I think Brown’s skill, reach, and power would leave Diaz on the mat within 2 rounds.

          • julian moran

            I agree with part 1, but I see Diaz finishing brown in round 1 or 2.


    Robbie Lawler or Tarec Saffiedine

  • Jay Mcgarrity

    After Ellenberger’s embarrassing performance against Rory I wouldn’t mind seeing Brown vs Ellenberger. Maybe if not that then toss Ellenberger to Maia but after that last fight I don’t think Ellenberger deserves any of the top title contenders. A fight with Matt Brown and Ellenberger would either boost Brown into top title contention or bring Ellenberger back to a potential #1 contender fight. Will say one obvious thing, if you freeze up against Matt Brown you won’t be getting poked by jabs for 3 rounds, you will be on the ground looking up at the ref.

  • Jason

    I am a Matt Brown fan, and I mean no disrespect, but has any UFC fighter ever been given a string of 6 worse opponents? Most fighters are given a top 10 guy well before that, and some are given a title shot. None of these 6 guys are even near the top 10. I searched various rankings, and most sites only list the top 10. I couldn’t find any that listed any of these guys in the top 10. But Tapology did list the top 100. While some may take issue with the list, it’s not terrible, and can provide at least a moderate benchmark.

    Chris Cope (not currently ranked in the top 100)
    Stephen Thompson (#63)
    Luis Ramos (not currently ranked in the top 100)
    Mike Swick (#41)
    Jordan Mein (#30)
    Mike Pyle (#18)

    Oh, and Matt Brown has been submitted a whopping 9 times. Has any other active (or inactive for that matter) UFC fighter been submitted that many times?

    Best of luck to you Matt Brown, you have certainly made the best of your abilities.


    • Jason

      Melvin Guillard has been submitted 9 times as well. So maybe 9 isn’t sooooo bad. But Matt has been submitted in almost a third of his fights.

    • The Best Eva

      The Pyle match up was good though, he was on a good run before getting demolished on Saturday.

      Maybe Swick to but I do see what you mean.

  • james j

    Brown has fought a bunch of nobodies. I actually thought he was going to lose to Jordan Mein.