Massive UFC Complex Under Construction in Las Vegas

July 12, 2014
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While the Ultimate Fighting Championship expands its brand abroad, the company is consolidating its infrastructure stateside. The Las Vegas-based fight promotion recently acquired an expansive property in “Sin City” to serve as a headquarters for all things UFC.

Ufc LogoGrowing pains are a good thing for a business, and the UFC has experienced its fair share. Due in part to the company’s quick rise from banned to Fox Sports 1, the fight promotion acquired available properties across Las Vegas suitable that fit their needs at the time. But the Zuffa LLC-owned fight promotion has plans to consolidate all of its facilities to one location.

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“We are building a ridiculous… It’s going to be our offices. Everything we have right now is spread out throughout the city because of the way this thing grew. The land that we bought, we’re building a massive campus,” said UFC president Dana White following the UFC 175: Weidman vs. Machida post-fight press conference.  (Watch Video Here)

“Everything will be under one roof. We’ll film The Ultimate Fighter there. We will do every live feed from there,” added White. “It’s going to be crazy. We’re building a crazy gym there.”

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  • anti ufc mma fan

    The way the UFC pays most of the fighters they can build an expensive building. The UFC has become a joke if you mention you go to a UFC gym its a joke. The brand is ruining itself. I love mma but the UFC for the last about 10 years started taking talentless fighters but because they had a douche attitude they would make it on. When the chuck,randy,Tito era ended the UFC became lame. They pay Bruce buffer more than the average fighter. I haven’t prdered an event in about 5-6 years because its just all WWE hype. Joe rogan is annoying with the yelling and makes it very WWE style.

    • Gary Fredericks

      Dang! I bet Dana White and the Fertita’s will resort to the pre-2004 business model after reading this post….once they regain their vision after reading that very painful to read post of yours “anti ufc mma fan”.

      Funniest part was the pro-Tito Era comment then the labeling of the UFC having a “very WWE stye.”. Tito made a living using WWE style hype in his promo’s and his in-cage post fight antics.

      • anti ufc mma fan

        Gary you took it literally for the 10 years comment LOL I was using a rough number you actually thought of it. Look at the progress was making and look at it now that’s all

        • Seth

          It’s not UFC fault. This is very, VERY simple.

          If you put on a product – which in your opinion is “WWE-Style UFC” and people buy stuff, orders PPVs, buy tickets etc. – that means they like it. Since they like it and they pay for it…means it is working. And if that works…why should they change it? That’s how it goes. You expect them to change their source of profit and turn into fn Viacom MMA, just because you don’t like it?

          Here is solution. Even two.

          A) Gather more people – WAAAAAAAAY more people – and stop buying UFC PPVs, Fight Pass, tickets, mechandise, don’t watch them on TV, don’t comment on anything UFC-related – in a few words, gather people and STOP GIVING A F about them. If they lose their fanbase and people that will pump money into them, they will HAVE to change to remain active.

          B) Turn off your TV and go hang out with your buddies. Nobody forces you to watch UFC.

        • Gary Fredericks

          I am having a hard time understanding your point/meaning. I am guessing we may have a language barrier here. I mean no disrespect, just noting your post was hard to read/follow for myself.

          I think the progress now is exponentially higher than ten years ago. PPV buys alone would and the number of shows annually, as well as the number of fighters on the roster will back this up. I would assume the live gate attendance is up too with the increased number of shows and the UFC Fightpass would never have floated years ago. The only thing that I think that is failing and falling is The Ultimate Fighter TV show (TUF) in America. I am unsure about the other TUF’s they are doing in other countries, but here in the USA, it is pretty bad. That would be the only bad thing from a business perspective.

          That being said, I do miss the smaller UFC and the days of style vs style matchups. I think the more sportorized MMA becomes the more boring it is to watch. I cannot stand watching two “atheletes” fight conservatively for 3 or 5 rounds and be happy with a decision. Want to try your luck? Play Keno at the bar or go gamble in Vegas because it is the same thing. I like the fighters that go all out or come out carried on their shield ala Chuck Liddell, Shogun, Wanderlei (warts and all), Big Nogueira, Don Frye, Mark Coleman, Tank Abbot…ect. These GSP’s and Benson Henderson’s can take a flying leap for all I care. I will take a Jacare Souza, Cub Swanson, or anyother fighter that actually goes for a FINISH all of the time, every time.

          • anti ufc mma fan

            I think you got exactly what I been trying to explain the smaller style vs style UFC . I think by doing that the UFC would be able to take care of the fighters better. The way it is now the cable bill becomes as much as a car payment. I’d rather have less fights as long as they’re quality shows. I just feel the UFC is becoming their own enemy.

  • anti ufc mma fan

    I knew when I mentioned Tito people would concentrate on that funny how you didn’t mention randy or chuck. If you knew fighting you would know the new era of UFC is lame it has became like a tapout washed out brand. The thing is I do know people that currently fight in the UFC and people the have fought in the UFC. I know a guy that has faught Roy nelson and Dan severn. My other grind got fight of the night. I know fighters that are better than some of their current fighters but they don’t have the douche bag look at me attitude they don’t get picked up. They choose the look at my tatts and I’m so mysterious fake attitude.

    The UFC was suppose to put boxing out of business but the truth is.the UFC is years behind on paying the fighters like they should. When the announcer makes more than a fighter that’s an issue. So tonight I watched Canelo vs Lara they both made over a million each when was the last time the UFC paid that. Although you want to sit there and talk your smack I know a little more than you think and actually know some stuff. The UFC is killing itself and if you want to sit there and say its not you just don’t know fighting or how it evolved and now dying again. I love mma know alot of people and have trained with some good guys but the UFC is killing itslef.

    • Seth

      Yes, it is years behind that. But when you have company that is in the buisness for 20 years, but makes ANY money only in last 4-5 years, that may be the reason. UFC was deep, deep in the hole at some point with 40 milions on minus. Funny no one mentions that, when they go on rant how UFC is screwing fighter and they don’t pay them…

      • anti ufc mma fan

        Are you saying you would take less pay for a company that at one point was barely making it. You must the best employee ever. So if that’s the case maybe fighters can be paid on commission like a sales person if the company struggles you do too.

        • Seth

          Im not saying I would, nor I say they ask for less money.

          90% of fighters gets paid, what UFC give them. Because they have NO POWER to negotiate. What can 7-0 not-known fighter say? Give me more money or I will go somewhere else? UFC would just waive at him and move on. Those chosen few that can, like UFC champions or really marketable guys that can bring profit (headliners, co-headliners, guys that can bring people to the events etc) can actually negotiate. Other way, you take what they give you or you go home. It’s THAT easy.

          Now to the next topic – when company struggle, they simply can’t afford giving out big deals to everybody. But you have added value to the UFC deal – because its UFC. The biggest fight promotion. If you dream about being the best, you dream to fight in the UFC. That’s the kind of value and power that Dana and Fertittas build through the years, same value and power that helps to sign people – who want to fight in the UFC.

      • anti ufc mma fan

        Seth, if that’s the case why is Bruce buffer a greeter or receptionist type of job makes more money than an actually employee at the company.

        • Seth

          He is more employee than the fighters. They are signed for a contracts, not given full time jobs, don’t forget that. They contracts states that they have to show up for agreed fights, on agreed dates and agreed place. That’s not full time job.

  • Gregory George Miller

    This is absolutely a lame article. Not a single picture of the construction.