Marvin Blumer Part of Twin Tandem Aiming for an RFA Launch into the UFC

March 3, 2015
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Over the last two years, bantamweight Marvin Blumer has suffered only one loss, but it has done a lot to change the way he approaches things.

Looking back on his fight with then King of the Cage 135-pound champion and current UFC fighter Frankie Saenz, Blumer felt that while the fight was close and he lost due to a cut, he still needed work on his game.

“We were neck and neck, but it ended up being stopped after the fourth round because a cut over my eye,” Blumer told “It showed me some things that I needed to improve on, like my wrestling. I don’t feel it was really a loss. We both put a beating on each other pretty well. “

Blumer (11-4) was able to rebound with a win in his next fight and now has an opportunity to get national recognition when he takes on Darrick Minner (11-4) at RFA 24 in Lake Prior, Minn., on Friday, March 6.

“Any time you can get this kind of exposure is a big thing,” said Blumer. “Especially with the RFA, who has sent a lot of people to the UFC. If I go out and do what I’ve trained to do, hopefully I’ll get my opportunity as well.

“I think I need to stick with what I’m good at: push the pace, keep my punches and kicks up, and mix it up a bit. If I stick to my game plan I’ll keep (Minner) guessing. If he gets close to me I’ve got to make him pay. If he shoots in on me, he better tuck his chin.”

Fighting on RFA 24 with Blumer will be his twin brother Melvin. When asked if he felt there was competition between the two to have a better fight that night, Blumer said, “I think it’s more me and him versus everyone else.

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“When we first started our careers, we used to razz each other more and try to one-up each other, but now we push each other in the gym and try to make sure we are that much more ready for our opponents.”

Should Blumer perform the way he anticipates on March 6, this year he could get his rematch with Saenz in the UFC.

“I always want to put on a good show and entertain the fans,” he said. “Whether it’s a 15-second fight or a 15-minute fight, I want to give the fans what they paid for. I want to be exciting and try to finish fights.

“That being said, I want to come out, win this fight, and show that I’m one of the best fighters in the world. Hopefully I can impress some people and get a shot in the big show.”

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