Martin Stapleton Focused on Making a Statement at BAMMA 17

November 9, 2014
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Martin Stapleton has four fights with BAMMA to reach his goal of becoming the promotion’s lightweight world champion.

Stapleton is scheduled to fight Jeremy Petley in what many are predicting to be fight of the night at BAMMA 17 on Dec. 6. However, the former Royal Marine Commando said it will be performance of the night and his opponent won’t be able to live with him.

“Jeremy is a very good fighter. He is a very skilled fighter,” Stapleton said. “He never stops trying, never stops working. I have got lots of respect for him, but he is coming up against a guy who is a level above him this time, which is unfortunate for him.

“I think that it’ll be the fight of the night in that we’re both very skilful fighters and we’re both going to come out and show our skills,” he continued. “However, rather than fight of the night it is going to be performance of the night by myself.

“I am going to be too much for him. I am going to put everything together so he won’t know what is happening and then I am going to take him apart.”

Stapleton is back in Britain after a spell fighting for Bellator in the United States, which he admits was logistically very difficult to deal with. After suffering three defeats in his time at the promotion there were things that distracted him.

“The fights I lost at Bellator, I had a lot of stuff going on that was taking me away from training and not allowing me to focus,” he said.

“It was stuff that I know I shouldn’t have let get in the way. I didn’t have much balance in my life, so I changed a lot of stuff and now the results are coming through. The shows were big shows. Fighting in front of 10,000 people is fantastic, but logistically and the fact I was an overseas fighter it didn’t work too well.

“I was sat on the shelf for nine months from November last year to September this year. I am not pointing the finger at them; it is just the way it is,” he added.

“It is difficult for them to get overseas fighters over there when they are trying to put the main card on, tournament fights, and preliminary fights with local fighters to help sell tickets.

“I am not looking back at that though, I am looking to the future with BAMMA and that world title belt.”

Stapleton very much has designs on getting his shot at the BAMMA world lightweight title, but is keen to point out that Petley remains his sole focus.

“While I have got Jeremy Petley stood in front of me, who is an extremely capable fighter, I am not looking past that guy for one minute,” he said.

“You would be a fool to look past him. I am focusing on training and defeating him then I will talk about opponents after that.”

BAMMA’s lightweight division and especially its champion, Mansour Barnaoui, will certainly be keeping tabs on this fight come December.

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