Martin Kampmann Sees GSP Quitting if He’s Hurt, but Condit Will Be There Till the End

November 2, 2012
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Martin Kampmann has quite the vested interest in the main event of UFC 154 in Montreal.

Of course first, Kampmann has to get past Johny Hendricks in the co-main event of the evening, but if he secures a victory, he’s likely to face the winner of the night’s headline fight between UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and interim champ Carlos Condit.

Kampmann has been hunting for a title shot for several years, and with one more win it appears he will finally get that chance.

In the grand scheme of things, Kampmann doesn’t care who he would face for the belt, so long as the UFC welterweight title is on the line, but if he’s a betting man, one fighter is currently edging ahead for his pick in the main event.

“I used to think GSP would probably get a victory by taking him down and grinding out a decision, but now that it’s closer to the fight, I’m starting to lean towards Carlos picking up the upset. I’m not sure why, but I could see Carlos hitting GSP with some crazy knee or a spinning back fist or something crazy, and pull off the upset,” Kampmann told MMAWeekly Radio recently.

Leading up to this fight, St-Pierre has talked a lot about hearing the criticisms of his past performances, playing it safe, and going to decisions. He’s vowed to change that starting with his upcoming fight against Condit.

Kampmann isn’t exactly sold on that idea, however.

“I think GSP might be saying that, but I think he’s still going to try to make it a wrestling fight,” said Kampmann.

On the other side of the coin, Kampmann is very familiar with Condit, having handed him his only loss inside the UFC Octagon since he moved over from the WEC.

Kampmann believes that Condit has the perfect storm of explosive strikes and “never say die” attitude that could carry him to victory over St-Pierre. Especially if the fight ends up in the trenches, Kampmann knows Condit can’t be drowned in deep waters, but he’s not so sure St-Pierre can swim nearly as well.

“I could see GSP quitting if he gets hurt, if he gets hit with a good shot, but Condit he’s going to keep going, he’s going to be in the fight till the end,” Kampmann stated.

“That’s why I’m starting to lean more towards him.”

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  • George Sperry

    He is stating what he wishes or dreams will happen. GSP quit? He has fought with a pulled groin and with 1 eye and finished fights. Martin thinks a “good shot” will make GSP quit? That’s rich.

    • Val

      You obviously never saw sera vs gsp 1. Gsp Tapped to strikes,end of story. Gsp quit before n he I’ll quit again

      • Fuser

        GSP got hit with about 4 atom bombs of a right hand before he even hit the floor. Each of those was really wound up too, with all his body put into them. And since that time, have you seen him get rocked?

      • Nobama

        he i’ll? hah thats funny i think you mean he’ll hah im not usually the garmmar police or anything but i couldnt help it on that one

        • El Gvapo

          The garmmar police? Garmmar?!? Now you are the one who looks stupid my friend.

      • Alex Anderson

        Everybody likes to criticize the guy on top. Calling GSP a quitter rings hollow. It would be like calling someone a quitter for tapping to an armlock. Tapping to strikes doesn’t make you a quitter, it’s just rare that you have enough wits about you when you’re in a situation that you can’t get out of when you’re getting hit rather than choked or joint-locked. Shogun tapped from strikes, you stupid idiot. Are you saying he’s a quitter? Stop talking shit about mma, passing judgment on better men than yourself as if it meant something.

      • Cptmats

        You my friend are a complete IDIOT ! GSP tokk Huge shots and kept fighting……never tapped….. has has avenged his only two losses !

    • King_DG

      Actually the time he pulled his groin or got poked in the eye, he didn’t finish the fight. Nice try though

      • George Sperry

        He was poked in the eye with Jake Shields and yes he finished and won the fight, and In UFC 100 he pulled his groin against Thiago Alves and finished and won the fight. King DB.

        • DRC522

          Actually, King DB, St-Pierre didn’t finish either Shields or Alves. Those both were unanimous decision wins.

          • Van

            LMFAO i think that guys definition of finish is last all 5 rounds. As in he finished to the end of the fight lol

  • Oswald Cobblepott

    Condit is ready to die in there GSP is not but he is more talented…it’s a hell of a fight

  • Rob

    I say this as a fan of GSP and it is meant as a compliment; his demeanor as fighter reminds me of Lennox Lewis (the in-shape version) in that he will force an opponent to fight his fight. Its brains first with GSP and the only time it may “hurt” him is that he won’t go for a knock-out with reckless abandon when a fighter may be vulnerable. His mindset seems to be that the only way he can loose is if makes a mistake. I enjoy that about him. Its like watching Peyton Manning command his offense.

    As far as him quitting, I doubt it. GSP appears to be all about evolution. Forget the Sera fight. One of of the items on the GSP menu, according to Joe Rogan is that [GSP v Sera 1] won’t f@#king happen again. He is so mentally strong now.

    Now with all of that said, Condit has a great shot at an upset assuming GSP has some rust. I like this Condit guy too.

    But I’m still picking my fellow Canuck!

  • todayistmrw

    Whats Kampman talking about? GSP has been hurt bad in 3 of his title defenses and weathered the storm to win, hes been there and past the test!

  • Brandon

    I kno GSP has been taking alot of heat for his so called lay n pray till the rounds are over. The fact is he is playing it smart n sticking to the game plan! U dont see that punkass anderson silva trying to wrestle people! GSP is the best wrestler in the game jus like silva is the best striker, and if GSP takes u down n u cant get up owe well maybe u should of trained harder! If a fighter can make u do something u dont want to do its the other fighters job to stop him thats the name of the game

  • adam1848

    As much as I like Condit, I see him having too much heart for his own good in this fight, and taking a serious battering. Lets not forget Condit lost to Kampmann (in a fantastic fight), barely defeated Ellenberger, should have lost to MacDonald (if that fight had gone to the judges as it should have), beat Hardy and Kim (both of whom have been shown to have huge holes in their game), and defeated Diaz in a fight that was mostly mental. Again, I am not trying to insult Condit, I really like the guy and always enjoy his fights. But GSP has hardly been in a competitive fight in 6 years, not since the first BJ Penn fight. Say what you want about the first Serra fight, the second time they met Georges beat him like a grappling dummy. I don’t think Serra landed a single shot or submission attempt in the entire fight. Look at the second Penn fight…the towel on the canvass says it all. George has the best wrestling in the sport, great high kicks, an amazing jab, and world class BJJ. Like him or not, he is one of the most well rounded fighters MMA has yet seen, and I believe his is going to beat Carlos down.

  • crash120ca

    I used to have respect for Kampman, but there’s a reason he’s NEVER been in a title fight, its because he was too inconsistent , he’d do great for 2 fights then fall on his face, but as for GSP quitting, i highly doubt it, he knows he’s got alot of pressure on his shoulders and i bet he comes out hungry and wanting to smash him.

  • Knee surgeries are so much more advanced these days. I’m sure he has the best doctors and therapist around and GSP works so hard and does everything right. I really hope this injury plays no part of this fight b/c these two guys are def. the top two guys. Both are so well rounded. GSP and Kampmann is def an awesome fight though.