Martin Kampmann Looks Next Towards Hendricks, Condit or GSP

June 2, 2012
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There’s hardly ever time to celebrate a victory before the questions start raining in about who or what is next.

For Ultimate Fighter Live finale main event winner Martin Kampmann, the path seems pretty clear, but there are always foggy roads and twists and turns before anything is a done deal.

Just after his exciting second round finish of Jake Ellenberger on Saturday night, commentator Jon Anik pointed towards a potential showdown with former training partner Johny Hendricks with a title shot looming overhead.

Of course, Kampmann has never shied away from a battle and he won’t start now so if Hendricks is next, that’s who he’ll face. If situations change and he could potentially get UFC interim welterweight champion Carlos Condit next or even Georges St-Pierre, those all sound like good ideas to the great Dane.

First up though is some much needed time off.

“My goal is to fight for the title, that’s where I want to go and Johny’s got some great wins too, and if I have to fight him to get that shot then that’s what we’ll do. Of course I’d love to get the fight with (Carlos) Condit or GSP, or the winner of that fight,” Kampmann said at the TUF Live finale post fight press conference.

“I’m going to have to take a little time off, heal up, go back to Denmark for a little summer vacation, I’m looking forward to that, but definitely, I want to fight for the title. That’s what I want.”

It has to be noted that Kampmann is currently the only fighter that has a win over interim champion Carlos Condit in the UFC, so that rematch is definitely something that interests him.

Currently, Condit is waiting for UFC champion Georges St-Pierre to finish rehab on his surgically repaired knee to heal up and then face him later this year to unify the welterweight titles.

If he was in Condit’s spot, Kampmann admits he’d probably play the waiting game too.

“I would love to fight Carlos, but of course he’d want to fight GSP, he’s want to unify those belts, and I don’t blame him. I can completely understand that and if I was in his situation I’d probably want to get that unification bout as well, but it all depends on when GSP’s going to be ready to fight again,” said Kampmann.

“If GSP’s going to be out a long time then I think he should defend it, but if GSP’s ready at the end of the year like most people are saying, then I can see why he’d want to wait for that and get that unification bout.”

Kampmann knows nothing is guaranteed until he gets a contract in hand so if it’s Johny Hendricks’ name on the dotted line he’ll sign just the same as if it’s Carlos Condit or Georges St-Pierre.

“You don’t know you have the title shot until the bout agreements are signed,” said Kampmann. “I try not to look ahead.”

The good thing for Kampmann is that with winning all roads will eventually lead to a shot at the UFC welterweight title.

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  • I see no point in having an interim belt if it’s not going to be defended. Condit needs to sh!t or get off the pot. 170 is a giant log jam at the top and Zuffa needs to get things moving.

    • MrAdidas

      UGHHH completely agree with you 100%, WTF was the point in having an interim title, if the interim Champ was too scared to fight anyone but GSP?!? The way I see it is … if Condit were to lose defending his interim belt, then it proves one thing, the only thing that matters & that is … he doesnt deserve to fight GSP. Am I not correct in saying that?!?

      GSP is out for 12 months. UFC: Lets have an interim title fight between two possible #1 contenders … Diaz Vs Condit. FANS: We love it thanks UFC. Condit wins interim title (b/c Diaz is too stupid to change gameplan/adjust to Condits gameplan). FANS: Alright now the WW division will not be pointless with the Champ being out for such a long time. UFC: Condit has decided to wait for GSP/12 months!
      FANS: WTF?!? —- ——- —- – what was the point in having an interim fight, if the interim CHUMP was going to sit out as long as GSP?!? – —- — UFC!!!

      Dana White: Condit will wait to face GSP – I dont blame him … waitwhat?!? Is this the same Dana White who —- on Rashad Evans for wanting to wait for Rua for a title fight?!? Ughhh someone please explain to me the difference between Condit & Evans both waiting for a title shot?!?

    • Booker T

      Couldn’t agree more.

    • phrankthetank



      u r correct sir!

  • maddawgmar

    I see it going down like this Kampmann v Hendricks in Sep/Oct time frame. If GSP is healed then we got Condit/GSP Oct/Nov time frame. Barring no further injuries, the winner of the two fight face of Jan/Feb time frame.if GSP isn’t gonna be ready til next year then Dana will have too either force Condit to fight or risk bogging up the top even more. But his chips are all in if GSP isn’t ready he has to let Condit wait. He may just strip GSP of the title and have Condit face the winner of Martin/Johnny. Kind of a Mir scenario, to injured to make a timely cone back you lose your title. And have GSP fight an eliminator match. Maybe a McDonald/Ellenberger winner v GSP. The scenarios are endless. But it’ll be interesting to say the least.

    • Anthony

      Mad Dawg, I agree with everything you said, but good luck getting McDonald to fight his mentor in GSP. Thats going to pose a problem.

    • phrankthetank

      No. All they need to do his have condit defend his interim belt. That’s the answer to all problems. There is no point instituting a interim belt if he’s not going to defend it.

      • Anthony

        agreed Phrank–this hurry up and wait for GSP to get well is getting old fast–the whole top half of the weightclass is at a standstill.Dana needs to make the top guys sort it out and stop worrying about what GSP’s doing. Last night was a step in the right direction but Condit needs to fight somebody by early fall and the winner should get GSP whenever hes healthy.Im thinkin Condit vs Kampmen would be a great fight-I think Kampmens actually already beat him, but I could be wrong. Pretty sure that was Condits 1st UFC fight

  • Jmoney

    At the end of the day.. It all comes down to money!
    Carlos can fight anyone… But if he waits for GSP he’s gonna get paid way more than any other fight out there

    • It will be funny when GSP pulls out of the fight a few weeks before it’s set to go down and he ends up fighting Hendricks or Kampmann anyway.

  • D-rail

    Messy welterweight division. Any champ out for longer than 10 months, should slip into interim status. Can’t let this nonsense happen again. Same with rematches, new blood should be given priority. Enough, let’s move things along peoples!!

  • RubeKegal

    Ok perfect scenario.

    GSP fights Condit
    Kampmann fights Hendricks Winner fights winner of GSP Condit
    Rory vs Nick Diaz fights winner of previous scenario…

    Then I come in Pride style and slap Nick Diaz in the face win or lose….Rampage will love it!!

  • mikemma123

    Condit is definitely is not gaining any fans by sitting out. I don’t see why can’t fight this summer.