Marloes Coenen Takes Former Teammate Alistair Overeem to Task Over Golden Glory

April 25, 2012
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Alistair Overeem and Marloes CoenenFormer Strikeforce bantamweight champion Marloes Coenen is also former teammates with current UFC heavyweight Alistair Overeem.

Overeem has swarmed the headlines recently for his troubles stemming from a drug test in Nevada that showed an elevated ratio of testosterone-to-epitestosterone, to the tune of 14-to-1. The limit for a combat sports athlete in Nevada is 6-to-1.

Overeem went before the Nevada State Athletic Commission on Tuesday to plead his case, saying that he was administered medication under the supervision of a doctor, but was unaware said medication also had testosterone in it.

During his examination with the commission, Overeem commented on his former team and management at Golden Glory in Holland. Coenen, who has a main event fight coming up this weekend for Invicta FC, didn’t take to kindly to Overeem’s comments, unloading on her former teammate while she was a guest on The MMA Show with Mauro Ranallo.

“When Alistair got the deal (with the UFC), he abandoned (Golden Glory),” declared Coenen. “He said he wants to surround himself with smart people, but you know what happened yesterday, I don’t know how smart those people are. He said a lot of lies and it was really hurtful for me because I know what happened.

“And it makes me look bad because I’m with (Golden Glory). He said they weren’t a good management team, but I know what they did for him. When he lost five fights in a row a long while ago, Martin de Jong stuck with him and believed in him, and the same goes with the management.”

According to the Invicta headliner, it goes beyond just supporting Overeem in his fighting career. Coenen indicated that Golden Glory had also worked to keep Overeem out of legal trouble in the past.

“When Alistair had a big fight in the Netherlands because he didn’t want to pay 50 cents to the woman that sits at the toilet, it was the Golden Glory team that kept him out of jail. I know so many things they did for him, so when he calls them criminals, it’s not true.

“I’m with Golden Glory; so when he calls them bad he indirectly talks bad about me. It makes me look like a person who can’t make good decisions.

“If he wants to leave the team, I’m fine with that, he’s a grown man and can make his own decisions. But don’t stab them in the back and make them look bad when they’ve worked so hard for you.”

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  • Nobody likes a rat.

    • RubeKegal

      short bus obviously doesnt understand what the word rat means. She’s telling it like it is.

  • pooby

    Who’s a rat?

    • Coenen. She said some things on another site that I won’t repeat.

      It is not a former teammate’s place to pull back the curtain and reveal what goes on behind closed doors when there’s a spat or a parting of ways. There’s a certain amount of privacy expected in such a close knit, intimate, almost family like setting.

      Note to all current and future teammates of Marloes Coenen: Play your cards close to the vest and keep her on a need to know basis with everything. One day you might get on her bad side and she’ll spill the beans and share your personal info with those who wish you ill in an attempt to “get even”. Maybe someone has a nagging injury and she’ll decide to share that info with your opponent. Or maybe it’s a personal tragedy, hardship or some other deeply personal matter and when she feels you “did her wrong” and she’ll share your private life with the media.

      • pooby

        Overeem did the exact same thing. He left his management company and bad mouthed them and told the media that they were ripping him off. He’s not a rat?

        So, Coenen sticks up for people who’ve helped her in her career and she’s a rat?

        Seems to me all bets were off when Alistair abandoned his management and bad mouthed them.

        …note to anyone who may train with Alistair…..

        • AO’s beef is financial and with the management, not a training partner. She crossed the line.

          • pooby

            Fair enough. But, now I’m really curious what the deal is with Alistair not wanting to pay some toilet woman 50 cents, and why would he go to jail for that?

      • phrankthetank

        Coenen I don’t pay much heed to. Bas rutten however, I’m inclined to believe and he has had plenty to say about overeem. It seems that the guy is just a douchebag.

        • clizzark

          You’re right, Bas turned into a douchebag.

  • Triggerman99

    She’s not a rat. I don’t care about anything she says , but she’s not a rat.

  • fightfankevin

    It looks to me like Overeem is the sellout shortbus, any fighter has the right to leave and train elsewhere if they are not happy, but its pretty unfair to sell out the fighters who were there for you in the hard times. Im sure she has a legit reason for saying what she did. Overeem opened this can of worms, so all bets are off.

    • There’s a reason Zuffa refuses to do business with Golden Glory.

      • fightfankevin

        Fair enough. But youre argument is about loyalty. Overeem dropped his team and training partners on the drop of a dime. Doesnt speak much of loyalty, but when Coenen drops Overeem shes a rat. Theres a double standard there.

        • clizzark

          It’s not called “loyalty” to stick with people you feel are screwing your over. That’s called “stupidity”.

  • Towers66

    She is sticking her nose in business she probably does not really even give two shits about just to hype herself. I wouldn’t go as far as to call her a rat but she definitely just showed she can’t be trusted.

  • tomkevill

    The guy was asked over and over why he left so he told us why he left and now everyones gonna jump him for it. I dont remember reading about him talking shit on his team mates ever. Coenen has no idea what golden glory was doing with him and his contract, so why is she even talking?

  • hollafront1314

    why is she hating on him? he got no issues with the members but the management..they screwed him and he has the right to speak on why he left..i bet it probably the management thats egging her to talk trash about him..perfect time to kick a guy when hes down..

  • z999

    It’s Karma. Overeem is getting everything he deserves. Cheater!!!!!!!!!