Mark Munoz Will Call for Title Shot With Win Over Chris Weidman at UFC on Fuel 4

July 9, 2012
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If there’s one thing that you can say about UFC middleweight contender Mark Munoz outside of the cage is that he’s a nice guy.

Rarely will you see the coach and father of four not walking around without a smile on his face, ready to greet fans or anybody with a handshake or a hug.

But in the tough guy world of mixed martial arts, the nice guy isn’t always the one that gets the most attention despite their accomplishments inside the Octagon. Sometimes it takes a little something extra to push you to that next level.

Take for instance fellow UFC middleweight Chael Sonnen, who for years was a mid tier fighter who routinely bounced between wins and losses, but once he started to put a string of victories together he also found the gift of gab. Sonnne’s mic skills took him to a whole other stratosphere when it came to promoting fights.

Now, make no mistake about it Mark Munoz isn’t looking to become Chael Sonnen when it comes to pre-fight trash talk, but he is ready to be very vocal about a subject he’s become quite passionate about.

Fighting for the UFC middleweight title.

“I think that’s setting it up to where should I win that fight, I should be getting a title shot. I’m looking to win the fight, I’m looking to win it with flying colors, and I’m definitely going to be requesting after the fight a title shot,” Munoz told MMAWeekly Radio recently.

“The thing is I’ve always said that I’m going to let my fighting do the talking, and my fighting has done the talking, but now I’m going to do both. I’m going to state my case. I’m going to let the fighting do the talking and I’m also going to verbalize it and say I deserve a title shot.”

Currently on a four-fight win streak, Munoz faces Chris Weidman in the main event of the upcoming UFC on Fuel TV 4 show headed to San Jose on Wednesday night.

Over the last few months fighters like Michael Bisping and Hector Lombard have been very vocal in their desire to get to the top contender’s spot, but Munoz has kept his head down and just tried to earn it.

Now he’s ready to do both and it starts with his fight on Wednesday.

Munoz has been an NCAA champion and at 34-years of age he believes that there is no better time than the present for him to show what it takes to be the man to next challenge Anderson Silva for the UFC middleweight title.

“I do feel that this is my time. I do feel that all the events leading up to this point have actually culminated up to this point of my career. After having the career that I have had, it’s a lot of ups and downs and I think a career’s going to go through that. Mine is no different,” said Munoz.

“I’ve been through the ups and downs and the times when I was down are the times where I had to get back up and climb again. Those are the times that actually made me tougher and those times are the times that are going to help me get to the top. I truly believe this is my time.”

He’ll go a long way to proving that if he can take out Weidman at UFC on Fuel 4 and then if he is victorious expect Munoz to take the time to tell UFC commentator Kenny Florian exactly what he wants next.

Munoz will call for a fight with Anderson Silva with the UFC middleweight title on the line, and if he’s victorious he’ll have gone an awful long way to proving he’s the man destined for the challenge.

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  • samflchr

    Hope he wins and ground and pound the shit out of silva

  • gnodeb

    It would be nice if there is some public system for match making, so we always know where some fighter stands compared to the rest of the division.
    Each division could be divided to, let’s say, 5 circles. You can fight only fighter from your circle. If you win you go up, if you loose you go down. Everybody has to start from circle 5 and only win in circle 1 gives you title shot. Circle one has two fighters… circle 4 has 8 and everybody else are in circle 5. It’s not tournament, because there would be fights in all circles all the time.
    Talking will become just that… talking…

    • kylesmith

      Can I buy some of your drugs?

  • He is on a winning streak but Chris Weidman isn’t exactly the stepping stone that would lift someone to a title shot. Then again the list of contenders for Silva is pretty short.

    • jonnypatrick

      I think Rashad Evans should drop down to the 185 lbs. division and destroy Silva. I say Munoz would have to fight Bisping before he gets a title shot.

      • gnodeb

        What do you mean by destroying? Sonnen is better trash talker then Rashad and better L&P practitioner.
        Rashad can win but it won’t be easy at all…

      • rsnowbass

        DAMN…your predictions don’t get ay better.

        Silva would mop the floor with Rashad.

        I’m in no way a Silva fan, but a realist.

        Silva could move up to 205 ad still beat Rashad IMHO.

        • MrAdidas

          Damn is right, I doubt it very mcuh ?Silva would “mop the floor with Evans”, did Evans not just go 5 Rounds with Jones, something noone was even close to doing? I could see Evans beating Silva, Evans would be faster, he has sick wrestling & he has KO power in both hands & feet, how does Evans not match up well vs. Silva?!? If Silva could “destroy” the 2nd best LHW in the world/UFC, then why doesnt he fight @ LHW?!? B/C Silva knows he’d get spanked by the top 5 LHW’s, especially if they have a wrestling base. BTW: Jones would spank Silva @ LHW, yet he couldnt finish Evans?!? Like you said … (IMHO)

  • JRod

    Munoz vs Stann/Bisping winner for #1 contender.

    • jonnypatrick

      I agree with that. Although I think that it should be Alan Belcher over Brian Stann, Belcher is coming off an impressive win.

  • juangutierrez

    Belcher needs a couple more impressive wins to be considered a contender.

    • MrAdidas


  • shereko

    Hey Jonnypatrick, I still haven’t seen where you admitted you were wrong and admitted that Silva is better than Sonnen and he was the one doing the “destroying” … Face it Silva is just that damn good.

    • jonnypatrick

      Shereko, just like most of your comments… you are wrong. I did admit I was wrong, I replied to your comment on July 8th at 12:36 pm under Dana White: (Anderson Silva)Is my favorite fighter ever article. Typical Silva fan! I will actually copy & paste that post right after this reply, to give you my feedback on the fight. And Silva didn’t destroy anyone, he won the fight and thats about it.

      • jonnypatrick

        Sorry I actually had something to do on Sunday so I replied today! (See Below)

        jonnypatrick Reply
        July 9, 2012 at 9:39 am
        Shereko, I am here to admit I was wrong… Silva won, was it a beat down like most of you Silva fans are saying? Hell No.. Was it a early stoppage? Hell no.. Did Silva wipe vaseline on his body to prevent Sonnen from taking him down? Hell yes.. Did Silva holding Sonnens trunks prevent a takedown in the 2nd and change the outcome of the fight?? Hell yes it did. I hope Rashad drops down and whoops everyones ass. Silva fans should be disappointed in that fight, in my opinion Chael talked **** and backed it up Silva did not. Yes he won the fight, was it in devastating fashion? Hell no, if he wanted to make an example he should have let Sonnen up and beat his ass and made Sonnen look like he didn’t belong in there.

        • shereko

          Typical Sonnen fan, taking a little truth and mix with sarcasm with everything… so you didn’t cut my reply to that then did you??? POS.

        • MrAdidas

          I actually agree with some of what you said … Silva holding the shorts definately changed the outcome of the fight, b/c Sonnen would have taken Silva down in the 2nd when he was holding onto Sonnens shorts for dear life. Though I do not believe the knee was illegal like many believe, but the knee would have NEVER happened had he not held Sonnens shorts for as long as he did!

          I was very impressed with Sonnen mounting Silva in the 1st … we were like WTF?!? Oh well, I’d like to see Evans move to MW but not fight Silva 1st, have a MW fight to see how he does at that weight 1st, though I wouldnt be mad if Evans got a title shot if he moved down! BJ Penn always got what he wanted/title fight @ WW!

  • MaritalArtist

    Give rashad an instant title shot. He was maybe one good punch away from beating jones. Then the next person to get a shot is the winner of the winner of the other top 4. Yes, belcher would be getting screwed, but somebody’s gonna get screwed, and I don’t know any other way around it. He just toyed with Palhares on the ground. That was sick.

    • jonnypatrick

      I agree

    • zacharydetal

      Rashad was not one good punch away from beating Jones. Jones completely dominated him in every aspect of the fight. Evans is coming off a loss, in which he got his beat, so why is an instant title shot in order? There’s no reason for Belcher to get screwed. He’s better than Stann, Bisping and in my opinion Munoz.

      • MrAdidas

        Well considerign everyone thoguht he was going to die vs. Jones, yet he lasted 5 Rounds, something noone has ever come close to doing vs. Jones! As for one punch away?!? Yes and no, he lands a punch like he did vs. Liddell, Jones would be going to bed, but he has to land that punch! Why wouldnt he get an instant title shot?! BJ Penn did & he had a terrible WW record. Evans has what 3 losses?!? To former Champs!

  • atmosphere

    what’s worse: Munoz’s takedowns or Silva’s takedown defense?

  • RubeKegal

    Rashad > Silva

    • zacharydetal

      Since when is Rashad better than Silva? They’re hard to compare because they only fought a couple mutual opponents. Forest is the only one i cant think of. Silva has defended his title ten times. Evans has 0. Face it, Silva and Jones are the best fighters in the UFC.