Mark Munoz Says if Anderson Silva Doesn’t Want a Rematch with Chris Weidman, He’d like One

July 7, 2013
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Mark-Munoz-UFC-123-post-478x270Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva said following his UFC 162 knockout loss to Chris Weidman that he didn’t want to exercise his option for an immediate rematch.  Mark Munoz, however, is ready to fill the void. 

“I worked hard for this fight.  He has my respect because he is the best now.  Chris is new champion.  Chris is the champion now.  I finish my work.  I no more fight for the belt.   I fight for the belt for a long time.  I’m tired,” said the long-time titleholder following his knockout loss to Weidman.

If Silva declines, Munoz is more than willing to step up.

“I just want to say, if Anderson doesn’t fight Chris, I’d love to step in. I’d love to step in because this was the real Mark Munoz tonight,” said the 35-year-old middleweight contender during the UFC 162 post-fight press conference.  “When I fought Chris, I actually had some adversity fighting him.  So I would really love a rematch with him if Anderson doesn’t take it.”

Munoz and Weidman fought on July 11, 2012, with Weidman knocking Munoz out after landing an elbow standing and follow-up strikes on the ground.

Munoz’s dominant performance over Tim Beotsch at UFC 162 puts him back in the conversation of middleweight contenders, but Weidman holds a definitive victory over him, so a rematch seems unlikely to happen so soon.

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  • silvas daddy

    I told y’all so. Weidman the new champion of the world!!! Oh, its so good on this side, “the winning side “!!! Munoz vs vitor , and if vitor wins then no trt in title fight. He is certainly abusing the loophole and the ufc cannot be considered a valid sport if trt is allowed in title fights.

    • Dragon Kid

      Munoz vs Bisping would be interesting also, forget the other TRT cheat ;p

    • Marcus Miles

      Vitor has earned his shot. He has finished all three of his MW fights by a finish and if Anthony Johnson wouldn’t have missed weight, it would be 4 in a row at MW. Vitor has nothing more to prove to get a title shot. If Vitor had to fight anyone for a number 1 eliminator, it should have been with Weidman for last nights fight. Munoz Should fight a 5-3 ranked opponent or even Jacare to move up higher in the rankings and in that time give Vitor another shot. Vitor vs Weidman would be a sick fight!!!

    • shakejunt

      hey man i’m happy he won too, but you gotta be humble in victory. i get that people were really discounting him and borderline rude to his supporters, but take the high road. not every comment has to be “TOLD YOU SO.”

  • Maddawgmar

    I think that Vitor is the only logical option at the moment. Two huge KO’s in his last fights, it’s Vitor. Bisping needs to rifle off a win or two, Munoz needs to rifle off a win or two, Jacare not even close in my opinion. Maybe Phillipou if he beats Bisping in fantastic fashion, if not 1 more.

    • UFC Nuthugger!

      finally someone who has sense, get it done soon both fit and healthy oct time is a reality.

    • Edpo21

      I totally agree. Munoz can get in line. Vitor is far more deserving at this point in time.

  • drkdisciple

    Munoz has to wait his turn. 1 good fight is not good enough to deserve a title fight.

    • Dragon Kid

      Tell that to Cain and JDS 😉

      • Thou

        Two former champs unlike Munoz;) Vitor gets title shot, Costa after he ‘hopefully’ beats Bisping.

        • Dragon Kid

          So it’s ok for former champs to get title shots after 1 fight but Munoz has to earn it? Doesn’t make sense.

          • shakejunt

            as stated above, you need to reevaluate this comparison.

          • Dragon Kid

            Not really, it doesn’t make sense for any former champ to get a title shot after one fight, like anyone else they gotta earn it

          • shakejunt

            dude… hw was so thin that they had FRANK MIR fight for the title just to kill time for a rematch.

            get real, munoz is no former champ and there are plenty of more deserving contenders at this point in time.

          • Dragon Kid

            yeah mir got the title shot cos overeem failed a drug test. coming off from breaking big nogs arm, he was the best candidate to fight. it nots like he fought one dude and immediately got a title shot after.

            mw division is just as thin now. all the top contenders have lost and the only viable contender is a trt cheat.

          • shakejunt

            all the top contenders have lost… to who? because as far as i remember, munoz has a loss to yushin okami who is on a 3 fight streak. if he loses to jacare, then jacare’s name is top of the pecking order.

            the bottom line is munoz is one fight removed from a devastating loss to the current champion and his most recent win is over someone coming off a loss to costa.

            munoz vs costa or kennedy is the way to go, get out of here with that immediate title talk.

          • Dragon Kid

            yushin okami hasnt done anyone any favours with his boring fights and since getting KOed in back to back fights, he’s got a long way to redeem himself.

            tim kennedy’s most recent fight was boring too. a few more fights and then we’ll talk.

            most of the well known names are no longer viable for the belt right now. costa needs to fight more big names before he gets a title shot. munoz is the only well known name near the top and he’s done enough to get a crack at the title.

          • shakejunt

            dude… munoz just beat boetsch… who just lost to costa.

            so boetsch, coming off a loss, is a big enough name for munoz to get a shot, but not for costa when he was on a streak?

          • Dragon Kid

            costa has hardly fought any big names. he is still an unknown to many people.

          • shakejunt

            which side are you on? either you earn a shot or you don’t.

            weidman was a nobody too, remember?

          • Guest

            fighting nobodies dont earn you a title shot, who the hell has costa fought?!?
            weidman only got his title shot due to everyone else dropping out. tell me something i dont know

          • shakejunt

            obviously what you don’t know, or simply fail to understand, is that munoz’s last win was over the guy costa beat beforehand. that means the win was “worth” more.

          • Dragon Kid

            er, fighting no names doesnt earn u a title shot and thats pretty much the guys Costa has fought. he needs to fight big names to show he can handle higher league competition. but apparently the mw division is too thin. munoz himself has name value whereas costa does not.

            weidman only got his title shot due to everybody else dropping out but if u wanna compare him to costa, weidman has fought more of the well known names and demolished munoz, who at the time was the number 3 fighter in middleweight.

      • drkdisciple

        Please don’t compare Munoz to either JDS or Cain …that guy is not even in the same time zone!

    • Manuel Lopez


  • Muay Thai

    Munoz deserves this fight with Weidman.

    Everyone knows that Anderson intentionally planted his face in Weidman’s fists. You guys should stop acting like Weidman is the greatest thing. Anderson was reckless and that’s why he lost; its not because Weidman was a better fighter.

    • Kyle

      Don’t kid yourself. Anderson was playing and paid for it. Every one else Silva has faced was too scared to engage him when he did that. Weidman was not and that is why he won. It is no fluke, and Weidman is better because of it. Silva’s lack of respect cost him the fight, and Weidman’s willingness to take risks won him the fight. Plain and simple. Every one saying Silva simply lost the fight and nothing more, is taking all the credit away from Weidman for his willingness to engage and capitalize on Silva’s mistakes. Weidman deserves this, and he is the better fighter.

      • MuayThaiFood

        Wrong, previous fighters lost because they did engage him. They swing at air and he counters. It was working this time. He was in Weidman’s head and emotion was starting to work against him (he said in post fight interview that he was getting pissed). I think if he would had not taken it so far it may have been a far different fight. I’m taking nothing away from Weidman. Can’t blame him on capitalizing on Anderson’s recklessness. I, for one, wanted to see a fight and I feel a little cheated. Not because Anderson lost but because of the way it happened. It’s his own fault but I could have skipped seeing Dave Herman get knocked out to see a real war. Vitor is the only guy who deserves to be mentioned for a shot at Weidman right now. If Weidman can finish him decisively then his belt will get some legitimacy. If Vitor wins then it will answer some questions (for me at least) about the potential outcome of this fight had it not ended the way it did.

        • The Illussionist

          Wrong. What Silva did is very common in most of his previous fights. It is his strategy to intimidate his opponent to be more aggressive and use that aggressiveness as a weakness of his opponent with counter strike power. that is what Steven Seagal taught him.

          • MuayThaiFood

            I think you were meaning to reply to Kyle.

    • Mark Braithwaite

      kyle is definantly right any fighter who underestimates giving the opponent the advantage for even a split second is a dumb fighter Anderson got caught slipping

    • silvas daddy

      So so sad your denial of weidmans skill and pressure he put on silva

    • silvas daddy

      Silva was fighting a technique called gorilla kung must imitate a gorilla, and he was pulling that part off perfectly but he got caught.

    • Manuel Lopez

      Tell me why Munoz deserves a shot at the new champ? Who destroyed him completely not so long ago by the way

    • SilvaWho

      Keep telling yourself that fanboy. Silva lost, plain and simple. Get over it, he got owned.

    • Kris-tyahn

      STFU you NOOB nut hugger! Boo HOO HOO “my lover Silva” lost, snif snif! Anderson is still undefeated in your eyes isnt he, loser? Anderson did that in every fight, no one was able or willing to be patient, except for Weidman & Sonnen. But Sonnen got lazy & thats why Silva won, not b/c Silva was better that night, but b/c Sonnen got lazy after 22.5 mins of spanking Silva, he lost. But you all talked about how great Silva was for the comeback & how he won the fight, not b/c Sonnen lost the fight. No, Sonnen lost the fight, just like Weidman won the fight.
      Weidman proved Silva has a glass jaw, as long as you don’t punch with pillow power like Sonnen, Silva can be KTFO fairly easy. The punch Weidman landed was a semi left hand jab, there was no real power, not like what he can throw. And he still KO’d Silva, eyes all rolling in to the back of his head ….. bahahah I loved it!
      GSP has a glass jaw bc Serra TKO’d him with a punch behind the ear … hit behind the ear, so GSP has a glass jaw (Seemed to take Condit’s head kick okay). If that’s the case, then Silva is mr glass jaw. Who, with any decent power tagged Silva?!? Forrest didn’t connect, Bonnar has NO KO power & was semi retired, Franklin, Henderson, Okami, Irvin, Belfort, Cote, Maia, Leites etc. didn’t land any punches to Silva’s jaw. There are only 3 or maybe 4 opponents that could have KO’d Silva with strikes b/c of their power, that’s it. And Silva did not allow any of them any free shots to the face like he did vs. Bonnar, Maia, Leites etc.
      P.S Silva called & wants his nut sac back!!!

  • Baller31

    Munoz needs to earn a rematch. He hasn’t yet.

  • Manuel Lopez

    Munoz, you’re on the right track. Keep working your way up. But Weidman destroyed you very convincingly, talk of him giving you a rematch just because you beat Boetsch… Not good enough. Weidman just beat up the supposed GOAT.