Mark Munoz Has to Put Friendship Aside to Fight Lyoto Machida (UFC Fight Night 30 Video)

October 24, 2013
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Mark-Munoz-UFC-123-postMark Munoz faces Lyoto Machida at the upcoming UFC Fight Night 30: Machida vs. Munoz in Manchester, England. And he’s none too pleased with Michael Bisping since the Brit’s withdrawal now forces Munoz to step in the Octagon with his friend Lyoto Machida.

UFC Fight Night 30 takes place Saturday, Oct. 26, at Phones 4u Arena. Munoz and Machida headline the fight card, so Munoz has no choice but to set their friendship aside.

Courtesy of Whoa! TV

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  • Munoz really needs this win. Machida at MW might not be the best idea but lets see how this plays out. At LHW he may have no had the weight advantage but he used technique and speed to stay elusive. As much as I love Phil Davis I counted him out in the striking department against Lyoto. I thought he would get dominated by the life long martial artist so I don’t want to count out Munoz. This could either be a good fight with Mark pressing forward and keeping Lyoto working or it could end up like Machida/Bader.

    • Lucas Freire

      One thing that everybody certainly forgets about is Lyoto’s ability to not be taken down effectively.
      I believe Lyoto will be one of the fastest MWs, even with the size difference. What makes him elusive isn’t his weight difference, it’s his Karate stance. I really don’t believe Munoz is able to take this fight. He’ll be outpointed or KOed

      • Chicago

        I know that Mark helps A. Silva with his TD defence, but does he also help Lyoto with his? cause if he does Lyoto has seen every TD and clinch work Mark has ever done and getting the fight to the mat will be close to impossible. With that said Mark has seen 1st hand how Lyoto moves, cuts corners and closes the distance and that might help him not get KO’ed. Do you know if they worked together a lot?

        • Lucas Freire

          Sure they did, all three of them, Spider,Lyoto and Munoz.

  • dgs

    Seems like a nice, down to earth guy. It really does suck he’s not fighting Bisping, I love seeing Bisping get punched in the face too. I will still never forget the beat down Henderson laid on Bisping, for me one of the best moments in MMA. I don’t believe generally in bad mouthing professional fighters, but Bisping is one fighter I can’t stand. I don’t think many pro fighters like him much either.

    I hate watching friends fighter each other, it’s a much better generally when there is some real hatred there, when both fighters really want to hurt each other. Those are often the best fights.