Mark Hunt Suffered a Broken Toe in UFC 160 Co-main Event, Says Dos Santos was Too “Slick”

May 27, 2013
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Mark Hunt UFC 119-007Heavyweight Mark Hunt suffered a broken toe in the first round of the UFC 160 co-main event bout with former champion Junior dos Santos on Saturday.

Hunt (9-8) posted the news about the injury on his official facebook page following the fight.

“Thanks for the support, apologies about the result, junior was too slick for me, got a broken toe first round, and had no movement, but like i said before, if i am going out i am out on my back thanks again 1luv,” Hunt wrote.

Hunt’s assessment is accurate.  dos Santos was a little too slick and too quick for the Samoan.  He was able to use his speed advantage to move in and out, land his jab and combinations, and avoid most of Hunt’s power shots.

Hunt pressed forward the entire fight, while dos Santos circled on the outside.

The end came in the closing minute of the final round when dos Santos landed a wheel kick to Hunt’s head sending the 39-year-old New Zealander crashing to the canvas.  He followed with a well-placed right hand that left Hunt unconscious.

The win earned dos Santos a third match with UFC heavyweight titleholder Cain Velasquez.  Velasquez defended his title against Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva in the UFC 160 main event.  The trilogy is expected to take place later this year.

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  • melody jones

    Try ” too skilled” ” too fast” and “too powerful”.
    Saying ” too slick” as hunt said , is bring a poor sport and understating dos Santos dominating performance.
    Jr wasn’t just staying on the outside as the poorly written article seems to say. Jr stood in the pocket and dropped hunt with one punch, than bobbed weaved and landed as he needed to until the latter rounds where Jr dropped hunt with a spinning heel kick and followed up to knockout the granite chinned Samoan.
    You’re welcome mma weekly staff for re writing your weak article.

    • Mark Fareas

      You are one of many idiots who has no idea what they are talking about. He was not too skilled for Hunt, he wasn’t even MORE skilled. If you notice for most of the first round Hunt’s timing was much better than Junior’s and we now know why in the 2nd and 3rd round Junior was able to narrowly avoid all of Hunt’s power punches. To say that Dos Santos dominated the fight would mean that you have no understanding of what you were watching. Hunt was pushing the pace the whole fight and I can’t count how many times he narrowly missed JDS with a powerful hook by just an inch. Now that we know he broke his toe so early it’s safe to say that if he didn’t that Hunt would’ve probly stood a much better chance possibly even flooring Junior multiple times. BTW when Junior floored Hunt in the first round he caught him off balance and that’s why Mark rolled right back up like that. He wasn’t even hurt it was just the force from such a powerful shot catching him off balance.

      • robert B

        awww booo whooooo…… jds dominated that fight theres always a feel out period in the first wspecially wioth a puncher like hunt……. all this barely missed this and that … u make all thse excuses for hun that first shot rocked him off balance or not… and look at the end hunt was a bloody still wobbling after he tried to get up after it was all over… if u think hunt is better then jds or more skilled then u are the biggest idiot ever…

        • J

          you sound like a zealot.

        • barnettoo

          you need to learn English bro.

      • Baller31

        First of all, props to Hunt for being classy in defeat. Secondly, you are an idiot if you think JDS was not more skilled than Hunt. JDS was throwing lightning quick punches, and using skilled footwork to land at will, and then make Hunt miss. He is the definition of “more skilled.” Making Hunt “narrowly miss” is part of his skill set. Hunt getting hit so much is part of him not being as skilled a striker as JDS. Hunt would be a great matchup for Big Country.

        • Mark Fareas

          Alright what you and alot of other retards don’t seem to understand is that the reason JDS was too slick for him was probly because homeboy fought the majority of the fight with a broken toe lol Yes we all know Junior is quicker and has better footwork but that doesn’t mean you are more skilled. Rocky Marciano had terrible footwork but is JDS a better boxer than he was? Mark Hunt is a more powerful puncher and a more accurate striker with better timing than JDS and im willing to bet that it’s because of the toe injury that he kept missing JDS by a hair. If the injury never occurred the fight would’ve gone differently.

          • mma

            BETTER TIMING and accuracy than JDS???? Wow you know nothing about boxing!! You just like everyone else is living in a fantasy world were a C class mma fighter and mediocre striker like Hunt is world champ. He lost and is extremely overrated. Ufc sold everyone wolf tickets even making this fight. If you give mark hunt matches with Barnett and Werdum that man won’t know what a round 2 is! They will sub him in under 4 min. Mousasi made hunt look like a joke not to mention barnett on the ground

          • toom

            honestly I couldn’t agree more I wish someone could tell me what’s so great about hunt because I haven’t seen it yet he’s a good striker but anywhere else he’s absolutely awful chael weighing about 45 lbs less before he cuts would out wrestle hunt but I guess all anyone wants to see is a boxing match with mma gloves anyway

          • barnettoo

            it’s because you have missed the PRIDE days.

            Hunt had 10+ years over JDS. Hunt is old…I am not gonna lie.

            And his career in MMA had ups and downs for sure.

            But we all thought he was washed up when he got into the UFC. And he just fought JDS and did a much better job than Carwin, Nelson, Struve, Mir, Gonzaga and others.

            You can’t discredit that.

          • barnettoo

            no man… again, don’t disrespect Hunt you tard. He did well.

            Mediocre striker??? Who is a world-class striker in the UFC HW division than?

          • Sio

            You know nothing about about boxing. JDS and Hunt are nowhere near top level boxers.

            JDS stepped in the ring against a professional boxer and he will the get a beating of his life… thats a fact.

            Did you know that top MMA fighters hire top boxing coaches to train them now? What does that say about boxing in MMA?

            David Haye will destroy JDS in the first round in a striking match… FACT!!!

            Hunt lost this fight badly but I believe if he didn’t break his toe in the first minute of the fight it would’ve been a different story?

            Hey have you played any sports with a broken big toe or fought a fight with a broken big toe? yeah I thought so idiot.

            Go grab your remote control and watch the sports channel, eat your popcorn and shut the fu^k up lol

          • barnettoo

            textbook knowledge –> HUNT

            better fighter –> JDS

          • Baller31

            Wow you are probably the most clueless idiot to ever post. Fighting hurt is part of the game. Hunt has never had good movement, and he moved the same the second round as in the first. I have played a whole football game with a broken toe, then got it wrapped and played the next week. It’s not a major injury. Maybe if you ever played a sport you would know that. And no, Hunt is not a more powerful puncher. Not more accurate (look at the strike statistics for the fight…Hunt is incredibly inaccurate). Hunt has a fairly hard punch, a fairly decent chin…and that’s it! He is an average MMA heavyweight with a below average record. And learn how to spell PROBABLY.

          • Sio

            You damn liar lol you didnt break your toe and then carried on playing clown. Did you break your big toe? No you didn’t idiot because if you did, you wouldn’t even been able to run. It is humanly impossible to run if your big toe is broken without being in major pain… did you know that genius?

            You tool lol which professional team did you play for that allowed you to play with a broken toe? So you continued KICKING THE BALL WITH YOUR BROKEN BIG TOE lol what a retard come on here and lie.

            You break your big toe and you are done in any physical sport. I broke my thumb playing professional rugby and I was off straight away and out for months so what does that say about a broken toe?

            Don’t make up lies to try and justify your argument because you end up looking like a tool.

        • barnettoo

          it’s textbook skills vs. being a better fighter.

          textbook skills…you can’t take it away from Hunt. But the execution of the knowledge is where there is a difference.

          Hunt is a more accomplished striker. But JDS is younger, stronger, taller, and quicker than Hunt. Those were the differences.

          • The Best Eva

            Pretty ignorant Junior is clearly the better athlete and fighter, the fact that you’re hugging hunts nuts so much makes you look like a clown.

      • toom

        why does everyone wanna blow hunt dos Santos won he’s better he’s faster getting out of the way by an inch or a mile is getting out of the way

        • barnettoo

          dude…Hunt has 10 years+ over JDS. Hunt looked impressive. His UFC story has been an amazing journey.

          Hunt did well against JDS. Go look at JDS;’s fights against Shane Carwin, Roy Nelson, Gabe Gonzaga, Frank Mir, and Stefan Struve.

          Hunt is awesome.

    • R

      You are either trolling or you are an idiot.

      • barnettoo

        he is an idiot.

    • Maddawgmar

      I wouldn’t say that is being a poor sport. Hunt hit the nail on the head, JDS was too slick for Hunt to land a shot on. Basically your point on bobbing and weaving reiterated Hunts point, more slick.

      • barnettoo

        bobbing and weaving…lol…JDS is not a bobbing and weaving fighter…what a joke melody jones.

        Bobbing and weaving are done by compact fighters like Cain, DC, Kimbo, and Tyson. JDS is a straight jab type of dude.

        Also, Hunt relies more on bobbing and weaving than JDS. If you are gonna criticize Hunt, at least get it right.

        Melody Jones is a joke.

        • Baller31

          Bobbing and Weaving is a term used to describe footwork and head movement, and can be done by any fighter regardless of size. All the best strikers utilize bobbing and weaving to some extent, including JDS and, to a lesser extent, Hunt.

          • barnettoo


    • barnettoo

      not really. I would say Hunt is more knowledgeable about the whole striking game. Hunt has seen more textbook skilled strikers than JDS.

      too fast/too powerful…i mean..we all knew that JDS had the speed/reach/strength/athleticism/youth advantage over Hunt. A better textbook striking can’t beat those qualities.

      Dude…Hunt did way better than Shane Carwin, Roy Nelson, or other mid-tier guys. He actually had JDS hurt in the 2nd round, which forced JDS to go for a takedown.

      I understand you are new to MMA but please…try to be respectful towards fighters.

      • Maddawgmar

        More knowledgable doesn’t mean better. That’s why the best strikers have a striking coach. Because that person is more knowledgable about technique and form.

        • barnettoo

          I never said better…what is your point?

  • The Best Eva

    Hunt was slow and landed barely anything even though a few were close, JDS had that all night.

    • barnettoo

      I am not gonna deny that JDS was never in any trouble except for that one moment in round 2.

      Give hunt credit. No fighter bashing.

      • The Best Eva

        That wasn’t fighter bashing thats what happened.

  • Mark

    JDS outclassed him, that said props to Hunt or keep moving forward and throwing down the whole fight. Not many can do that. I would love to see Hunt vs Roy Fatbody.

  • Federal1


  • rapidfire

    always ALWAYS lame execuses after a loss.
    broken toe???
    nobody is in perfect health going into a fight.

    i even see execuses after winning.
    “i had damaged ACL but i still fought and won!”
    Most fighters, if you notice, after winning they tell how they were injured going into a fight. they want people to think they are always better than how they fought.

    • Sio

      Who did you fight with a damaged ACL? Did you fight someone as good as JDS? dipstick lol

      You can continue with a “damaged ACL” that is fact many rugby/rugby league players do it but a “torn ACL” is different and you wouldn’t survive on the field with one.

      And injured big toe is the same BUT a broken big toe is impossible so stop acting like a tough guy.

      Read the FACTS about what a broken big toe does to an athlete and tell me if Hunt was STUPID to carry on?

      Other FACT Mark Hunt never used it as an excuse and has stated he knew it was broken but wanted to continue to fight.

      Its people like me that is shocked he would make a stupid call like that. He should of thrown in the towel but thats me.

  • robc

    Funny how a broken toe for Jon Jones would have meant the loss of a fight. A broken toe for Hunt is no excuse for a lacking performance? Any injury to the feet or ankles impacts both movement, striking and posture (being able to shift weight to and from the balls of the feet). Would the fight have gone differently if Hunt hadn’t broken a toe? Who knows. I expect it would have been much more competative though.

    • Sio

      Shut up idiot Jon Jones “dislocated his toe” read comment above it refers to you dip stick.

      Heres some facts fool:

      swelling, or stiffness will occur in a broken toe following injury. It may be difficult to walk due to the pain, especially with a broken big toe. This is because the big toe bears much of the weight of the body when walking or pivoting. A broken little toe may be painful but usually does not limit the ability to walk.

      Which toe did Hunt break genius? He also never used it as an excuse for losing. He stated he broke it but continued to fight. What does that say about his character?

      Many athletes would of thrown in the towel but this jughead fought to the bitter end and didn’t care about his own safety.

      So ease off with your nasty comments because only tools talk sh%t from behind a computer without knowing the facts.

  • SilvasandwicH

    Wow some real winners posting here.

    To say that Hunt isn’t a great striker….well whoever says that hasn’t seen his K1 fights. And the guy that said Hunt has a “decent” chin? Dude, he’s got an all-time great chin.

    And the guy that said that Dos Santos “bobs and weaves?” I want to know what the hell you guys have been watching…

    • Baller31

      Did you see the Manhoef fight?? Hunt has a decent chin….JDS has an “all time great” chin…being that he’s never been knocked out, and has been hit by Carwin, Nelson, Cain, etc. Hunt, on the other hand, has been knocked out 4 times in his career…how’s that all time great??? Maybe check your facts and don’t just jump on the Hunt bandwagon. I love how everyone here thinks if you compete in K1 it makes you a great mma striker…let’s see…2 top K1 competitors, Hunt and Overeem, got knocked out in their last two fights.

      • Sio

        OH MY GOD you are such a loser lol. Overeem got KOed at 100% Hunt got KOed as a cripple on one leg.

        You are such as loser and a JDS fanboy

        Before you run your mouth I’m not a Hunt fan so don’t go there but I know you cant win a professional fight with a broken toe and Hunt tried to do that.

        Foolish but he sure has heart but you are an idiot for coming on here being disrespectful and not stating all the facts.

  • Sio

    Get off here you liers. The idiots who think a broken toe is not an excuse for losing a fight because Jon Jones won his fight are total losers and know nothing about sports and obviously know nothing about what a broken bone can do to an athlete.

    Heres the FACTS idiots: Jon Jones “dislocated his toe” towards the end of his fight not in the first minute of the fight like Hunt did.

    A dislocated bone feels totally different from a broken bone you dumb ass. You can pop a dislocated bone back in and carry on but if you break a bone you are done for the night.

    Pro NFL; Rugby League; Rugby; etc… are off the field instantly and cannot continue playing and not permitted to play but Hunt fought 3 rounds on a broken toe.

    If you break the big toe you are done. If a sprinter broke his toe, is he expected to run and win? If a gymnast broke their big toe are they expected to compete and win? So why are we expecting Hunt to win on a broken toe? Lebron James breaks his big toe, will he be expected to play at his best? thats right dip sticks he won’t even get on the court,

    I’m not even a Hunt fan but Im going to stick up for him because of the loser comments below.

  • Sio

    Someone please name me 10 professional athletes in any sport that broke their big toe in the beginning of the event and won?

    David Haye one of the best HW boxers in the world lost a title fight against W Klitschko because of a broken toe.

    He couldn’t move as fast and fight how he would normally and lost the fight badly. He is 100% fit again and killing everyone now. So Hunt can do the same.

    Here a some medical facts about a broken big toe: swelling, or stiffness will occur in a broken toe following injury. It may be difficult to walk due to the pain, especially with a broken big toe. This is because the big toe bears much of the weight of the body when walking or pivoting. A broken little toe may be painful but usually does not limit the ability to walk.

    You got it not clowns lol bloody idiots… get off here!!!

  • Sio

    I want to see who in here is in fantasy land or here with me in the real world lol by answering this question.

    Jon Jones vs Chasel Sonnen rematch

    Fight starts first min of the first round, Jon Jones breaks his BIG toe and he can’t move properly and can’t kick with that foot who wins the fight now?

    I HATE Sonnen and I am a huge Jon Jones fan so come on now reply and justify your answers on here.

    i want to see who actually knows what they are talking about or just a fan thinking fan thoughts lol

    Remember The current Jon Jones broken toe argument is not valid because he NEVER broke it and it was dislocated, here are some facts:

    Dislocated Toe: The toe can sometimes be easily put back into place without an extended recovery period, although many of the symptoms are similar to a broken or sprained toe, treatment for dislocated toes can sometimes be quite rapid and have immediate results.

  • Sio

    Before you call me a HUNT FANBOY… I’m not lol Hunt is one of my fav fighters but I’m a big JDS and Cain fan.

    If you are going to run Hunt down don’t make sh6t up but state the facts:

    Hunt fought Struve on 03/03/2013. all the hype was around Struves broken jaw but people forgot hunt had to recover from this fight too.

    Mark gets the JDS fight around March after just coming off a fight? So Mark has to recover first then train for the fight on the 25th of May? JDS has not fought since the Cain lose so he has a very long training camp and excellent rest time

    Customs hold up that last almost 2 weeks and fight might be cancelled

    Hunt does not get in the US until 5 days before his fight. The first 2 days (7 day week) of that week he was on flights getting to Vegas.

    Hunt has 5 days to climatise, which he needed 3 to 4 weeks to do this for his body to be fully acclimatised (fact) and get ready to fight in different conditions. Remember he has been training overseas for this fight.

    Then the poor fool breaks his big toe in the first minute of the fight lol and it ends right there.

    So I do feel for Hunt now. I’m a big fan of him now because he went through all this and didn’t complain once and even with the injury he was still throwing bombs and going for the KO and didn’t back down. Amazing and crazy at the same time

    People see Hunt losing badly but I see a guy who didnt give a fu%k and went in a losing battle and fought till the bitter end.

    i picked JDS winning this fight but if theres a rematch I’m backing Hunt because he will be out for blood lol