Mark Hunt Out, Lavar Johnson in at UFC 146

May 17, 2012
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Mark Hunt suffered a knee injury in training and has had to withdraw from next week’s UFC 146 fight card.

UFC officials confirmed the news on Thursday.

Former Strikeforce fighter Lavar Johnson steps in to take his place against Stefan Struve.

Johnson (17-5) lost his final two Strikeforce bouts, but bounced back with UFC victories over Joey Beltran and Pat Barry. Now, he’ll get the opportunity to make it three in a row, stepping in with Struve in Las Vegas.

Struve (23-5) had been the only UFC 146 main card fighter not to have his bout changed up with the dominoes fell surrounding Alistair Overeem’s removal from the card.

That has changed, however, as Struve will be looking to add to his own back-to-back victories over Barry and Dave Herman when he steps in the Octagon with Johnson.

UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos headlines the UFC 146 fight card against Frank Mir on May 26 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

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  • fjc1113

    I can only see Struve doing the daddy long legs collapse in this one. Lavar by KO

  • adam1848

    Gotta disagree. Struve by submission, probably triangle, in the 1st.

  • fjc1113

    That would be my second choice. Struve is ginba get into a fire fight with lavar and I don’t think Struce can take lavars power. But if it gets to the ground easily than struve takes it no question. Gonna be a fun fight to watch

  • I like Struve by submission in this one.

  • phrankthetank

    I definitely see Struve by submission unless lavar can catch him quickly.

  • jessemalloy

    Props to Lavar for taking another fight so quickly. Best of luck to him.

  • Mario

    Lavar will knock him out.

    That’s all

  • KingSlaughter

    Struve actually has ground game unlike lavar’s last two opponents…i hope lavar isn’t just thinking “imma knock this guy out” he needs to work on his ground game too

  • Lesnardo

    Damn..I hope Dana doesn’t use what happened with UFC 146 as an excuse to not have all heavyweight cards in the future.

    The original lineup was probably the best we’ve seen.

    I am sick of seeing skinny 135lbers roll around.

  • Maine2Alaska

    VERY DISSAPOINTED. I hope Hunt comes back soon. Although it could be worse. I do like Lamars power.. but after seeing Pat Berry easily take him down and keep him there, it really showed how bad Lamars hips are as far as his wrestling base goes he looks terrible at it. So… in conclusion, if it hits the ground at all i would have to give it to Struve. If it stays on the feat..and its in rnd 1 its all Lavan. As far as rounds 2 and 3.. i wont even go there.. dissapointed man!

  • spidersilva

    for sure ko or sub…thats all i want