Mark Hunt, “I’ll Make Them Respect Me” (UFC 160 Video)

May 23, 2013
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Mark Hunt UFC 119-007-478x270Surging UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt gives his thoughts ahead of his UFC 160 showdown with former champion Junior dos Santos. Hunt talks about his awkward beginnings in the UFC, the fact he’s always the underdog, and not really having a gameplan when he fights, and plenty more.

Check out’s video interview with Mark Hunt…

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  • I’m sure everyone respects Mark Hunt but everyone also knows his ground game is so far behind guys like Frank Mir and Cain V. I wouldn’t be surprised if JDS takes this to the ground to show he’s made changes. This fight is ending in stoppage one way or another that I will bet on.

    • Cptmats

      No doubt he is miles behind Mir on the canvas but i think Cain’s wrestling may be a little suspect ! Watch the first three minutes of JDS vs Cain 2 before Junior started gassing out. He made Cains take downs look kinda pathetic and Hunt has some decent TDD. Good enough ? prob not.

      Hunts ground game may not be among the best out there but it is still a hundred times better than it was ten years ago when he was fresh out of K-1.

      As far as people judging Hunt based on his record. Hunt didn’t start mma the way most do. Most guys start out fighting guys with roughly the same skill and experience as themselves. Not the case with Hunt. He went straight to fighting the top guys in the most stacked roster in the world and did quite well !

      I think Junior may have an edge on the ground but on a slight one, I’d say Hunt has the advantage standing.

      “Mark Hunt has a history of success in pure striking that Junior Dos Santos simply can’t match up with”

      “Stylistically, Mark Hunt is about as stiff of competition for a fighter like JDS as he’s ever gonna get ”

      Joe Rogan

      • cs

        Cain’s wrestling is a little suspect? Lol?… Lol? You don’t know much, do you?

        • Cptmats

          I know what i saw Genius !
          Take down #1 got reversed immediately and end up with Cain on his back.
          Junior then stuffed the next seven straight !

          • cs

            So, because JDS showed some excellent takedown defense and some good wrestling of his own, that makes cain’s wrestling suspect. Okay. Based off of your logic, Cain’s wrestling is suspect at best and everyone else’s wrestling in the HW division is terrible if Cain can take them down and control them.

          • Cptmats

            “So, because JDS showed some excellent takedown defense and some good wrestling of his own, that makes cain’s wrestling suspect”
            Yes !

  • adice89

    Yeah theres no way jds will trade punches with hunt. jds has good takedowns only when the fighter is gassed out. Jds is by no means a great wrestler and hes gotta trade punches sometime and thats when he will eat a power punch that will put him to sleep.

  • Reyji

    Mark Hunt is tough as they come but he can get kayoed. He got KO’ed by Melvin Manheof in less than 20 secs and JDS is certainly capable of stopping Mark Hunt. Either guy can knock each other out but I think the decisive factor is JDS speed. Either way it should be a sic fight.

    • barnettoo

      The Manhoef punch was when Mark was on a downhill and it caught him off my surprise. Of course, that fight and Mousasi fight (Mousasi drops Hunt I believe) shows that Hunt does not have an invincible chin, although a solid one.


    Roy Nelson destroys Mark Hunt