Mark Hunt: I Think I Was Japanese In Another Life (UFC 144 Post-fight Video)

February 26, 2012
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Mark Hunt has been a force to be reckoned with in the heavyweight division for years, having been very successful in K-1 and Pride before coming to the UFC. MMAWeekly got a moment of Hunt’s time after his win in Japan for an exclusive interview were he says he feels like he was Japanese in another life as he is more popular in Japan than his homeland in New Zealand. Mark Hunt also shares his thoughts about Dana White saying that he is now in the “mix”.

Check out what Mark Hunt had to say in this exclusive interview after UFC 144  in Japan…

  • matty

    I can’t see him beating any top ten h.w. In the UFC. That fight just showed how ****** Kongo is.

  • adice89

    Nobody is gonna want to stand and trade punches with this guy. If they cant get him down they will be in huge trouble. As far as punches go I dont even think JDS will stand with him. Just goes to show styles make matchups.

  • fitefan

    Hope his ground game is better than his interviewing skills.
    I like how in another interview he said he was ready to fight in Australia in 6 days. Or right now, or anytime. I’m a fighter he said, and he sure seems to be, even as soft spoken as he is.
    Looks as if he can deal and withstand a good deal of punishment, and should make for some great fights with a bunch of these middle of the road HW’s. But if he’s a turtle on his back then we are gonna see 9 inch neck Struve trip, mount and finish him right out of the UFC.

    • Lesnardo

      Stefan Struve is no match for Mark Hunt. There are largely two reasons why Mark Hunt finished Kongo off so quickly. First, both Mark and Kongo are strikers. And in that department Mark is much much more decorated than Kongo will EVER be. Second, Kongo’s chin is suspect now that he’s been KOed or near KOed here and there. Mark’s iron chin has eroded over the years. But he still has a better chin than Kongo.

      Struve will get KOed in the first round as well unless he circles around the cage and avoids exchanging with hunt.

      Fighters like Matt Mitrione should be more problematic for Mark. But then Matt couldn’t even take Kongo down. Not sure using his sloppy (relatively speaking) striking against a former K-1 champ would be a good idea.

  • adice89

    I wouldnt be surpised if he got out of subs now, of course if he hits the mat with fabricio werdum hes screwed. Hes a serious opponent for anyone though.

    • Lesnardo

      I mean..let’s be realistic. I am happy for Mark Hunt would love to see him get a title shot. But with young hungry lions like JDS, Overeem, and Cain fighting for the title, I am not sure sure Mark could hang with the big boys of MMA.