Mark Hunt: “I Can Beat Junior dos Santos” (UFC 160 Video)

May 11, 2013
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Mark Hunt UFC 119-007-478x270Hard-hitting Mark Hunt could be just one fight away from a title shot.  Former UFC heavyweight titleholder Junior dos Santos stands in his way when the two meet in the UFC 160: Velasquez vs. Bigfoot 2 co-main event on May 25 from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Hunt, however, believes that he can beat dos Santos, putting his name at or near the top of the list for the next UFC heavyweight title shot.

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  • toom

    mark hunt is way to slow for dos

    • White Hair Wolf

      Hahahahaha. We’ll see about that.

    • Hunt is an incredible kickboxer without a doubt but I don’t see him ever being able to handle guys like Cain, Cormier or Nelson who have incredible wrestling and a submissions. He’s just to far behind. That fight with Ben Rothwell was horrible. JDS is so big and fast, Hunt has been stopped by guys before even a MW like Melvin Manhouf. I did underestimate Hunt against Kongo but I’m still going with JDS in this fight.

      • Thats nonsense. Hunt handled struve on the ground ofcouse he’ll handle nelson. Cormier and Cain well they could get knocked out before they even get it to the ground. Anything can happen in the heavyweight division<—-thats more likely

        • Eastbound91

          Nelson has a black belt in bjj and good wrestling. Nelson is a grappler before anything else. I wouldn’t say because Hunt did well on the ground with Struve that he will handle nelson. I also wouldn’t say Hunt handled Struve on the ground either, however Hunt did really well on the ground with Struve. i watched that Hunt Stuve fight last night and Hunts ground game has gotten a lot better.

          • eastbound91

            With the striking though, Hunt will batter Nelson i think. My last comment was pertaining to grappling

      • You also forget manhoef was 93-95kgs not middle weight at the time. and thats what will happen to any mortal being with a granite chin when they bullrush a hard hitter like manhoef…

        • Good point. Menhoef is a beast of a man. I am a fan of Mark Hunt but in kickboxing more so. I just can’t see him handling someone like JDS or Cain. How about a friendly bet? If Hunt beats JDS I will send you a free shirt from Combat Science MMA.

          • Send me a free shirt as well.

          • So your picking Hunt to win?

          • I think it could go either way and depends on game plans involved. I think that if they keep it standing and Hunt keeps it technical, he will win by Ko.

          • Okay I’ll take a bet with you as well. Just add me on facebook so we can exchange info so I can send out the shirt if Hunt wins.

          • Cptmats

            I’ll take that bet !
            You say you can’t see him handling someone like JDS or Cain, But JDS and Cain Are too completely different fighters !
            JDS will look to Stand and Strike where Cain will avoid standing with Hunt at all cost.
            I think your half right, Cain would most likely make short work of Hunt on the matt but JDS is a Perfect match for Hunt !
            Styles Make Fights !

          • Ha ha we got a deal then. Add me on Facebook or twitter and we’ll exchange information so I can send the shirt out if JDS losses. I can see JDS using his speed backing off then maybe going for a TD to show he improved his ground game since the Cain fight. But we’ll see.

    • Hunt changes his speed in an explosive fashion.(only when he needs too).

    • Lucas Freire

      I used to think like this,but go check his fights on Pride against Crocop,his footwork is VERY fast,he come in and out against a top kickboxer as crocop,and would reach out for very fast if Crocop tried to open some distance. I’m cheering for JDS,but if he doesn’t at lake fake some TD attempts and let Hunt feel comfortable on the standing,this fight can be up to an upset.

    • Chris M

      slow wont mean anything after he hits jds once! hunt has faught alot faster strikers then him and he has knocked alot out!

  • Agent119

    The key word in that statement is *can*. Notice he didn’t say *will* beat Dos Santos. And I agree with him — he can beat Dos Santos. However, the likely is slim since Dos Santos is at the top of his game, assuming he got over the divorce. Could you imagine if we never see the same Dos Santos again? That would be a really disappointing.

    • Can/will, means he believes he can beat dos santos. Dont be fickle budday thats a trait of a woman.

      • Agent119

        What makes you think I am not a woman? If he really felt he will win, he’d say “i will beat dos Santos.” I think it shows a lack of confidence. If you are going to win, say you are going to win.

        • I think Hunt can win.

          • Cptmats

            I think Hunt Will win !

        • Cptmats

          ” I think it shows a lack of confidence.”
          Fedor wouldn’t ever claim he was going to beat anybody before he actually fought them.
          No Body fought with more confidence than Fedor, he was completely fearless !

  • My heart says hunt to win and also my head does too… He’ll prove alot of people wrong come ufc 160

  • Hunt is a awesome striker, with hard ass power
    Goodluck man

  • Milos Rackovic

    Hunt is gonna hit Junior once and hes gonna drop! 🙂 (imagine that!)

  • toom

    Jds all the way he best Shane carwin with speed and he’s gonna do the same here