Mark Hunt Facing Travel Delays Trying to Get to U.S. for UFC 160 Fight with JDS (Updated)

May 9, 2013
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Mark Hunt UFC 119-007-478x270UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt is slated to fight Junior dos Santos at UFC 160 on May 25 in Las Vegas, but he’s currently stuck in New Zealand, having trouble gaining clearance to get on a flight to the United States.

Hunt tweeted a few days ago that he was denied travel at the airport due to visa related issues.

“If its not one thing it’s another no one told me about a visa might miss my flight ooooopppps,” he tweeted, following with, “Looks like one more night in NZ.”

After having an old passport delivered from Australia, Hunt again thought he was all clear to leave, but ran into more issues on Thursday.

“Denied again at airport I’m never helping anymore (expletive) mates,” Hunt tweeted. “This is wat happens wen u have friends that are (expletive) the last (expletive) time I help these mother (expletive) trouble makers.”

Hunt mentioned that he’s been in trouble with authorities in the past – referencing a 2002 incident when he was arrested in the United States – but didn’t go into detail about whether or not that had anything to do with his current difficulties in leaving New Zealand. sources later confirmed that the 2002 arrest did have something to do with Hunt’s travel troubles, indicating that since the recent bombing at the Boston Marathon U.S. customs officials have become more diligent in screening passengers coming to the United States.

Hunt was arrested, but not charged, in 2002 for his involvement in a bar fight. The incident isn’t expected to prevent him from making his way to the United States in time for the fight.

Hunt confirmed that UFC officials were already involved in the matter, trying to help clear up his travel status.

Hunt is currently on a four-fight winning streak. A victory over dos Santos would put him in the thick of talks about who gets the next UFC heavyweight title shot after champion Cain Velasquez and challenger Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva square off in the UFC 160 main event.

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  • Cereal Killer

    Just for the fun of watching Dana go crazy, I hope Hunt wins!

  • dgs

    For the first time, I could see JDS using his sub skills to win this one. He can’t afford to lose two in a row, and Hunt has KO power at any time in a fight. I really can see JDS playing it safe and taking Hunt down, and then subbing him.

    • I find it funny that people think Mark is so easy to just take down and submit. How did that work out for Struve? I guess the assumption is that Junior has better submission skills than Struve. I would even go so far as to say that Junior is the underdog in this fight.

      • el che

        except that would be going too far.

        • Cptmats

          You maybe right, but Hunt sure as hell isn’t the under dog either !
          Ground advantage JDS
          Striking advantage Hunt
          But both are more rounded than either get credit for !

          • Eastbound91

            You know, i think hunts striking is dope, But Junior isn’t gonna just stand in front of hunt and bang it out like a lot of others do. I think Junior is gonna school hunt on the feet and not because Junior is better but because he will be ready for hunts power shots. I think in this fight junior is gonna use a safe boxing approach creating space, using a solid jab to set up his shots and stick and move. I believe Junior is gonna try to swim without getting wet as Nasim Richardson would say. Junior has reach on Hunt and if junior keeps moving and avoids getting into wild exchanges then he should be cool. I see Hunt trying to take Juniors head off and that can be predictable IMHO.

          • Cptmats

            “I think Junior is gonna school hunt on the feet and not because Junior is better but because he will be ready for hunts power shots.”

            Hunt has a lot more than just power shots. He is very technical, and has a ton more striking experience at the very highest level.
            I don’t think Junior can beat Hunt standing, If he wins it will be on the ground. Hunt has improved his ground game %1000 since he fought in pride but I still think Junior has the edge there.

            Just My Opinion

          • Eastbound91

            I see you quoted me and yes, not because Junior is better but because of striking styles. If Junior goes tit for tat, then i would think different. I think that Junior is more athletic and will be able to make Hunt have to really search and work for that opening to capitalize. I think Junior will have a smarter approach to this fight than Hunt and will have finesse rather than getting into a war. I have seen Hunts K1 fights and they are super impressive, but i also think the style of those fighters are different than Junior. I think Hunt will tire out before he KOs Junior and that will play a factor as well. We will have to see. Its just my opinion and if Hunt KOs Junior then ill never underestimate hunt again.

          • Lucas Freire

            Exactly,Hunt may be more experienced on the striking game,but Cigano is also on a level which he wouldn’t be easily caught by a heavy hit from a smaller fighter with much less conditioning than him.

  • Marco

    You bet UFC officials are all over this.

  • ned sto

    Struve had terrible footwork in the Hunt fight. Inexcusable to let a guy with so little reach vs 7′ repeatedly tag you on the chin.
    It’s possible Hunt hits harder than Cain. But JDS was able to keep his footwork going for 5 rounds as Cain beat him around the Octagon. Hunt isn’t going to have the speed or stamina to continue to chase JDS.
    Hunt, with his heavy left hook is very similar to Nelson with his heavy over hand right. I think JDS has the skill/tools/experience to avoid that weapon and win this on the feet with his ground game being just another advantage if the fight ends up there.

    • Cptmats

      “Inexcusable to let a guy with so little reach vs 7′ repeatedly tag you on the chin.”
      Not really ! It was a mma fighter vs a kickboxing legend. Its what guys like Hunt do !

  • Sir_Roy

    This is a good fight. There really is no clear underdog … I say that because I’m a firm believer that styles make fights. JDS is a fantastic boxer and likes to bang, and Hunt is a spectacular striker and K1 champ.

    The smart play would be to take Hunt down, but damn, the way Hunt’s built if he has someone working hard to up his TDD, taking him down could prove a herculean effort. If JDS think to swing with Hunt to prove a point, it could go badly for him.

  • Jason Decipher

    JDS beat Cro Cop & Gilbert Yvel who are mainly strikers. JDS also was able to take a punch from Carwin. His cardio was good against Cain considering Cain has the best cardio in the HW division. The odds are against Hunt. But then again I said the odds were against Bigfoot in the AO fight & look what happened. I predict JDS fatigues Hunt & wins by TKO

    • Cptmats

      “JDS beat Cro Cop & Gilbert Yvel who are mainly strikers.”
      True but both were well past their prime, Hunt beat Cro-cop when he was at his best !

      • Jerry Alez

        Yep and Crocop landed a huge head kick to Hunt’s melon and Hunt didn’t even flinch,

  • grashopper

    Reach I think will be the facter I this fight.

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    Feel sorry for the unsuspecting dude who started a bar fight with Mark Hunt. That’s just real bad luck.

    • Jerry Alez

      No kidding, I’d run like a bitch if I saw him coming.

  • aintitthetruth

    I can picture the governments rationale for stopping Hunt’s travel to the us. “Those tsarnaiv kids are muslin extremists. There are muslim extremists in The phillipines and indonesia, and Australia is kinda close to these extremists!”