Mark Hunt Steps In to Face Junior dos Santos at UFC 160

March 9, 2013
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Mark-Hunt-UFC-135-Post-460x270Mark Hunt will face former UFC heavyweight champion Junior do Santos at UFC 160 on May 25 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.  first reported the news, and UFC officials later confirmed the match.

The announcement comes days after UFC president Dana White said Hunt had turned down the fight with dos Santos.  A phone conversation between Hunt and White seems to have been what made the fight happen.

dos Santos was originally scheduled to face Alistair Overeem on the UFC 160 card, but a quadriceps injury in training forced Overeem out of the bout.

Hunt (9-7) is on a four-fight winning streak and is coming off of a knockout win over Stefan Struve at UFC on Fuel TV 8 on March 3.  dos Santos (15-2) is coming off of a loss to Cain Velasquez at 155 in December, where he lost the heavyweight title.

UFC 160 is headlined by a rematch between Velasquez and Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva.  Hunt vs. dos Santos will be the co-main event.

There’s no word yet on whom Overeem will face when he returns.

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  • CaliKid

    Well thats the most pointless, one sided fight I have ever heard of!

  • octawhat

    It will be interesting to see if Dos Santos goes straight for a take down. I imagine he will have been working on his grappling & defensive wrestling for a potential rematch with the champ. This match up enables Dos Santos to implement these new tools with a lower risk than testing them on Cain.

    This fight also works in Hunts favor, the quick turnaround of fights stops Hunts weight from ballooning, and he may (emphasis on the ‘may’) be in better shape for it.

    Should be an interesting fight.

  • If the fight stays on the feet, Hunt wins by Ko.

    • Lesnarenko

      not really.

      Hunt’s technique that he has accumulated over the years is world class no doubt.

      But JDS is a physical specimen. The speed, physical strength, athleticism, and reach will allow JDS to beat Hunt.

  • Bruce Lee The Great

    Good for Hunt! I’d like to see Overeem vs Big Country or maybe rematch Werdum.

    • Ian Price

      Overeem vs Big Country would be epic.

      • R


  • Cameron Merryman

    What the f*** is with Dana?! Everything he vehemently shoots down ends up happening after all.

    • Prince James

      Pretty much. Dana has no creditability anymore. He says “Not going to happen” with conviction. Then 2 minutes later, its going to happen.

  • Collideoverme

    He better work on his cardio.

  • Ron Wheeler

    Can’t see Hunt winning this, but would be funny as f£$k if he did.

  • DamianCross

    The call between Dana and Hunt was just a few quick details they needed to iron out. I’ve transcribed the call below.

    White: Mark, its Dana. Listen, this whole JDS thing, I know you really want that fight. So if I do you this favor, will you let me and Rhoda Rousey jump on your belly backstage afterwards?

    Hunt: Sure.

    White: You got yourself a deal, good luck.


  • I counted on Mark Hunt against Cheick Kongo, but JDS is so beast I’m not going against him. Yes he just lost to Cain in their rematch but Cain is an animal and the former/current champion. I just think he has the edge in every way.

  • Trevor

    Seriously! This is gonna be a slaughter…..Mark needs to dump 25lbs minimum and in that tie his cardio will hopefully improve. He is old breed, when slobby fighters could make it

    • Mcgiggity

      Thumbs down

    • Served

      You must not’ve seen Mark Hunt fight very much. He’s so underrated b/c people just look at him and think he’s fat. His cardio is actually not that bad.

      People look at JDS and think he’s in great shape, but he’s the one who’s cardio really needs to improve. Every fight where it lasts beyond the first round, his speed/movement noticeably decreases by quite a bit (Mir, Roy Nelson) and in the rematch w/ Cain, he was gassed in the 1st round.

  • If Cain could drop Dos Santos in the first round, then Hunt certainly has a good chance…

    • Arni Sador

      Cain Didn’t. Dos Santos dropped Cain the first time. Cain dominated Dos Santos the second time around.

      • marcus miles

        Cain dropped jds in the first round of the second fight with a straight right and that started the whole domination.

        • Lesnarenko

          from which JDS could not come back from.

          The whole round determined the outcome of the fight and JDS had no answer to Cain’s strategy which was blitzing your way in with quick head movement and going to takedowns at the end.

          • marcus miles

            yeah thats what i mean by starting the whole domination.

          • huntingmark

            Just wanted to add that it wasn’t a “lucky” punch that determined the outcome of the fight.

            It was the entire first round up to the point the punch connected.

          • marcus miles

            who said lucky punch??? Quit jumping to conclusion dude

    • Lucas Freire

      I really like Mark Hunt,and I really like K1 and kickboxing in general,but you guys have to understand that Dos Santos and Cain are on a whole different level of the division. Again,I’ll say,I REALLY like Mark Hunt,but I don’t see him winning standing against Dos Santos. Dos Santos is MUCH quicker than Struve,is someone that has an amazing footwork,and that’ll put the reach advantage into use.

      • Truth

        what you don’t seem to understand is the different striking disciplines.

        Cain and Dos Santos are primarily boxers. In their first match, Cain got caught b/c he was more flat-footed and tried to box w/ Dos Santos. In their rematch, Cain mixed it up more w/ his kicks and takedown attempts, which allowed him to control JDS all 5 rounds.

        Another example, see Nick Diaz vs. Carlos Condit. Diaz is a much better boxer than Condit, but got outpointed b/c Carlos varied his attack and landed more leg kicks.

        The issue here w/ Mark Hunt vs. JDS isn’t that JDS is a better striker, b/c he’s not. Hunt is the more technically sound, versatile striker than JDS. JDS is more proficient boxer.

        The REAL problem for Hunt is the height and reach advantage of JDS. As well as the speed of JDS. If JDS has good movement and doesn’t stand in front of Hunt, then he may be able to outpoint Hunt. If JDS also tries to use some wrestling on Hunt, then that’ll work in his favor. JDS also really needs to work on his cardio.

        • Lucas Freire

          huh…I don’t see what you said that adds something to what I said. All the fights you said don’t work as an example when you put a fight like JDS vs Hunt.
          As much technical as Hunt may be,he ain’t a dynamic striker as Dos Santos. And fighting with a 4 oz gloves doesn’t leave much space for stand-and-trade fights. That’s why I’m pretty confident that JDS will or outpoint or even knock out Hunt.

          Also,JDS has way more cardio than Hunt.

          • Lesnarenko

            yes..this is correct.

        • marcus miles

          Dude your high if you think a one two puncher like hunt is more tech than jds. i like hunt alot but he will get owned by jds. do you remember when jds controlled carwin for three rounds with a tech attack. carwin had one loss with all wins over top guys by ko. carwin was at that point a huge threat, more than Mark Hunt and jds owned him by controlling that fight by tech strikes. anything can happen but on paper at this point you cant guve hunt an advantage.

          • Lesnarenko

            one to punch??? Dude, wtf????

            Guys like Carwin that do not come from a boxing background but picked up boxing as part of MMA are NOT on the same level as Mark Hunt.

            I am not saying that Hunt will win. In fact, I am picking JDS for all of the reasons cited by others, namely, speed, athleticism, age, physical strength, reach and height.

            But Hunt’s techniques, especially his shoulder roll parries and other high-level striking skills, are top notch. It’s sad that you cannot see all the great boxing techniques that Hunt puts on. These are textbook techniques and Hunt holds a Ph.D. in it.

          • marcus miles

            The dude is a one two puncher is what i said. i didnt say he has no technique either. But ph.D. Gtfoh. if you threw him in the ring with a good pro boxer you would see his ph.D. Is from an online university.

          • huntingmark

            Good pro boxer in a pro boxing match…duh.

            Most pro boxers would get killed by Hunt in a K-1 match.

            You seriously sound like a TUF noob.

        • Lesnarenko

          well put.

          Hunt holds a Ph.D. in striking but Junior is a physical specimen. The speed, the physical strength, the size difference will play a factor for sure.

    • Lesnarenko

      Except, Cain didn’t really get in a striking war. He tried to be fast paced and unpredictable by charging in without worrying about takedowns and shooting in every time.

      Hunt will be more predictable and it’s the predictability that will be the difference.

  • John Bunch

    How do we go from Hunt saying he will take the fight, Dana saying no way the original fight stands at a later date, and suddenly Dana says Hunt turned it down (despite Hunt publicly saying he would step in) originally, but now he will take it? Anyway…could be an entertaining fight…Hunt will definitely make an easy target for JDS while giving it back. I know Hunt is not known for having a ground game, but I remember Fedor and Hunt ending up on the ground, and that didn’t go well for Fedor for a while. That being said, should make the cavemen fans happy that boo when a fight ends up on the ground for more than 15 seconds. I’ll definitely watch it.

  • liverlips

    This should be fun! Sure JDS is the better athlete, but Hunt still has a great chance at beating a fellow striker. If Junior allows him to land as man overhand rights as Nelson did, it’ll be sweet dreams. Plus, the Kiwi has an iron chin.

    • da

      That’s bulls***, he gassed out fighting JDS, not that great of an athlete

  • Juan Heide

    I gotta say, I don’t mind Hunt and I think he has been improving but he doesn’t really stand a chance. Junior will make Hunt look like a school child.

  • PhranktheTank

    I can’t see hunt winning this, but if he pulls off the upset, then what? He fights Cain and gets pounded out on the ground? Cain Velasquez is stylistically the worst possible matchup for mark hunt.

  • datdudechris…AGAIN!!!!

    I like this matchup i believe it will highly be contested on the feet for either guys this will be fight of the night or knockout of the night cant wait and i believe junior will win but for those who are counting mark out, mark is a k-1 level striker so… dont get it twisted should be an amazing fight!!!!!

  • Jason Spangler

    Hard to bet against Dos Santos, particularly due to his athleticism/movement. Still, a great match – particularly fun for those of us who have followed Hunt’s career. Hope it’s a really good one.

  • Gustav Minnie

    I like hunt but JDS will do to Hunt what he did to Carwin.

  • Ian

    All that said… Hunt will murder JDS. KO rd 1