Mark Hominick Returns at UFC 145

January 3, 2012
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Mark Hominick Yves Jabouin WEC 49
Mark Hominick will try to bounce back at UFC 145 in Montreal as he faces Eddie Yagin in a featherweight bout on the card.

UFC officials announced the new bout on Tuesday.

It was a tough trip to the Octagon for Mark Hominick at UFC 140 in his hometown of Toronto last month. After losing a tough five-round decision to featherweight champion Jose Aldo at UFC 129, Hominick was looking forward to bouncing back strong in his fight against “The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung.

Unfortunately, everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

Hominick found himself the victim of a flash knockout at the hands of Jung, who finished the fight in only eight seconds. Now the proud Canadian will head north to Montreal to try and get things back on track.

Facing Hominick in his home country will be former Tachi Palace Fights champion Eddie Yagin, who is also looking for a strong return after suffering a loss in his Octagon debut.

Yagin dropped his first fight in the UFC to Junior Assuncao last September, and will try to avoid back-to-back losses when he faces Hominick in March.

UFC 145 will take place on March 24 in Montreal with more fights expected to be announced for the card in the coming weeks.

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  • DrkDisciple

    The machine is very close to the danger zone. # loses in a row and you are history from the ufc. Anyways I dont see how he can lose against this guy!

    • afk

      He has a 5 round war with Jose Aldo, winning the final round of the fight, then goes on to get caught in less than 7 seconds and you think he’s in the danger zone because he has 2 losses in a row?

      Go read a book or something, chump, reality is clearly not for you! Why would the UFC cut a top 5 featherweight and one of the largest Canadian draws? Look at Dan Hardy; marketability and circumstances surrounding the fight matter a great deal. It’s not just 3 losses and you’re out.

      Here’s to hoping The Machine comes back strong and gets a chance to redeem himself in true Hominick fashion.

      • therealmo

        mark hominick is not top5 hes not even top 10

        • Cptmats

          If you realy believe that than you my friend are an idiot. Hominick is prob top three and def the best striker in the ufc !

          • DrkDisciple

            I guess the people running this site are also idiot since they dont have him ranked top ten. I guess they were not impressed by that quick knock out against the Korean Zombie.

  • DrkDisciple

    two loses are not the problem its the 3rd one that will be! Before you bash me for my posting go do a little research on how many guys got canned from the ufc after 3 str8ght loses….hominick is no top 5 contender and as far as being a top draw well give me a break. Next thing you will post is how Sean Peirson is also not in danger of getting canned and how he is a top draw!

  • D-rail

    Mark will be back. He’s learned his lesson, he got caught in da moment & then on da chin.

    • DrkDisciple

      Hope you are right. Mark is entertaining but he needs to get a winning streak on the go. Beating George Roop and Leonard Garcia is not enough to rank you top 10.