Mark Hominick Retires from Mixed Martial Arts

December 11, 2012
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Mark Hominick WEC 46Following more than 30 fights in his pro career including seven inside the UFC, featherweight contender Mark Hominick has announced his retirement from fighting.

The Canadian made the announcement via UFC Tonight on Tuesday.

“Over the last 11 years, I’ve followed my passion in the UFC. Now, I’ll say UFC 154 was my last fight in the Octagon as I’m retiring and moving on to next phase of my career. I have a young daughter at home and another on the way. I’ll always be involved in the sport. But I know the commitment I have to make. I have to make a commitment to this as I have to fighting in the past.” said Hominick.

Throughout his career, Hominick was always known as one of the most exciting fighters in the sport with knockout power and a surprising submission game.

His career took a rough turn over the last year and a half with Hominick losing his final four fights inside the Octagon, most recently dropping a decision to Pablo Garza at UFC 154.

Regardless of record, Hominick remained one of the most popular fighters in his home country of Canada, as well as one of the top featherweight draws in the sport.

Recently, Hominick has taken on a more prominent role as coach for his team in Canada after the passing of his close friend and former teacher Shawn Tompkins.

  • Solidmemory

    I wish him all the best. I thought he was going to take a break and come back strong but sometimes there things more important than fighting.

  • coxy

    gutted he’s awesome

  • jitzguy

    Man its tough to hear that Mark is retiring because of all the wars and excited fights he put on. I actually was lucky enough to meet him a little while after his title fight and he was incredibly nice to me and the most respectful fighter i have had the chance to meet. Good luck on your future plans Mark, it was an absolute privilege to watch you compete in the octagon.

  • Derek Lemaster

    Thanks for the great fights Mark!

  • Martin

    Wish him all the best. Mark NEVER disappointed. Dude has a ton of heart and was always classy. Sad to see him go but understand and hope he has continued success.

  • kbesq

    I’m upset to hear this news. It’s been so surprising to me to watch Hominick lose his last few fights. It wasn’t long ago that he was giving Jose Aldo the toughest fight he’s had in a very long time. His fight before that against Roop was a complete devastation. Such a well-rounded fighter. I hope he takes some time and reconsiders. I really think it’s a mental issue; not a talent issue.

  • vh8000

    Wish him all the best.

  • Tyme_5

    Hard to believe he loses 3 more fights in a row if Tompkins was still with us……Hopefully he can find the fire to compete again because he is just to young to retire imo. I wish him the best of luck if he does stay out, though. Always enjoyed watching him in the ring.

  • Best of luck Mark, All the best to you and your family, as you step back from fighting, and spending the rest of your best years with your family. It’s been great watching you fight in the past,, Cheers to a great man !

  • mrmike513ohio

    Man this was very unexpected.i dont get it.even with losing 5 straight i would rate him still as one of the top 4-5 fighters in the featherweight division in ANY organization. He just beat up aldo pretty good a while back. This is too early in my opinion but im not mark hominick. Sad to see him go. Great hands and very quick on his feet

  • uncle

    I hope he will come back a destroy sometimes you need
    time off to clear your head but if he wants to stay retired
    God bless him and his family good times

  • drkdisciple

    The guy was a warrior but recently his career took a turn for the worse…best wishes to him.

  • kennybro

    this is one of those guys who’s record you completely ignore. you just know he’ll put on a good show no matter how tough the competition. /sadface

  • Z

    I saw a couple of his fights live but the most memorable was one of his first fights in the UCC about 12 years ago at the Bob Guertin arena in Gatineau. He had all his buddies there cuz they chanting HOMINICK! HOMINICK! I remember Mark knocking his opponent out and that sent his buddies into a frenzy with a bunch of them running down to the hockey boards, jumping up on the glass and shaking it like crazy. It was a great fight and it’s a reason why I went to see a few more UCC fights around Quebec. Thanks for the memories Mark and best of luck with your most important job now, your children.