Manny Pacquiao Says Ronda Rousey is Too Strong for Floyd Mayweather

March 12, 2015
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Floyd Ain't No Ronda 750

Dana White has said it. Ronda Rousey has said it. And now Manny Pacquiao is saying it.

Ronda Rousey could beat Floyd Mayweather in a mixed martial arts fight.

The man vs. woman and boxing vs. MMA arguments have been beaten to death, but we’re trodding across the grave.

Well, it actually wasn’t us, it was an ESPN show called His & Hers that fired the question at an obviously uncomfortable Manny Pacquiao before he and Floyd Mayweather held a joint press conference on Wednesday to officially kick off their mega-bout.

But when asked if he felt Rousey could indeed defeat Mayweather in an MMA rules bout, the Pac-Man, unlike Laila Ali, didn’t feel the UFC champ was too small.


“I believe so,” he responded. “She’s strong. She’s strong enough to beat Floyd Mayweather in MMA.”

Pac-Man will find out firsthand just how strong Mayweather is when the two meet between the ropes on May 2 for their $200 million boxing match.

Manny Pacquiao’s His & Hers Interview

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