‘Manny Pacquiao is There’ for Conor McGregor if Floyd Mayweather Falls Apart

May 29, 2017

(Video courtesy of TMZSports | Viewing may be limited by broadcast rights restrictions)

Conor McGregor has been pining for a big money boxing match with Floyd Mayweather for the past couple of years. It’s as close as it’s ever been to becoming a reality, but that leaves a lot of room for it to fall apart.

If it does fall apart, Top Rank promoter Bob Arum is ready to jump in and fill the void. Well, not exactly. He actually wants to jump in and have Manny Pacquiao fill the void… if there is one.

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  • Roscoe Gauldin

    its nice that manny “is there”, but so isnt several LW contenders in the UFC.

    • Blobbejaan Blob

      True but Conor is focussing on boxing so it makes sense to find a boxer as replacement.

      • Sir_Roy

        Conor is focusing on the biggest payday he can possible have. If that meant competing in Sumo wrestling, so be it. Heck, he’d wrestle Cyborg in jello if it meant a 70 million dollar payday.

        • TheCerealKiller

          Him boxing is only attractive if it’s Floyd.

      • BazerkaBazerka

        Maybe he should give up his title instead of holding a second division hostage.

  • RinAr

    floyd jr is boring to watch inside the ring, pacman make sense against mccgregor inside the ring.

  • stalvey

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  • RiseLiberty

    Don’t matter. If it’s a UFC fighter going against any of these two world-class boxers and they’re using The Marquess of Queensberry rules, the UFC fighter is going down.