Manager Says Jon Jones May Never Return to the UFC

May 5, 2015
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Brock Lesnar is not going to fight in the Octagon ever again. Georges St-Pierre looks more and more by each passing day that he won’t return to the UFC. Anderson Silva says he’s coming back, but is mired in the midst of drug testing turmoil after results showed steroids in his system.

What if Jon Jones never returns? What if Jon Jones’ recent struggles necessitate that he work on himself instead of his career? What if Jon Jones just decides he’s had enough?

Jones is currently free on a $2,500 bond in Albuquerque, N.M. following a felony charge of Leaving the Scene of an Accident Resulting in Bodily Harm or Death. Jones allegedly ran a red light and smashed his rented SUV into a car, which, in turn, smashed into another car. The driver of the car he allegedly smashed into suffered a fractured arm and wrist. Jones then fled the scene on foot, reportedly without so much as checking to see if anyone was injured.

He currently faces the possibility of three years in prison if he is convicted.

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His longtime manager, Malki Kawa, said on Monday that when we watched Jones defeat Daniel Cormier at UFC 182, it might have been the last time that we’ll ever see Jones step into the Octagon.

Jon-Jones-UFC-126-Prefight_4718 750“He’s focusing on himself right now. It could very well be the last time we’ve seen Jon Jones in the Octagon,” Kawa said on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour. “I think Jon Jones is gonna focus on Jon Jones. I think he’s gonna take the time to do whatever he’s gotta do. And if it’s the last time we’ve seen him fight, it’s the last time we’ve seen him fight. I’m okay with that.

“If he ever doesn’t come back to the sport, it’s because he doesn’t want to come back to the sport. If it was because of too much pressure? Could be. If it’s because of the belt? Could be. If it’s because the competition is too much? It could be. Whatever he decides is the reason why he won’t come back to the sport, but it’ll be solely on him.

“I’m not gonna blame anything or anyone for anything Jon Jones does. And no one, at the same token, can take credit for anything Jon Jones does. Everything that’s Jon Jones’ is Jon Jones’. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Kawa went on to say that he understood the UFC’s decision to take action against Jones, but that’s not to say he agreed with it. He said he could understand some sort of suspension, but vehemently disagreed with stripping Jones of the UFC light heavyweight championship.

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While it certainly sounded like Kawa was leaning towards Jones stepping away from MMA, he said he was 50-50 on whether he felt Jones would walk away or not. He wouldn’t, however, lay the blame on the UFC or anyone else, if his client and friend eventually decides to never return to the UFC.

“If this is the last time we’ve ever seen him fight, and it very well may be, then it’s because of a decision he’s decided to make. It won’t be because of something you guys are perceiving to be a problem. It won’t be because of any of the negative headlines of the positive things he’s done. It’s just because he feels he’s had it. Maybe that’s it.

“But I really do believe at the end of the day, he’s the greatest of all time inside the Octagon. No one can take that away from him.”

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  • Sarge

    He’ll be back.

  • Mark McDowall

    The only thing he should be focusing on right now is himself…who gives a crap if he’s going to come back or not if he’s not removed his head from his butt and is going to continue to do dumb stuff…

  • I’ll believe it till I see it, other wise the manager needs to stfu, stop trying to play victim..A$$ hole !!!

  • Joe Dog

    I’m guessing he’s snorting copious amounts of coke as we ponder his return. He’ll be back. He will need a manager, like a guardian angel to accompany him 24/7 and tell him, “OK, scumbag, don’t blow that up your nose. Don’t screw that diseased hooker. Don’t drive after 12 beers” Etc….

  • DamianCross


  • keith

    Bye bye. UFC is better off.

  • Darin

    Did mmaweekly mess up the quotes or is Kawa as stupid as he sounds?

    The UFC will be just fine without Jones. Either Rumble or DC will make a far better champ.

    I would bet big that he will return eventually. He’s leaving on top and he will never see the kind of money he made from fighting in the UFC. Unless he finds another big source of income, the temptation to come back for at least one more payday will be too much to resist.

    • Sarge

      “The UFC will be just fine without Jones. Either Rumble or DC will make a far better champ.”

      both guys aren’t the draw that jon jones was. they won’t surpass the records he’s set while he was champion. i guarantee he can still make big bucks from his name alone.

      • earlsimmons

        Since when does records set have anything to do with popularity? Couture and Liddell, just to name 2, dont have the title defenses or other records jones set yet there were way bigger draws than JJ. Make money from his name? Youve got to be trolling. He lost all sponsors no one will want to sponsor a cocaine addict in the future. Only shot he has is writing a book about his experiences and he will make some money but its not going to be some earth shattering best selling multi million dollar deal.

        • Sarge

          Chuck Liddell was the face of the company. When people thought of mma back then, chuck Liddell immediately came to mind

          You’re just a hater. Take ur negativity elsewhere.

          • earlsimmons

            Exactly…so what does records have anything to do with anything? You just proved my point. Get educated kid.

          • Sarge

            Obviously you don’t follow mma so get lost you little troll.

          • earlsimmons

            Records mean nothing. Liddell, couture, diaz bros. None of them have records like JJ but all bigger draws. You are a moron bro. Just because Rumble isnt known to you fanboys yet doesnt mean he wont be. Keep trying kid.

          • Sarge

            couture, liddell and the diaz brothers all have name value just like jon jones. keep trolling away hater.

          • cheflacsto

            You should check your facts, I thought it was strange you mentioned these guys as bigger draws than Jones. GSP, Silva, and Lesnar are the bigger draws. Liddell only outsold him when he fought Tito, Couture only when he fought Brock, and Nick Diaz only when he fought GSP. Nate is not even on the list. So Liddell is the only one you got right, but now retired along with GSP and Brock. Silva is suspended, so Jones is the biggest draw they have. I wanted to see the fight because I believe Rumble has the set of skills needed to beat Jones.

    • James Williams

      Not to mention that people with poor judgment tend to burn through their money.

      Tyson made millions and kept how much of it? Ed McMahon being another case in point.

    • cheflacsto

      Jones or Rumble will not be a better champ, Jon was dominant and a big draw for the company. He will be back and most likely reclaim his title in his first or second fight back.

      • JGH

        Jones was/is unbelievably talented, but one thing I’ve observed in life is that NOBODY is irreplaceable and that has already been proven with UFC. All the big names say, in the last ten years, I can remember thinking that they are such a big draw card that it would be impossible to imagine them not being there. Yet, they aren’t there and they aren’t really missed, you may see them in flashback clips or doing commentary/interviews and it reminds you how good they once were, but ‘missed’ …no and in time it will be the same with JJ.
        @Sir Roy, I’ve heard others also mention Jones’ “self destruction”, but there lies the big problem, it wasn’t just “self” involved while he was on that mission, he hurt innocent people along the way.
        There are people that would nearly sell their souls for the athleticism and talent Jones’ has, not to mention the money, accolades. Jones has a gift that can’t be trained, bought or manufactured but it appears he couldn’t care less, if he did he would have really got help after the first car crash.
        He also has a partner, two healthy children and still knowingly chose to do the wrong thing. How sad that even his family don’t appear important enough for him to WANT to change.. What’s even more unpalatable about this, it wasn’t his first stuff up, he seems incapable of LEARNING past screw ups and that doesn’t bode well for his future.

        • cheflacsto

          There is no doubt that Jon created this storm upon himself, but I would like you to give me one example of a big draw that left as champion and the sport has been the same. I don’t even like GSP but the 170# division doesn’t sell like it used to, and the other guys were catching up to George and he more than likely would have been beaten by now. Jones was dominant over his division and there is no way it will be the same without him, eventually someone will come up and take the place of Jon, like you said no one is irreplaceable, but it doesn’t happen overnight.

          • JGH

            I agree that initially when a ‘big name’ or ‘popular’ fighter leaves it is temporarily felt, but overall the UFC then has big names/draws pop up. The void is eventually filled, like it is in any other sport when a megastar retires (or is retired/fired etc). Life goes on, one name doesn’t define any sport and it is easy in today’s climate to become yesterday’s news real fast.
            Even now, JJ’s names is on our lips, but we are mostly talking about his scandalous personal life intertwined with his brilliance as a fighter.
            I enjoyed watching GSP fight (many of my friends did not!), but you know, I can honestly say I don’t personally miss watching him. Maybe I’m as fickle as they come, but there you have it. It will depend on the match ups and how gritty/exciting they will be to how much JJ is missed. I really don’t enjoy a one sided fight as much as a back n’ forth fight that is close most of the way, so that’s what I hope for.

  • dgs

    “MANAGER SAYS JON JONES MAY NEVER RETURN TO THE UFC”… And with that, every 205 pounder in the UFC can now breath a collective sigh of relief; no one was going to beat Jones any time soon.

    I will miss seeing him fight. I think he is the closest thing we will see to a Bruce Lee kind of talent in the sport for many years to come. I have been watching MMA since its inception in this country (1993), and I have never seen a more gifted, talented, intelligent fighter in the sport. But ultimately, life is much more than sports/fighting, and so I wish Jones the best of luck in his next stage of this game called life.

    • Kris-tyahn

      waitWHAT?!? Did you compare Jon Jones to Bruce Lee?!? BAHAHHAHA! FYI: When Jones fought someone his own size, he looked average. Had Jones fought Johnson, that would have been interesting. Johnson would either Kknock Jones TFO within two rounds, or Jones would tire Johnson and win a 5 round decision. (Johnson may have connected with an anvil in the later rounds, but doubtful).
      Had Jones moved up to HW, he would lose to fighters like dos Santos, Cain, Werdum and Stipe etc.. Jones like Anderson, like Aldo fight much smaller opponents, but when they fight people their own size, they look average. Jones vs. Gus, Silva vs. Sonnen & Weidman.

  • Vineet Kamble

    Malki Kawa so focused on Jon Jones never returning to UFC that I believe Jones will soon return to octagon, fight one match against not so good fighters, climb up the rankings and eventually taking back his belt…

  • Sir_Roy

    Not all fighters are self aware enough to take the time off that they so obviously need. GSP is one of the rare ones who knew it was time to step away without being forced away.

    “Being the best” is ridiculous pressure to place on oneself and Jones was self destructing to escape it. One way or another, you either step back, or you crack. Jones was just about ready to implode.

    He needs a break. He needs time away from the spotlight. Time to grow up which he’s never really had. Champion at 23 years of age. That’s an ego trip just waiting to self destruct in the making.

    • earlsimmons

      stop making excuses. You are making it sound like the pressure of being the champ is the reason he did all this not because thats who he is. He didnt learn after the DUI he didnt learn after the cocaine he wont learn after this because that is who he is. He is a hypocritical turd. Lots of other champions in all sports face more pressure than he does and dont do anything even close to what he has done.

      • Sir_Roy

        Seems to you like all I’m doing is making excuses because you’ve about as much insight as a piece of turd. Your opinion on any matter is even less meaningful. Those who don’t know you yet will read and find my response a bit harsh … They’ll see that I’m actually being quite lenient before too long.

        • earlsimmons

          Yes thats it dont debate the substance but attack the messenger LOL. You are wrong again and dont have anything to say other than name calling. Typical lib.

  • Melinda

    Good riddance. Until he can get himself to an elevated space in his mind where he’s really able to focus on the sport, he’s no good.

    • Aaron Gustaveson

      He seemed pretty damn good to me.

  • Aaron Gustaveson

    I want to see the worlds best fighters, I dont care if they eat babies. But I understand that as a company blah blah blah . .

    • Jcballer

      Hahah, most of me thinks like that but I still think he should get a punishement, but If I had to pick, I’d say screw the punishment and put him against Johnson

      • burgerman7

        maybe he know he would be murderlized like what happen to gus. He must ve known it was a easy way out to keep his reputation alive. Johnson would have knocked him out within 2 mins im thinking

  • jimmy777

    “He’s focusing on himself right now”………….. NO CHIT, that was his problem in the 1st place, doesn’t give a chit about anyone but himself..

    • earlsimmons

      I thought the exact same thing. Instead of saying “hmmm how will all this affect my family” or “how will driving drunk affect another persons life or running a red light” he didnt care he wanted to drink and do drugs and have fun. Focusing on himself is what got him into all this trouble. Maybe its time he focuses on family, faith, community or something other than himself for once.

      • Bob Sacamanto

        HEY! I think we all know, that doing drugs is no fun, if we can’t drive around place to place doing more drugs. DUUUUUHHHHHH!

  • burgerman7

    he was never defeated he ridiculed everyone he fought, too bad he selfdestructed like MIke Tyson did. Oh well maybe he can bring prison mma into serious talk or something. Not all those guys can be that bad!

    • KJK

      “The Undefeated 2″….that’s funny.

  • snapdad

    the ufc should just make jones headline fightpass cards, where he will never be seen by another mma fan again.

    • shakejunt

      people are still mad over fightpass?

      • snapdad

        its funny how quick you respond when fightpass gets bashed. you are such a little b*tch.

        • shakejunt

          insults, that’s cute. everything alright at home/work, big guy?

          • snapdad

            lmao. I love how u leave these sarcastic responses, and then when someone negatively responds, you cry like you are getting picked on. like I said, you’re such a little b*tch. home/work is great. how’s mom’s house going? the two of you still unemployed? tell mamma to cook me something good tonight, im getting tired of ramon noodles.

          • shakejunt

            i’m glad we’re both getting some entertainment out of this, but you need new material.

            i just don’t see what’s so awful about fightpass. the dark ages were infuriating.

          • snapdad

            once again, too many fight cards equal lower quality fight cards. if u took all the main/co main events from the fight pass cards and put them on other cards, then these fight cards would not suffer. and when the fox deal started, we were getting a lot more fights than “the dark ages”. sometimes too much can be a bad thing. and I cant see how anyone would pay for prelim quality cards to watch on a computer screen. but that’s just my opinion.

          • shakejunt

            can’t expect the sport to grow if the number of events don’t and part of that is localizing some shows. gotta have the cream rise to the top by giving guys chances to prove they belong. if they can’t win, they won’t stay, but there are plenty of good fights on the prelims. you don’t “have” to watch it on a computer screen. it’s simple enough to chromecast or just hdmi wire it over to a tv.

  • wer

    So he may still come back to MMA… But not UFC in particular. Hmm, interesting!

    • cheflacsto

      He isn’t going anywhere else, these other promotions are garbage. You got Kendall Grove fighting for a title after 1 win. Jon would be bored fighting there, knocking people senseless in the first round.

  • Seth

    PR machine starts right…now. Buidling storyline about “social redemption of once great” in progress.


  • Ron Bennett

    “The negative headlines of the positive things he’s done”?

    Pardon me, sir, but of what do you speak?

    • KJK

      Seriously…yeah it’s the headlines fault…damn media ruining a bright professional future over a small thing….oh wait it was several things…none of which were small things.

  • Groinstrike

    CerialKiller is probably having a mental breakdown after reading this.

    • TheCerealKiller

      I’m good. This whole thing is a giant joke to try and prevent the NFL disaster of last year. He’ll get his ticket, like everyone else, and then come back and lose to AJ by KO. I just can’t stand the circus. Let the legal system do it’s job.

  • John Youwer

    No big loss. The guy is a idiot and a a-hole anyway. Sure the UFC will be fine without him. Dana still has his star token, smelly Rhonda.

    • TheMod

      No big loss? What a ridiculous statement.

  • cheflacsto

    Jones will be fighting the instant he is allowed to by law or the UFC. UFC will waste absolutely no time in offering him a fight and more than likely a title fight.

  • Skyler Harp

    first of all to all of you haters out there who does not like jon jones in my opinion is a idiot. The guy walked into the sport of mixed martial arts knowing really nothing besides his awesome Greco roman wrestling skills and whooped everyone’s ass and made it look easy. I have been watching jon jones before his ufc debut against andre gusmao and he has done what no one else could at a ridiculous age of only 23 so I am a die hard jon bones jones fan and after hearing what happened that fatefull sunday night. I was truly crushed he is the Greatest fighter of all time in my eyes. God bless you jon jones your the man.

    • polk14

      Go visit him, maybe you will get to suck his nuts in person. Jon is a glorified midget killer. He got his asss beat by the only fighter he ever fought near his size.

      • cheflacsto

        That is foolish, D.C. fought at heavyweight, and Glover is also a big 205. He makes the weight, give me a break.


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