Cowboy Cerrone Made it Personal with Anthony Pettis, Now He Gets to Answer For It

September 1, 2012
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Anthony Pettis is anxious to get back in the cage and settle a newfound rivalry with fellow former WEC fighter Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone.

The two fighters are on a collision course for a bout later this year, so it’s no longer a matter of if, it’s only a matter of when.

“That is the fight that’s going to happen. We’re currently working, trying to put together the avenue for which they’re going to fight. I would look for an announcement sooner rather than later for when that fight’s going to be,” Pettis’ manager, Mike Roberts of MMA Inc., told MMAWeekly Radio earlier this week.

“Hopefully it’s the sooner the better because Anthony can’t wait to get his hands on him.”

Cerrone has accused Pettis of “ducking” him in the past, and so now the two lightweights are headed for a fight later this year.

Pettis’ manager isn’t sure where the ducking comments came from or why Cerrone decided to make the fight personal, but he knows “Showtime” is more than happy to accept the challenge.

“For whatever reason, Cowboy made it personal. Maybe Cowboy’s got his reasons. Maybe Cowboy just wants to fight Anthony because he knows he’s tough. He says in all his interviews that he doesn’t think (Anthony) is (tough), and he’s going to show he’s overrated. Anthony’s like, ‘Well, wait a minute, I beat the guy that beat you twice; so you tell me,’ but whatever the reason, Anthony is more than willing at any time to fight Cowboy Cerrone,” said Roberts.

“Cowboy made it personal, now he gets to answer for it.”

With the year’s remaining fight cards filling up fast, an announcement about the Pettis vs. Cerrone fight should be forthcoming soon, but there’s no doubt it will definitely be a grudge match when they finally square off inside the Octagon.

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  • pooby

    Great Fight! Thanks, Joe Silva.

    (Now watch one of these guys get injured and Clay Guida step in…

    • me vs you

      if that happens, i’m going to shit myself laughing.

    • somecokehead

      no doubt!!

  • Hurry up already! I can’t wait see this fight.

  • rsnowbass

    Still rather see Pettis vs Diaz…but this will do.

  • Pettis will beat Cerrone then Pettis will face the winner of Diaz vs Bendo. I’m a big Diaz fan but rooting for Pettis through this series.

    • markrenton

      Pretty excited about the LW match ups that we have coming up and I am just praying that no one gets hurt. I also think that Pettis is going to beat Cerrone, but you never know. I feel like their fight might end up looking like a Muay Thai match.

      I was never a big Nate Diaz fan, but in the last year he has taken his game to another level and has really impressed me. After what he did to Cerrone and Jim Miller, I think that Nate is going to beat up Ben Henderson and take the belt.

  • adriana

    Josee- my sentiments exactly 🙂

  • diazfan209

    i just want to see him jump off the cage and kick cowboy in the face!

  • maddawgmar

    As I play this fight out, this is probably the most evenly matched fight on paper. Both have excellent stand up with a solid ground game. Pettis has more dynamic striking and Cerrone has better fundamentals. I gotta go with Cerrone in this one.

  • This fight is awesome. Nothing better then 2 real guys who are asking for each other. Can’t wait. And I know it may be off topic but I wouldn’t mind seeing Aldo and Pettis. That fight really intrigues me. (Yes if Aldo beats Edgar and moves up)

  • I think Pettis might have moved down to fight Aldo months ago if it hadn’t been for Koch.

    Back on topic, this is really a great match-up. I am a fan of both Cerrone and Pettis and hope they put on a hellofa show

  • triangle choke

    I love this fight. I sure hope one of them doesn’t get injured or Chael Sonnen might ask to step in as a replacement. :))