Manager Confirms Michael Chandler Fought with Injured Back; Wants Rematch, Not Patricky Pitbull

June 9, 2014
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Michael ChandlerRumors to the contrary, Michael Chandler isn’t looking to move on from his Bellator pay-per-view loss to Will Brooks. He wants the rematch, not a fight with two-time Bellator tournament finalist Patricky “Pitbull” Freire.

Chandler lost a five-round split decision to Brooks, which cost him the interim lightweight championship. The decision was controversial at best, and followed a split-decision loss to Eddie Alvarez in November.

Sources after the fight told that Chandler had fought Brooks at less than his full capacity, something he alluded to during a recent interview with content partner The Great MMA Debate Podcast.

“My last fight, physically not being able to be the fighter that everybody wanted to see that night and go out there and lose a fight — be it controversial, be it not controversial — I want to be able to go out there and avenge that loss,” Chandler said, also affirming that he wanted another shot at Brooks.

“I’d love to be able to go out there and put a stamp on the fight with Will Brooks and beat him on a night and then go out there and finish that trilogy with Eddie Alvarez.”

Chandler’s manager, David Martin of the Martin Advisory Group, declined comment on the injury rumor at the time and only stated that he was hopeful his fighter could get healthy and earn the rematch he believes he deserves with Brooks later this year. recently followed up with Martin, who confirmed the fighter was dealing with some back issues prior the fight and actually had to get checked out at the Sanford Medical facility in South Dakota prior to his bout with Brooks.

It would have been easy for Chandler to succumb to the back issues and drop off the card, but the Bellator pay-per-view had already lost his original opponent in Alvarez, who had to withdraw due to suffering a concussion in training.

Chandler’s desire to still take the fight and stay on the card after the Bellator pay-per-view was dealt such a heavy blow outweighed the injury.

Chandler is now resting and ready to book his next fight, although Martin denied rumors that his fighter was interested in returning to action in September against Patricky Pitbull as rumors have suggested.

“Michael Chandler stepped up and took the fight against Will Brooks when Bellator needed him and the decision that night was controversial at best,” Martin said.  “We believe Michael deserves a rematch with Brooks and that’s exactly what he wants for his next fight.”

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  • Seth

    Yeah…its not like Brooks took Mike’s back at will, or owned him for majority of the fight…nah, it was totally controversial. Mike won that fight, same way as Diego Sanchez won his last fight…

    • Wolf Ticket

      You probably meant Will won that fight same way as Diego (a nice gift from the judges), right?

      • Seth

        Lol? Only moment when Mike came close to winning that fight, was that knockdown. Will should get round 3 easily 10-8. Mike had rounds 1 and 2 for him 10-9, I admit that. But Round 3 for 10-8 for Will, 4 and 5 10-9 for Will. Even if you want to score round 3 10-9 for Will, then you have 3-2 anyway for Will. Knockdown in last minute and FAILED submission attempt do not win you a round, where you were owned for 4 minutes by your opponent.

        • dooby287

          The only two losses for chandler have been fights were he was robbed by the judges. That being said if Eddie is healthy he should fight will Brooks if Eddie is not healthy then Brooks and chandler should rematch. Also bellator. Needs to make a clause where if you have won a tournament you can enter shorter tournaments or have instant title shots it would help keep champions busier and would make easier injury replacements.

          • Seth

            You are aware of the fact that Eddie has one more fight with Viacom and he’s done with them? He made it clear – he fulfills current agreement and he’s gone. No more stupid bs with “matching rights” or anything. So if he fights Brooks next – as he should, since Chandler lost – then we can kiss that trilogy goodbye.

  • Mario Hampton

    If he had a injured back, he shouldnt have fought. Then dont fight, and bitch about it when you lose….

  • TheCerealKiller

    He had to fight injured because Bellator stinks so bad that they had nothing without him. He risked his health and career for this crap company! Bellator is a TV show, keep it that way. You don’t have to star power for PPV.

  • Dan

    Dana Should buy this company.

    • Mark McDowall

      Why?? Besides Alverez what do they have??? A bunch of hasbeens…some never will be’s…some never were’s….not worth the purchase price. I would let them fold on their own and then cherry pick who they want.

  • Maddawgmar

    Sorry sweetheart. You take the risk of fighting injured, you must suffer the consequences. So basically he wants to tie up the division longer now. There is an interim champion that will fight the current champion when he is ready, a tournament champion that is waiting to fight that winner. Fight through the tournament, and get your shot. After a two straight losses you don’t deserve another shot at the title. Who do you think you are, Nick Diaz?

    • TheCerealKiller

      Come on, he’s on a 2 fight losing streak! He deserves the UFC belt!

      This minor league drama is killing me.

  • Mark McDowall

    If an injury is so bad that it is the direct cause of the loss…then you shouldn’t have been in the fight in the first place. Or don’t be a girl and say that is the reason you lost…

    • Wolf Ticket

      He won that fight if you saw it. And how does saying he was not 100% make him a girl? You’re such a tough guy, too bad not all MMA champions are as tough as you.

      • TheCerealKiller

        No, I’m pretty sure he lost.

      • Mark McDowall

        If you make the decision to fight with an injury that’s your choice…if you made the wrong choice and you loose then you have no one to blame but yourself. Tito is famous for this…and it’s a lame excuse to explain someone getting beaten.

  • mmalive

    Chandler should have not taken fight on short notice.

    Bellator DOES NOT give a crap about him.

    If he was injured then why risk the Interm Title?

    Makes not sense.

    Chandler has no one to blame but himself. Fighting injured and losing.

    On a related note: Who else is left for Alverez? Chandler and?

    Both Alverez, Chandler, Brooks, Fiere should jump ship with Bellator.

    The Bellator ship is SINKING FAST!!!