Make No Bones About It, Frank Mir Will Take JDS to the Mat (UFC 146 Video)

May 23, 2012
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Frank Mir UFC 107Former UFC heavyweight champion  has always taken a rather blunt approach to assessing not only his opponents, but also himself, and things are no different when he talks about his pending fight with current UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos at Saturday night’s UFC 146 in Las Vegas.

“He’s good on his feet. Obviously the fight starts there, but if I could get the fight to the ground, I’m not waving the guy up,” Mir stated matter-of-factly.

That’s not to say that Mir doesn’t think he can stand and trade with dos Santos; he’s worked hard to round out his game. But on Saturday, if Mir can get his Brazilian foe to the mat, you better believe it will happen.

Check out this and what else Frank Mir had to say at Wednesday’s UFC 146 open workouts in Las Vegas…

  • maddawgmar

    Love him or hate him, Frank tells it like it is. Bottom line is Frank wants the fight on the ground JDS wants it standing. We’ll see how it turns out Saturday night.

  • dgs

    There have been others who wanted to take JDS to the ground, and all have failed. Easier said than done. However even if Mir gets him to the ground, what then? Just because no one has seen JDS’s ground game does not mean he doesn’t have one.

    I really like Frank Mir, but I think he has very little chance of winning this fight. His submission skills are excellent, and there is always a chance he could pull off a sub, but somehow I don’t see it happening.

    My prediction, Mir is KO’d within two rounds. But that is the beauty of MMA, anything can happen, and if Mir wins I will be happy for him.

    • Triggerman99

      It’s true we haven’t seen JDS’s ground game, so we don’t really know what he’s got. But we have seen Mir’s, and he is one of the best in the world. IMO it’s a pretty safe bet that if Mir can get dominant position on the ground, it’s not gonna end well for JDS.
      Correct me if I am wrong (I don’t mean that rhetorically, I just really am not sure) but I think the only guy that has actively tried to get JDS to the ground was Nelson. He’s mostly fought strikers, and the guys with wrestling backgrounds (Carwin, Velasquez) seemed content to stand with him.
      Either way, it would be foolish of Mir to not make every effort to get this to the ground.

      • Lesnardo

        You are wrong. It’s not that Carwin and Cain DID NOT try to get the fight to the ground. Rather, they COULDN’T get the fight to the ground.

        In the world of MMA’s elites, you can’t just shoot from across the cage. This is not the Mark Coleman era. Cain and Carwin both tried to set things up but couldn’t even get out of the first gear.

        Cain and Carwin each has way better takedown then Mir.

        • Jay32

          Well with regards to ( Carwin and Velasquez ), both fighters were confident in their stand up. They also had game plans to work striking and establish it, then attempt take downs. That’s pretty much a golden rule amongst wrestlers.

          The major problem with trading strikes, is the fact you leave yourself open for taking punches. Which in both fights JDS took full and complete advantage of it, before either could really establish their game plan.

          Frank Mir, talks about how JDS hasn’t submitted as many people, therefore his ground game is not as good. No, his stand up is just that good he does not need to rely on submitting fighters. Why mix things up with Carwin ( Better Wrestler ) on the ground when you are completely controlling the fight on the feet. That has nothing to do with lack of BJJ, and everything to do with patience and game plan.

          Mir talks about getting the fight to the ground and keeping it there. Well, JDS spent almost a good year if not more training for Lesnar/Carwin and Velasquez, which are without a doubt the cream of the wrestling in the HW division. Mir frankly has a better chance of winning the lottery then he will taking JDS down, let alone trying to keep him there.

          • Triggerman99

            Very good post. Agree with everything you said.
            Cain and Carwin likely did in fact have a game plan in effect to get the fight to the ground, but like you said; step 1 of that gameplan didn’t really go as planned, so step 2 never came to fruition.
            I don’t think Mir can get it to the ground. In fact, I’m almost positive he can’t (unless he somehow manages to rock JDS and put him on Bambi legs). I’m just saying that if he does, and gets good position on him, JDS is in a world of trouble. I don’t think his jits is good enough that- if Mir gets position on him- he’s going to be able to defend himself for long.

    • Drock420

      Actually Gonzaga was able to takedown JDS but couldn’t keep him there, that being said if Mir does manage to get the fight to the ground, I see JDS getting right back up. IMO JDS takes this fight by TKO/KO!

  • Lesnardo

    Mir is delusional. He is so arrogant too.

  • joan

    JDS have a bjj black belt, so taking him to the ground will only be half the battle.

    • maddawgmar

      JDS got his Black Belt from Nogiera, and Mir submitted Nog. Theres black belts, and then there are elite black belts. Mir is on another level on the ground. I agree that Mir will have a tough time getting the fight there, but if it does then Mir has a gigantic advantage.

  • TKD

    JDS by knockout in the third.

  • D-rail

    Mir ain’t getting past the first round of combos JDS will throw.

    • Lesnardo

      I agree.

      I wonder why someone the people here actually think mere has a GOOD chance of winning. Good chance meaning about 40%.

      • Triggerman99

        I don’t give him a good chance; certainly not 40%. I’ll go maybe 25% chance. Though I would more than double that if the fight goes to the ground. But I don’t think it’s gonna happen.

  • brianhussey

    Takedown won’t be from shoot but from clinch…