Mac Danzig to Forgo UFC on Fox 9 Sponsorships in Statement Against Uninvested Advertisers

December 12, 2013
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20-Mac-Danzig-UFC-on-FOX-8-wWhile many competitors have their gripes about trying to obtain sponsors for their fights, Mac Danzig is of the opposite frame of mind.

In an attempt to make a statement about companies that he said don’t care about fighters, Danzig will forgo sponsorships for his fight at UFC on Fox 9.

“I’m doing everything on my own, and I’m making this statement with this fight, and I’m not having any sponsors other than my gym.” Danzig said at the pre-fight press conference. “That’s more of a personal thing, over the years just tired of being a billboard for some of these companies that don’t really have a vested interest in the individual fighter.”

Danzig admitted that some might consider it “silly to blow off money,” but added that the income is not his chief concern. The fighter, who also said that he handles his MMA dealings without the use of a manager, said competing in the UFC is the bigger picture. Being part of the world’s leading MMA promotion is No.1 in Danzig’s book.

“They’re just about slapping a logo on your butt and sending you on your way,” Danzig said of companies looking to buy sponsorships. “I’m not going to play that game this time. We’ll see next time, but I just wanted to do things on my own this time. Maybe it’s silly to blow off money, but at the same time I’m happy to be part of the UFC. That’s the main thing, other than supporting someone who doesn’t really care about me.”

Danzig is scheduled to fight Joe Lauzon at UFC on Fox 9, which will take place at the Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento, Calif. The two were originally part of the evening’s undercard, but several injuries to other fighters and card shuffling bumped their bout to the main broadcast on Fox.

Danzig said the move to the main card is a great chance to showcase his skills, but it’s mostly inconsequential. Instead, it’s all about the moment, no matter where on the card one fights.

“It doesn’t really matter to me,” he said. “Just fighting in the UFC alone, whether it’s the first fight of a prelim on a smaller show or whether it’s the main event of a pay-per-view, it doesn’t really matter. It’s just about the fight itself and the moment itself.”

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  • Briggs

    I respect his decision, but I don’t really know what this is proving.. because what is a sponsor really going to do to show that they care about the fighter other than paying him?

    • Maddawgmar

      Yeah, their only supposed to provide you money in exchange to advertise. Most fighters this is how they live between fights by sponsorship money. If he doesn’t need sponsor money to live comfortably, then good for him.

  • I would gladly sponsor any fighter but then again I am a start up business. However I would personally offer any help with nutrition and training information, offering gear and doing my best to give any sound advice. I think the only thing to do is for fighters and companies to build a close relationship other then just writing a check. Great for Mac and all but I wish he went into detail what more he would be looking for.

  • Gary Fredericks

    I think Mac may test positive for marijuana metabolites for this fight….maybe even CRACK! The sponsors are SPONSORS not caretakers or besties! They’re paying the fighter for ad space because of the exposure they get while fighting in the UFC. How does that translate to not caring???

    • fsunoles10

      obviously there is a little more to it than that, we dont know what happens behind the scenes but dude is forgoing money for something so who knows.

      • Maddawgmar

        But think about it, what does an ad executive for a large company care about a fighter? They are in it to get their name out there. Now I’m sure they offer other incentives than just a paycheck. But this isn’t Michael Jordan, they aren’t going to give this guy his own Mac Danzig line. Could you imagine if MMA Elite apparel came out with a line of Mac Danzig apparel? To get he level of treatment I think he want, you have to be a marketable name.

    • Chicago

      you think the fighter that is a vegan, smokes crack? I’ll take that bet.

      • Gary Fredericks


        A mocking, often ironic or satirical remark, usually intended to wound as well as amuse. Adjective: sarcastic.

        • Chicago

          You know how to define it, and use it in conversation but not pickup on it. I clearly used my own stupid sarcastic comment to comment on your stupid sarcastic comment. what are you smoking crack? you see? more sarcasm.

  • MacSucks

    Mac has always been as stupid as they come. Yeah he won TUF but hey that amounts to nothing if you can’t even become a contender – and now you’re whining about sponsors “not caring” LOL this guy is hilarious!

  • TigOlBitties

    Jeebus, this Danzig is an idiot. Take the money and apply it yourself, you moron. Or was he saving face with this nonsense after realizing that nobody would pay his mediocre ass anything substantial?

  • Mike mckinney

    I found it a bit odd that mark hunt didn’t seem to have any sponsers. Only thing on his shorts was a UFC logo, and I never saw a team banner for hunt or silva. I’m sure the UFC logo could very well be a sponser deal, but it stood out to me there wasn’t anything else. Not sure why.

  • Big Tuna

    News flash Mac…no one “really” cares about you in the business world

    • Bucket of Chicken

      No one cares about your opinion period.

      • drkdisciple

        people care even less about yours you pathetic loser!

        • Bucket of Chicken

          I think it’s time you come out of the closet.

  • Milosc

    Not everyone has a price tag hanging off their necks

    For those who do: I’m sure Danzig’s actions shine light on what few can bear to see. (The strongest of hates, is what men have for themselves)

  • reality of the situation

    what he said: “im not going allow any sponsors on my stuff for this fight. BUT WE WILL SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT TIME”
    what he means: “since i dont have a manager and I didnt have the desire to call around begging people for money to put a post-it size patch on my shorts that nobody will even really see or care about, I wasnt able to get any money. Because the few companies that have sponsored me in the past got tired of spending $1000 for a patch on my shorts and my main sponsor wasnt willing to pay me the $2000 i usually ask for to wear their tshirts.”
    thats reality folks. Many of the fighters in the UFC right now are charging thousands just to put on a tshirt. They do nothing other that wear it. They dont promote the business. They dont try to build its buyer base by talking about the line in video blogs or posts or even in interviews. But they expect to be handed money. Unless you are a main card draw who spends tons of time promoting his sponsors then you are no longer worth the total loss of income.

    • r

      How much for some space on your forehead? I would like to print “MORON” right in the middle.

  • put me in the sauna coach

    Danzig is an interesting guy…definitely a free thinker. An exciting fighter ..look forward to him and Lauzon.

  • Jon Holden

    Maybe he’ll cry if he loses, like he did in his last fight…