M-1 Global Says Fedor’s Contract With Showtime, Zuffa Buyout Has No Effect

March 12, 2011
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If the MMA world is wondering what happens with M-1 Global and Fedor Emelianenko now that Strikeforce has been purchased by Zuffa, wonder no more.

UFC president Dana White specifically pointed out in his interview with MMAFighting.com that he would honor all contracts currently in place with Strikeforce, including Fedor Emelianenko, the Russian’s management team at M-1 Global has their own take on the situation.

M-1 Global’s Evgeni Kogan told MMAWeekly.com on Saturday that Fedor is under contract with Showtime, and they look forward to fulfilling that deal.

“Fedor’s contract is with Showtime Networks Inc. and we’re excited to be working with such a premium North American outlet,” Kogan said.

M-1 Global, which also promotes events, recently signed a new TV deal with Showtime as well. They debut on the network on March 25.

Kogan pointed out that the new deal between Zuffa and Strikeforce effects nothing in their own deal with Showtime.

“The purchase of Strikeforce doesn’t affect M-1 at all,” Kogan stated. “Our TV deal is with Showtime and we’re happy. It’s business as usual for M-1 Global as we close into our March 25 event.”

White stated on Saturday that he believes Strikeforce’s current deal with Showtime runs for approximately two more years. Regardless of any other contracts in place, Zuffa remains committed to running Strikeforce as a separate entity.

Strikeforce has yet to comment about the deal to sell to Zuffa. MMAWeekly.com reached Director of Communications Mike Afromowitz on Saturday, but he stated that Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker is currently unavailable for comment.

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  • M-1 is bad for the sport.

    Showtime better be careful, the Fedor/M-1 machine has killed every company they have “partnered” with.

    • armendo420

      that is true but those were lil companys nd this is the ufc not even fedor could fuck wit that!!!

    • wonggfan

      True, M-1 has killed every company.

      Organizations like M-1 is good for the fighters, AND in the long run good for the sports and fans.

      Fedor has been the only fighter that fucked with the UFC. Look at guys like Tito. He really can’t fuck with the UFC. Same goes for GSP/SILVA, they can’t do what Fedor did, which is going out there and creating your own organization.

      Make Overeem vs Cain happen!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • “Organizations like M-1 is good for the fighters, AND in the long run good for the sports and fans.”

        Take a look at boxing and rethink that statement.

        • wonggfan

          “Take a look at boxing and rethink that statement.”

          First, the free agent model in boxing actually launched competition in boxing. Fighter oriented business model, fighters making more money, which attracts new talent, and in the end higher quality of boxers.

          The corruption in boxing killed the sport. And also pressure from MMA as well, in the last decade.

          As a fan you don’t have to worry about guys like Heath Herring or Keith Jardine. But what will happen to those guys?

          De La Hoya makes $10million + per fight. What about the UFC guys?

          • ShockednAwed

            I think you’re speaking under the assumption Fedor is the top-man in M1, and there’s no concrete evidence of that. For all we really know, he could be more screwed than a UFC-curtain jerker by his management. So it’s debatable as to whether or not he’s making DeLaHoya money.

            M1 is bad for the sport, not because they could be a rival for UFC, but because they’re a third-party management group. They don’t act as mere agents for the talent, which would be different – they hold a contract, and then want to subcontract that talent under their own conditions.

            It’s illegal for this situation in the world of soccer, and clubs that did participate in dealings with a third-party manager in recent years got severe punishments. It’s more like pimping than offering agency services.

            And last I remember, Jardine was fighting for Shark Fights anyway. I doubt they’re on Zuffa’s radar for a takeover anytime soon. 😀

  • @ wonggfan

    The “free agent model” in boxing made only a few of the very top guys (and their managers) money. What it did more than anything else was make people greedy as hell and prevent good fights from happening on a consistent basis.

    It’s the same thing with the whole Fedor – M1 mess. While operating in a “stand alone” capacity they’ve managed to make a good amount of money but have failed to provide us with any meaningful fights. When’s the last big Fedor fight that people were excited for? Sylvia? Arlovski? That’s over 2 years ago. He should have been fighting in the UFC or at the very least giving the fans the fight they wanted to see with Overeem. Instead he’s fighting Brett freaking Rogers, Werdum and Antonio Silva. WTF?????????

  • wonggfan

    In terms of fight salary, undercards in boxing still make more money than undercards in the UFC.

    Imagine the NBA as one organization owning all the players. A player who is dissatisfied with his salary cannot seek an alternative.

    Anyone who understands basic economics should know that monopolies are not good for consumers. Fighters cannot shop around. Their salary becomes stagnant. And the sport cannot attract new talent.

    Your sentiments about not seeing your dream fights is irrelevant. The main reason why your dream matches cannot occur is because the UFC, using its monopoly power, refuses to cross-promote.

    Cross-promotion + multiple organization = the best for the consumers in the long run.

    I am gonna predict something. Some idiot here is going to make the following shit argument: “But UFC doesn’t co-promote because it doesn’t need to. Why would UFC promote? Therefore, the blame is on small organizations like M-1, Dream, Sengoku, and Strikeforce!”

    If you can’t see why the above argument is irrelevant, I don’t see how I can help you.

  • wonggfan

    I never said Fedor makes De La Hoya money. In fact, I was saying the opposite.

    Although unclear, Fedor is most likely a part owner of M-1. He doesn’t make De La Hoya money but probably has made more money than anyone in MMA.

  • Under card salaries are right on par with one another and the NBA in a sense does own all the players.

    The UFC = the NBA, NFL, MLB…….

    • wonggfan

      “in a sense”…not really.

      MMA would be more like the NBA if SF, UFC, Dream, Sengoku, and other organizations could cross-promote as if they were Lakers, Pistons, Knicks..etc.