Lyoto Machida Will ‘Probably’ Face Dan Henderson in His Next Fight

September 28, 2012
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Lyoto Machida at UFC 129Two light heavyweight title hopefuls still appear headed for a collision with one another instead of facing champion Jon ‘Bones’ Jones.

Current plans are in place for former champion Lyoto Machida to face Dan Henderson next with the winner likely getting a shot at Jones at some point in 2013.

The fight first materialized a couple of weeks ago, and while no official announcements have been made regarding the fight, UFC President Dana White once again stated that their intention is to have Machida face Henderson next.

“Machida will probably fight Dan (Henderson). Still working it all out,” White told a group of reporters in England on Thursday.

The ‘working it all out’ part may stem from Jon Jones’ arm injury and when he will be able to return to action.

All signs are pointing towards Jones’ injury not being serious, and if that’s the case the UFC may opt to put him back in the cage in a main event fight sooner rather than later. If that happens Jones will need an opponent, and Henderson still falls as the most likely choice.

Jones and Henderson were set to square off in the main event of UFC 151 in early Sept, but a knee injury forced Henderson off the card and the entire show was cancelled shortly thereafter.

While no definitive plans are in place, if Jones is expected to take a little extra time off with the injury then it’s like Machida vs. Henderson would move ahead as planned.

  • This fight is even better b/c Jones need to fight a legit contender for the belt. No offense to other challengers. But these two are on the top of the list and the winner of this puts aside any questions on whether or not they deserve a rematch or a shot at Jones. Great style fight.

    • MaritalArtist

      I agree that it would be a great style fight, but I don’t want to see it. Jon is running out of fights at LHW (unless that’s his intention for 2013… To move up). He needs to fight hendo, then either machida or the winner of Rua/Gustaf. If he’s still healing, then sure, have hendo and machida fight.

  • I would make Jones vs Hendo to do a title fight that will be big that isn’t a rematch, then put

    Lyoto vs Gus for #1 contender

    Shogun vs Rampage for the fans

    and mma fans would say “wow that Hunter guy is giving us great fights yippie!!!”

    • Mario

      Alexander Gustafsson is fighting Shogun next. That fight could potentially be a number one contender fight too depending on the outcome.

      I agree that Jones vs Henderson is the fight that should happen. Dan Henderson shouldn’t have to re-earn his title shot, even Jones stated he wants him next.

      Lyoto should rematch Rashad.

  • michellecalhoun

    Now this fight I look foward to. Imagine Machida on the recieving end of the H-Bomb.

    • You’re going to have to “imagine” … that ish ain’t happening.

  • I don’t think Hendo should have to re-earn his title shot…

    Honestly neither of these potential fights excite me. I think Hendo and Shogun need to hang it up, Michida needs to go to MW and guys like Gustafsen, Tiexera, Bader etc need to start paving the way for the LHW division.