Lyoto Machida vs. Gegard Mousasi Expected to Headline UFC Fight Card in Brazil

November 1, 2013
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Lyoto Machida UFC 157 Pre 6-478x270Gegard Mousasi asked and he received.

Lyoto Machida and the former Strikeforce and DREAM champion will face each other at a UFC fight card on Feb. 8 in Jaraguá do Sul, Brazil, confirmed with sources close to the fight on Friday and then the UFC later announced the fight as well.

Mousasi asked for the Machida fight following the former UFC titleholder’s recent win over Mark Munoz at UFC Fight Night 30, in which he landed a headkick to win by knockout.

“I want to make an impact in the middleweight division and to fight the best contenders out there,” Mousasi told last week. “I respect Machida and would like to test my stand-up against him. I believe a fight between us would determine the No.1 contender in the middleweight division. ‘The Dream Catcher vs. The Dragon’ sounds good to me. Let’s do it.”

Machida’s fight with Munoz was his debut at middleweight, and left notice that “The Dragon” is a formidable opponent for anyone at 185 pounds. UFC president Dana White commented on wanting to match him up with Vitor Belfort, but Machida’s camp was subsequently quoted as saying they didn’t believe Belfort would agree to the matchup, according to a report from UFC Tonight.

With Belfort out of the picture, Mousasi gets his wish.

For Machida, the fight is the first of a new eight-fight deal with the UFC. His manager, Ed Soares, later informed of the deal, saying that they are “very happy” with the new contract. It is certainly a welcome turn of events for Machida, who, at 35 years of age, is in the twilight years of his career.

The last time the UFC came to Jaraguá do Sul was earlier this year, a UFC on FX card headlined by Belfort and Luke Rockhold.

The Machida vs. Mousasi showdown is expected to headline the Feb. 8 card, according to sources. No other match-ups have been confirmed for the card.

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  • bajafox

    Great matchup, 205 is getting spread thin now that the smaller 205ers are making the move to 185

    Hopefully the LHW division doesn’t end up like the HW division with one obvious dominant champ and one obvious #2 with nobody close to them

  • mrtim30

    Funny that no one wanted to go to 185 until Silva got slapped. All keen now to run away from Jones

    • Jones is a legend.

    • Lucas Freire

      MW is the weakest division, they said.
      It’s paper thin, they said.

  • MaritalArtist

    Gegard is a beast.

  • Kenny Powers

    Damn this is a heavy fight. I think MW should go:

    Vitor – Next title shot (if he beats Hendo)

    • No Tin Kennedy in the picture? Kennedy/Philippou sounds much better IMO.

      • Kenny Powers

        That could work too, but Kennedy’s fighting Natal, and Philippou’s coming off a loss. If Kennedy wins they’ll probly set him up against Boetsch.

  • fsunoles10

    should be a nice scrap, cant wait.

  • Jay Mcgarrity

    Good fight but I would’ve rather seen this later down the line as a winner gets a title shot fight. Both of these guys could likely see a title shot in 2 more wins. Would’ve liked to have seen Mousasi vs Jacare and Bisping vs Machida with the two winners fighting for next title shot. Let’s face it, Vitor is probably going to be injured again before he sees another title shot. It is likely that Jacare could see a title shot after his next win though, depending on who his opponent and if we don’t end up seeing an immediate Silva vs Weidman 3 fight.

    A lot of respect to Mousasi for asking for this fight though. I can’t think of many fighters who can honestly say “hey I want Machida”. If there’s a guy out there who can stifle your path to a title shot it’s Machida. This could very well end up being one of those be careful what you wish for scenarios…

    • julian moran

      Mousasi already beat Jacare.

      • Jay Mcgarrity

        yea like 5 years ago though, they are both so much better now. I’m sure they will meet again at some point as long as they stay injury free.

  • I hope all the fans are happy because I seen a lot of people asking for this. Sounds like a great fight that makes sense. Big fight for both guys. Very important for the division as well. The MW division is the most dangerous and is still deep. It only seemed lacking talent because Silva was destroying everybody. If Anderson beats Weidman he should stay at MW and take on a few more guys.

  • julian moran

    Mousasi is a bad match up for Machida.

  • Mr Pete

    Whats the deal with all the Gegard fan club? are we forgetting Gegard is the same guy that was taken down repeatedly by “the Dean of Mean”, got muscled for 5rds by Lawal and couldnt even finish a 5’8 205 tomato can training partner. who has he beat that warrants this Fandom? Souza and that fluke upkick? which prior to that was being manhandled picked up and taken down with ease? Btw Souza has no striking ability at all until the Okami KO. or is it the the 5’6 “lightning” Lombard? i know, its Mark “i got kimura’d in 6 straight fights” Hunt? C’mon people be serious

    • MuayThaiFood

      Yeah, there should only be fans for guys with unbeaten records cause the rest of them suck.

      • Mr Pete

        or…. fans that are capable of logical reasoning.

    • julian moran

      ”Logic”, as you put it, would have you consider that Mousasi is a K1 striker. His only loss in his last 20 fights, was against a wrestler, who took him down the entire fight.
      Machida will not take Mousasi down, Machida will keep it on the feet, and Mousasi (on paper) is the better striker.

      • Mr Pete

        Gegard first discipline was Judo and then striking. Every captain obvious fan always point to the Shogun fight to discredit Machida, his damage came from body kicks, in Shogun 2 he landed a 1 hit KO. Name 1 striker Gegard have fought above 5’8? Manhoef? which he wrestled, Hunt? which he wrestled, or how about Lombard? The fight where was “outstruck” by a 5’6 guy. Oh by the way was also 90% on the ground that he welcomed and initiated. Also note most of Gregard fights have been on the ground, it just happens to be against non-wrestlers and we all know what happened when he fights an actual wrestler or the “Dean of Mean”

        • Blake Williams

          Your logic doesn’t hold, and you’re cherry picking. Mousasi has dominated in the stand up. He destroyed Mike Kyle who is a legit striker, and Mike Kyle is 6’3″ compared to Mousasi’s 6’1″.

        • Blake Williams

          Now your logic really, really doesn’t hold since, Mousasi beat the K-1 champion, Kyotaro. Kyotaro, has wins over K-1 legends, like, Semmy Schilt, Peter Aerts, Jerome Lebanner, Gokhan Saki, and Melvin Manhoef. Mousasi destroyed him in a K-1 rules fight at Dynamite.

          • Mr Pete

            no, stop, dont ever use Kyotaro, i win by gift decions in Japan, mike juice head kyle and ovince who did i beat beat st preux as your supporting argument. ill give you a redo
            btw Gegard had a very hard time with OV, took hard body kicks and was mounted and gnp, by a football player. visibly exhausted wounded at the end.

        • Blake Williams

          What do you have to say about his win over OSP, that he’s short? haha

    • Lucas Freire

      Dude, you just said it all. Mousasi may have credentials, but I just can’t see that whole striker god on his orthodox kickboxing.
      And while he has some good wins against good guys like Babalu/Jacaré he has some pretty debatable fights against below the average guys like Jardine and King Mo.
      Not to mention his fight against a random sweden guy on a 1-week-notice wasn’t exactly a showcase of his divine striking skills.
      The sport evolved, you’re not the better striker because you have a striking background or lots of credentials. Overeem got the note. And when talking about guys like Machida and Spider, who developed their unique striking in a highly effective way? I think anyone betting on Mousasi is looking for a huge pot, because he’s definitely the underdog

      • Blake Williams

        He destroyed Keith Jardine, the only reason he got a draw was because he got deducted a point. Against King Mo, he did the most damage, and Mo being a strong wrestler can take anybody down if he wants to, but that’s all he did, there wasn’t hardly any ground and pound. Mousasi also allowed himself to be taken down, he said in the interviews before his fight that would be his strategy, he was hoping to submit Mo.

        You also forget that Mousasi has beaten Mark Hunt, and K-1 champion Kyotaro (who is a fantastic counter striker, just like Machida). Actually watch that fight, I think it will be very similar. Mousasi’s beaten Hector Lombard, Dennis Kang, Ovince St. Preux, and Melvin Manhoef. There are other good fighters he’s beaten.

        • Lucas Freire

          I’m sorry, I can take a lot of your arguments, but King Mo is NOT legit.
          He’ll never be on UFC level.

          And while I understand that MMA has its ground game, the way he managed to Win against every “k1” star doesn’t really showcase his striking prowess. He’s a smart fighter, and an all-round one, but I must express my disbelief on his capability of outstriking great strikers.

        • Lucas Freire

          Still, I got to say that everything you said hold its weight, and we’ll only be able to say who is the better striker when they fight.

      • Blake Williams

        I hear the same criticism from anti-mousasi people. As if Mousasi losing to Mo is supposed to mean anything. Mo is a legit fighter. We could use the same line of reasoning with Machida who has lost. Mousasi’s only lost 3 times in his career, compared with Lyoto’s 4 losses.

        • Matt

          Lyoto has faced VASTLY better competition.
          You can’t compare their number of losses.

      • Blake Williams

        I do agree, Mousasi is the underdog, he has more to prove, and Lyoto Machida will probably be his toughest opponent to date. Though I see Mousasi persevering, he’s hungrier, younger, and I think his Muay Thai is actually going to be more effective than Machida’s elusive Karate style.