Lyota Machida: “I Think Who Wins Deserves a Title Shot” (UFC 157 Video)

Lyoto Machida UFC 129-9775-478x270Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida has been a UFC champion before and he wants to be one again.

Heading into his UFC 157 showdown with former Pride champion Dan Henderson, Machida knows that he has a tough task before him, but that is precisely why he thinks that whoever wins their fight deserves a shot at the belt.

Check out Lyoto Machida’s UFC 157 open workout interview below…

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  1. I am just not excited to see either of them take on Jon Jones. Lyoto is scared of John and was defeated in great fashion. Henderson would absolutely gas by round 2 and Jon would pick him apart. I want to see Jones fight Gustafsson, Mousasi, Valesquez (at heavyweight) or Cormier (at lightweight)…Make it happen.

  2. rousey’s poster was GLARING me the f*** down.

  3. Machida turn down the fight against jones before. Hes scared.

    • No,he refused to throw away his place in the category as a top5 fighter,for a 2-week notice fight against the Champion who is very athletic,way bigger than him and very technical.