Lyoto Machida Moving Down to Middleweight?

August 3, 2012
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When Lyoto Machida stepped on the scales at the UFC on Fox 4 weigh ins and the read out said 201 pounds, just about everyone was wondering why the former light heavyweight champion came into his bout against Ryan Bader so far under the light heavyweight limit.

Machida has never been the biggest light heavyweight in the world, but it still seemed somewhat odd that he came in for UFC on Fox 4 a full 5 pounds lighter than the 206-pound cut off for the bout with Bader on Saturday night.

Following the weigh-ins, Machida explained when speaking to Fuel TV that he’s just not a big light heavyweight, and he’s always on his diet.

“I always walk around at 205 or 210 maximum. I don’t worry about this; I keep my diet all of the year,” Machida explained.

With Machida revealing his light walking around weight, the question then had to be posed: what about a drop down to the middleweight division?

“Maybe, who knows. If Dana White invites me, I will,” Machida said of dropping to 185 pounds.

The former light heavyweight champion would obviously be a welcome addition to the middleweight class should he ever decide to drop down, but don’t get your hopes up on “The Dragon” fighting for a title in the division.

That stands so long as Machida’s teammate and close friend Anderson Silva is still standing as champion because they have no plans of fighting each other.

“No, this is my friend, same team, same manager. Anderson is champion,” said Machida.

One possible fight at middleweight however that could peak Machida’s interest is a rematch with fellow former champion Rashad Evans, who is also tossing around the idea of dropping down to middleweight.

“It’s good. It depends. I’ll try; no problem for me,” Machida commented when asked about a possible rematch with Evans.

Machida captured the UFC light heavyweight title when he knocked out Evans in their previous meeting.

While the talk and chatter surrounding Machida on Friday might be about a possible move to middleweight, he’s still got a very big task in front of him at UFC on Fox 4 on Saturday at light heavyweight and his name is Ryan Bader.

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  • It’s five pounds, what’s the big deal? But if he won’t fight Silva, then moving down to middleweight is pointless.

    • sc_0040a37d091ddc263016fff5f3e21207

      What’s the big deal? Most light heavyweights walk around at 220 to 225, Bader included and cut to get to 206. Machida doesn’t. He’s always been undersized. 185 would be a much better fit for him.

  • Iamrozylo

    Most 205ers walk around at 220+. Most 185ers walk around at 200+. Silva does a trial weight cut to 170 to see if he can still do it. Either that, or him
    and machida just switch weightclasses.

  • MMA media, the greatest at making up complete BS because their jobs don’t take up much time.

    Maybe the scale he was using to cut wasn’t setup right, or 100 other maybes.

    Learn what NEWS is.

  • This is pure BS right there, Mashida doesn’t have to suffer the weight cut and more and he wants to drop 20 pounds before a fight.

    He is ok at 205.

  • Yeah there is no point to moving down if Machida won’t fight his friend Anderson Silva. I think Machida sticks around at 205 since he has unfinished business with Jon Jones. Machida and Shogun have pretty good odds of becoming TUF Brazil coaches if both don’t get title nods after tomorrow.

    Check out the latest beef between Koscheck and AKA

  • KingSlaughter

    well hes gonna have to drop down after he loses to bader

    • Ememay

      He’s going to be to quick for Bader.

    • Retnan


  • kaldani15

    did jones humiliate you that bad machida?
    you were once champ at light heavy going down to middleweight and not contending for a title is pointless! Work your way back up at LH and get that title back!

  • Honestly for a guy like Machida it’s not a big deal. When has he ever been thrown around and beaten up due to lack of size. He obviously doesn’t cut weight for a reason. And with Anderson as champ there’s no point for him dropping. Besides if Silva ever did lose the title, I’m pretty sure he’d come back and win it or be number 1 contender consistantly unless he decided to retire. IMO.

  • Retnan

    Evans and Machida are both LHWs, having them both fight dehydrated is ridiculous.