Lyoto Machida May Have Earned Title Shot, but Injured Foot May Complicate Things

February 16, 2014
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Lyoto Machida UFC 157 Pre 6Lyoto Machida walked out of UFC Fight Night 36 with a win over Gegard Mousasi, but it came with a noticeable limp.

The former UFC light heavyweight champion and now-highly ranked middleweight said he may have broken his foot in the main event of the fight card that took place on Saturday night in Jaragua do Sul, Brazil.

“I don’t know what happened exactly, but maybe in the third round I did a kick and he defended with his knee,” Machida told FOX Sports in a post-fight interview. “I don’t know if I broke my foot.”

Machida said he fought through the pain, continuing the fight after the third-round injury and putting on a show to earn a unanimous decision over someone he looked at as tough opposition.

His focus was all on Mousasi, Machida said. Pain, as much as it might have hurt, couldn’t get in the way.

“I didn’t think about my foot,” he said. “I just tried to keep my focus on the fight because I know Mousasi was a tough opponent.”

Machida successfully landed a number of kicks, attributing that fact to Mousasi’s hands being down and away from guarding his face. He was confident in his kicks, Machida said, and this likely comes from his comfort in his new division. A former 205-pounder, middleweight seems to fit Machida much better because he can utilize his technique, speed, and strength much better at the lighter weight.

Welcome home, “Dragon.”

“Now I found my weight,” he said, answering a question about dropping to 185 pounds. “Before, back in the day, I fought at 205, but there are a lot of big guys. But in this weight class, I feel like a big guy. Mousasi, for example, is shorter than me. I can fight against everybody.”

Now Machida hopes that his win on Saturday in Brazil will translate to a shot at the UFC middleweight crown. Current middleweight king Chris Weidman is preparing to defend his strap against Vitor Belfort at UFC 173 in May, and at the time of this writing there’s no indication how long it will take for Machida to recover from his foot injury. A trip to the doctor’s office will undoubtedly reveal more in the coming days, giving an idea as to when and if he’ll face the Weidman vs. Belfort winner.

If Machida recovers, he’ll likely be in the mix to contend for the title, but Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza also made his claim for being the next in line with a win in the evening’s co-main event. Souza said earlier that he wants his shot, but that’s not up to him, Machida said.

Time will soon tell the fate of the middleweight elite.

“I don’t know who deserve the title shot. Dana White is the boss and he can decide everything,” Machida explained. “But I think I deserve the title shot, too.”

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  • asd

    Funny, because Moussasi is taller 🙂

  • Pat Garret

    Lyoto, ur my hero!

  • horace

    Machida beat an inferior fighter in the mouse.

  • Antonio Bailey

    Machida vs. Jacare. Winner gets a tiltle fight.

  • bad fights

    no one on the card but silva fought like they deserved a tittle. i agree machida vs jacare cause neither earned a shot last night…

    • drkdisciple

      I like Erick Silva but hard to say he deserves a title shot for destroying a jobber where he was a favorite by -800

      • deepgrim

        yes while he was impressive, dont understand why the other guy didnt let go of the single leg and avoid taking them shots that let to him been ko’d, silva is not going to get easy fights like that every week

    • scott k


    • MuayThaiFood

      Honestly, how on earth can you judge Silva’s title worthiness based on that fight? Sato was hanging on to his ankle like a sailor hanging onto a cooler after his ship went down in the middle of the Pacific. This guy wasn’t some hot, hyped prospect, he was a deer in the headlights that was supposed to lose in impressive fashion.

  • julian moran

    The best Machida we have ever seen against another top middle weight. They are both top 5 in my opinion.

  • shakejunt

    both lyoto and jacare looked like guys who shouldn’t be near title talk last night. they need to fight each other.


    Moussasi sucks !!! he should fight in bellator

  • Speedy Gonzalez

    Hmmm. How is Machida better able to use his speed now that he is fighting faster guys?

    • Lawdog1521

      He’s still faster.

    • Karen Meade

      I think the implication may be that smaller guys will have a harder time wrestling Machida, enabling him to make it a striking contest. Hard to use your speed when Mr. Jones is choking you.

    • asd

      He DROPPED weight, hello! He is a LIGHTER Machida, duh! Wake up.

  • The only reason I’m against Jacare and Lyoto fighting is because I would rather see Chris Weidman fight them both. Although it is a great match up it would be better for Weidman to have a chance to put both guys on his resume. If he can put Belfort, Machida and Souza on his list that would be very impressive and for sure help cement his legacy. (Minus Silva)

    • scott k

      Minus Silva ?

      • Yes. Many people would say beating Silva already cemented his legacy. It was a great accomplishment of course but defeating Belfort, Machida and Souza would really be big for him.

    • julian moran

      I would pick Belfort, Machida and Souza over Weidman as well as Mousasi.
      The hardest one of these matches for Weidman would be Machida.
      I don’t see Weidman being champion for long.

      • some dude

        I wouldn’t see Silva being champ long with this roster of Middle weights. Plenty of awesome fights to be made.

        • Who on the roster do you feel is a threat to Silva? Jacare is my top pick. I don’t see anyone beating him right now.

      • Weidman has a long list ahead of him. Every fight he has coming up will be very interesting.

  • brad king

    Dragon earned shot a little more than Souza

  • MartialArtist909

    I doubted the dragon on this one but he proved me wrong looked good in there. Mousasi look like he didnt know what to do never seen Mousasi like that but then again welcome to the UFC. Machida @ 185 is a force to be reckon with. I dont see Weidman getting past Belfort.

    • deepgrim

      machida looked very fast and hard to hit as always, i was impressed with how he could make mousasi look ordinary. he will definately pose problems for weidman should they fight. The more i think about the weidman belfort fight, i cant see belfort winning. i think weidman can close the distance and take him down with out too much trouble. i suspect that the belfort that fights in america may not be the beast you see in brazil. was not as impressived with souza as i thought i would be- think the gas tank was very low in the 3rd round

  • Brian

    Mousasi is no walkover, Machida just dazzled him. No doubt Mousasi has a phenomenal chin, he took a number of brutal head kicks without flinching; I was duly impressed with that. To those saying Machida didn’t do enough, I just disagree and we see this over and over again with top fighters; Mousasi is tough and couldn’t be easily put away. It became a protracted tactical battle and Machida is going to come out on top in such a contest. When you look at the fight metrics Machida played a different game this time around. I think he’s solved the problem he had with judges/decisions. He attacked WAY more than he had in the past. He seemed to dominate but Mousasi actually landed far more significant strikes. Machida was not nearly as accurate with his striking as he normally is, but he LOOKED busier and I think that helped him tremendously. I couldn’t believe when Machida landed that bomb in the final second, KNOWING it was the end, MAN that was exciting.