Lyoto Machida Hopes a Win Over Phil Davis at UFC 163 Finally Earns Him a Title Shot

August 2, 2013
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Lyoto-Machida-UFC-129_9775-450x260Former UFC light heavyweight titleholder Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida is the highest ranked 205-pound fighter on the UFC roster behind champion Jon Jones.   He was defeated by Jones at UFC 140 by submission and hasn’t yet been able to work his way back to a title fight.

When a knee injury forced Dan Henderson out of the UFC 151 title fight with Jones, Machida was given the opportunity to step in as Henderson’s replacement, but declined, citing a lack of proper time to prepare.

When he faced Henderson at UFC 157, the match-up was billed as a top contender’s bout, but, although Machida defeated Henderson, Alexander Gustafsson will face Jones at UFC 165 in September, instead.

Machida takes on top-ten ranked Phil Davis at UFC 163 on Saturday and hopes to show he’s ready for a rematch with Jones.

“I was a bit frustrated because it was the second time that I get this opportunity and I wasn’t given the opportunity to go for the title bout, so this Saturday I would like to gratify that I am, in fact, ready to go after the title,” said Machida during the UFC 163 pre-fight press conference in Brazil on Thursday.

Stylistically, it’s a striker vs. wrestler clash and Machida has been successful when facing wrestlers in the past.  He holds wins over Tito Ortiz, Randy Couture, Rashad Evans, Ryan Bader and Dan Henderson, all accomplished grapplers.

“The strategy for this fight is something which I am a fighter which I prefer striking.  I prefer fighting standing up.  Phil Davis is someone who is going to try to take me down, so I just have to make him play my game.  That’s what I’m going to try to do.  I’m going to make him play my game.  That’s my main strategy,” said the former champion.

Machida has, however, prepared for the possibility of being taken down.

“We always work out for all situations.  I’ve also worked out for this situation of having to do three or four rounds on fighting wrestling against the cage.  I’m ready to go down.   I’m ready to stand up.  I’m ready for anything,” he said.

“It’s going to be an MMA – it’s not a wrestling, it’s not a boxing, it’s not a karate fight.  It’s a MMA fight, and that’s what I’m ready for.”

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    Well if he wins impressive or spectacular KO fashion? I guess he’s next? But man a Dragon v Mousasi or even v Gus or Tex would be fun match ups to watch as well! But what if Phil wins? could happen. I just cant get the Shogun fights out of my mind. He was killed in the 2nd fight and a lot of peeps thought he lost the 1st as well. Then he lost to Rampage after that. Machida is 3 ~ 3 in his last 6. But none the less Joe Silva the match maker, there are some great match ups to make in the neear future!!

    • Nash

      The second shogun fight is simple to explain. Machida came out super aggressive, unlike him, and he got caught. The first fight was extremely close. Unfortunately we haven’t got to see shogun that sharp and focused since. I do not believe he lost the rampage fight. I’ve watched that fight numerous times and rampage landed nothing other than some foot stomps. Machida was just too tentative in that fight and waited too long to get going. It’s understandable comIng off his first loss. Machida is definitely still one of the top guys. If the same machida that destroyed evans shows up against jones he could very well reclaim the belt.

    • Supaman

      Even Rampage didn’t think he beat Machida.


        But he did you cant change history

      • uncle

        Machida won the last round in the
        Rampage fight .Jackson was trying to
        knock him out and it looked Machida
        was running for 2 rounds.. don’t get me
        wrong he is a excellent defense fighter
        but he clearly lost .

  • Zap

    Lyoto gave Jon a few problems before the choke out. He won the Rampage fight. He clearly won 3 of the five rounds in the first Shogun fight. Only true losses were to Bones and Shogun II. I think Lyoto is still very capable of being the champ again. He’s awesome. Unfortunately, Bones is still peaking and he’s freakishly good right now.

    • dgs

      Usually I have something to add to someone’s post, but this time I don’t. Right on the money Zap.


      Oh he won the Quinton fight? No he did not check your facts

  • Truth

    I hope Machida doesn’t give in to pressures of trying to change his style. He’s an amazing fighter and for people who “don’t get it and think it’s boring” can go shotgun some beers in the back of their pickup trucks.

    Machida should be able to beat Davis, but still not sure about Jones unless he has a few new tricks up his sleeve.


    Who thinks he is boring, shoot hes like the Bruce Lee of this generation. Oh and we drive Mercedes & drink Patron, Don Julio, black, blue and green label. I think u get it…

    • PJ

      I have a rule, don’t buy ppv with a Machida fight on it. He is not amazing by any means. His style was interesting in the beginning, now it plain boring. His fight w Hendo was the worst fight ever. He already said “I hope a win puts me in the title shot”, he already is planning on just raking out a decision. Not impressed at all

  • The edge goes to Machida. The key to beating Machida is actually fighting from the outside just like he does. You can’t rush him, don’t both to cllinch with him and you must throw fakes, cut the angle then throw a kick or punch and cut the angle again. The guy has the best counter attacks ever. This guy is a real martial artist not just an athlete turned fighter or tough guy turned fighter. I love Phil Davis and I want him to fight Jones and this fight is exactly what will earn him the right to fight for the title and shows his improvements big time. Best of luck to both fighters.