Lyoto Machida Feels the Winner Between Him and Dan Henderson Should Get Next Title Shot

February 12, 2013
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Dan Henderson vs Lyoto Machida 478x270Former UFC light heavyweight titleholder Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida believes the winner of his UFC 157 co-main event bout with Dan Henderson should be next in line for a title shot.

“I believe, out of this fight, whoever wins should definitely be the contender for the title.  If we’re number one and number two then the title shot should definitely be on the line in this fight,” Machida said on a UFC 157 conference call on Tuesday.

Machida replaced an injured Rashad Evans at UFC 140 and stepped in to face champion Jon Jones.  After a competitive opening round, Jones knocked Machida down in the second round and choked the Brazilian out with a standing guillotine choke.

Machida had an opportunity to rematch Jones at UFC 152, following the cancellation of UFC 151 after a suitable opponent couldn’t be found to replace the injured Dan Henderson.  Machida turned down the fight citing not enough time to prepare.

Machida on Tuesday said the time just wasn’t right to take the bout at the time.

“I obviously wanted a title shot a lot, but it wasn’t the right situation.  I had about 20 days to prepare for the fight, and Jon Jones had been training for two or three months, so it wasn’t the right time.  I was upset, but everything happens for a reason and hopefully I’ll get back on top this year,” said Machida.

The fight with Henderson takes place on Feb. 23 at the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif.  The historic event is headlined by the first ever female fight in UFC history between Ronda Rousey and Liz Carmouche.

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  • gogo!

    So does belfort, but you guys already got your asses handed to you.. We wanna see the Mawler get his try!

  • diazfan209

    OBVIOUSLY Dan Henderson should get an immediate title shot after he handles Machida

  • Mark McDowall

    I think Duh is the appropriate comment for this article…

    • shakejunt

      not exactly. if henderson wins, yes. if machida wins, then only if gus loses to gegard.

      • Mark McDowall

        I can see that

      • Marcus Miles

        only if Lyoto wins by decision Should he fight GUS. If Lyoto finish’s Hendo, Lyoto will have three finish’s in a row with one of them over the #2 LHW. Gus last two fights were won by decision and his win over shogun wasn’t too impressive.

      • If Mousasi beat Gustafson, he deserves a title shot as well.

  • val

    I think machida should fight the winner of Gus/ Gegard if he beats Henderson

  • headkick4u

    U guys at should do a story on how they are attempting to cut wrestling from the Olympics.

  • stevemcz11

    Can JBJ please fight someone his own size next? I have as much interest in him fighting MW’s like Belfort Sonnen and Silva as I want to see GSP fight Maynard, Lauzon and Bendo!

  • Ballsdeep

    This division is getting sad too! Lyoto has lost 4 out of his last 6 ( I’d you count the first fight against shogun which he lost too). Henderson is like a thousand years old but granted has strung together a few wins against non UFC level competition and should get his last kick at JBJ if he wins. Lyoto should have to get another win against Gustasfson or Glover at least they haven’t fought JBJ yet.

    • stevemcz11

      Are you joking? Shogun deserved that rematch as much as Frankie deserves a rematch with Aldo. Instant rematches are BS! And his loss against Rampage? Even Rampage admitted he lost that one. And fair enough JBJ but both those guys accepted that on short notice. I believe that is all of Machidas losses accounted for

      • stevemcz11

        I dont know where u got 4 from

        • Marcus Miles

          He meant four if you count the first fight against shogun which Lyoto won the decision, but it could of gone either way. Anyways “Ballsdeep”, henderson finished fedor, Had a war with Shogun, was strikeforce lhw champ and put on a sick winning streak. You think Shogun isn’t UFC level? Before hendo left UFC and went to strikeforce, his resume was super good as well. You sound like you think Hendo is over rated or something. Hendo is way relevant buddy. And so is Lyoto, his last two victories were bombs man.

          • stevemcz11

            I said nothing about Hendo

          • marcus miles

            It was meant for ballsdeep. its was quoted.

          • ballsdeep

            I am glad you can count because steve can’t! As far as Dan goes I like him and would love to see an old guy kick the crap out of Lyoto the elusive dragon and frankly take it to JBJ too. I don’t see it happening he is a wrestler with a tough left not likely to beat the new rounded breed of fighters that exist. Fedor was a can who was losing on a streak (and always overrated) and I think shogun has seen his day too unfortunately. I have no malice for any of these guys but seriously this division is fairly sad at the moment and JBJ much like Anderson has finished the old guard. There is nothing more that I would rather see than JBJ get his ass handed to him I just don’t think these are the guys to do it!

          • Marcus Miles

            You know, I like both these guys a lot so I’m just looking for a really good fight. I think Dan can catch Lyoto in a flurry if they both engage at once and thats a big if. it would be interesting to see where this fights goes, if it stays on the feet or goes to the ground. However, i can see lyoto doing some sick random striking like he did against Randy. The only question i have is can Lyoto put Dan away? But when it come to the title fight, i would rather see Jones against Lyoto in a rematch than Jones against Henderson because i think Henderson would be a punching bag even though he poses threats.

      • Jen

        Are you joking? Shogun got the instant rematch because it was a clear s*** decision, get off Lyoto’s d*** that makes 4 losses out of 6!

  • I would say the most important thing is to win this fight in fashion. If it goes to decision I wouldn’t be surprised if UFC puts together another fight for the winner.

  • I agree that the winner of Machida/Henderson deserves a title shot. Though, the winner of Gustafson and Mousasi also deserves a title shot.

  • lowlb

    Machida was the only fighter to give JJ some trouble.
    Sure it ended bad for Machida..
    I think if there’s anyone to dethrown JJ it’s Machida.
    …and I would love to see that happen.

    • Chris

      Machida landed one grazing punch in a flurry of misses then got humiliated in the 2nd

    • cl

      only fighter? i would say vitor tying him up in an arm bar and nearly breaking his arm was some trouble.

  • Flying Heel Hook

    I think JBJ beats:

    Machida 8 times out of 10.
    Cormier 8 times out of 10.
    Hendo 9 times out of 10.